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Emerson VFD Drives Powerdrive F300 general purpose series


The Emerson Industrial Automation Powerdrive F300 enables the most efficient performance and highest energy savings for fan, pump and compressor applications. Designed in conjunction with Emerson’s LSRPM and PLSRPM permanent magnet (PM) motors, the Dyneo® solution provides the highest energy savings available in the market today. Powerdrive F300 is also designed to control standard AC induction motors. The drive is matched with IEC induction motors from Emerson Industrial Automation's IMFinity® range, providing the control, reliability and ease of installation and commissioning required for your pumping, ventilation or compression application.

  • Smaller drive dimensions to allow for easier, more economical installation
  • Programming software enables rapid, clear code development and the drive interface and PC tools also allow fast, simple drive commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance
  • Equipped with wide motor control functionality flexible to ventilation, pumping and compression application needs, which can be rapidly accessed to exacting levels of flow control
  • Comprehensive I/O offering boosts component connectivity
  • Multiple fieldbus protocols are supported
  • Two PID Controllers with anti-windup and user scaling provide flow-specific functionality
  • Logic functions including 'and' , 'or', 'invert', 'binary sum' and 'timer' achieved through easy menu setup
  • Real-time clock available on the KI-HOA Keypad RTC included in standard offer
  • Water hammer control with S-ramp deceleration
  • Catch a spinning motor
  • On-board Fire Mode allowing run to failure in the event of a fire for the extraction of smoke
  • Low load condition monitoring and hysteresis for broken belt and dry pump detection

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Model range

Powerdrive F300 general purpose series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
F300-03400034A10 1,1 3.4 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03200080A10 1,5 8 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03200110A10 2,2 11 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03200127A10 3 12.7 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-04200180A10 4 18 124x391x200 reduced!
F300-04200250A10 5,5 25 124x391x200 reduced!
F300-05200300A10 7,5 30 143x391x200 reduced!
F300-06200500A10 11 50 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06200580A10 15 58 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-07200750A10 18,5 75 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-07200940A10 22 94 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-07201170A10 30 117 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-08201490A10 37 149 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-08201800A10 45 180 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-09202160A10 55 216 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09202660A10 75 266 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09202160E10 55 216 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-09202660E10 75 266 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-10203250E10 90 325 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-10203600E10 110 360 310x1069x290 reduced!

Powerdrive F300 general purpose series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
F300-03400034A10 1,1 3.4 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03400045A10 1,5 4.5 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03400062A10 2,2 6.2 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03400077A10 3 7.7 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03400104A10 4 10.4 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-03400123A10 5,5 12.3 83x382x200 reduced!
F300-04400185A10 7,5 18.5 124x391x200 reduced!
F300-04400240A10 11 24 124x391x200 reduced!
F300-05400300A10 15 30 143x391x200 reduced!
F300-06400380A10 18,5 38 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06400480A10 22 48 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06400630A10 30 63 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-07400790A10 37 79 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-07400940A10 45 94 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-07401120A10 55 112 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-08401550A10 75 155 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-08401840A10 90 184 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-09402210A10 110 221 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09402660A10 132 266 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09402210E10 110 221 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-09402660E10 132 266 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-10403200E10 160 320 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-10403610E10 200 361 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-11404370E10 225 437 310x1242x312 reduced!
F300-11404870E10 250 487 310x1242x312 reduced!
F300-11405070E10 280 507 310x1242x312 reduced!

Powerdrive F300 general purpose series (3 phase 500-575 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
F300-05500039A10 2,2 3.9 143x391x200 reduced!
F300-05500061A10 4 6.1 143x391x200 reduced!
F300-05500100A10 5,5 10 143x391x200 reduced!
F300-06500120A10 7,5 12 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06500170A10 11 17 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06500220A10 15 22 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06500270A10 18,5 27 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06500340A10 22 34 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-06500430A10 30 43 210x391x227 reduced!
F300-07500530A10 37 53 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-07500730A10 45 73 270x557x280 reduced!
F300-08500860A10 55 86 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-08501080A10 75 108 310x803x290 reduced!
F300-09501250A10 90 125 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09501550A10 110 155 310x1108x290 reduced!
F300-09501250E10 90 125 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-09501500E10 110 150 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-10502000E10 130 200 310x1069x290 reduced!
F300-11502480E10 175 248 310x1242x312 reduced!
F300-11502880E10 225 288 310x1242x312 reduced!
F300-11503150E10 250 315 310x1242x312 reduced!

Control Techniques – a global leader in motor control technology.

Control Techniques is a leading provider of motor control technology for industrial applications. The company’s innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring reliability, energy efficiency and performance. With facilities across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia, Control Techniques can offer local technical sales, service and design expertise to customers around the world.

Emerson Powerdrive F300 series high power modular frequency inverter.

Optimum energy efficiency for fan, pump and compressor applications.
Control Techniques offers a full range of high powered drive products tailor-made for the fan, pump and compressor market from 90 kW to 2.8 MW. The Powerdrive F300 series has a modular design and can control permanent magnet or standard AC induction motors. The modular approach to building high power systems provides the flow industry with flexibility while keeping complexity low. Modules with integrated rectifiers and/or line chokes can be easily paralleled, keeping installation time and component count to a minimum. Separate inverter and rectifier modules can be paralleled into more flexible common DC bus and regenerative configurations. Control Techniques offers 40 years of experience and the company’s drives and motors engineers have application expertise in a variety of process markets including oil and gas, chemicals, metals, mining, water, waste water, pulp and paper, food and beverage and handling.
Powerdrive F300 offers benefits in four key areas:
- Energy efficiency
- Harmonics and drive solutions
- Reliability
- Modular construction 
Emerson Powerdrive F300 series high power modular frequency inverter.
Emerson Powerdrive F300 series high power modular drive.

Energy efficiency, low harmonics, reliability and modular construction.

Optimum energy efficiency for fan, pump and compressor applications.
Powerdrive F300 works with permanent magnet or induction motors to enable the most efficient performance and highest energy savings for fan, pump and compressor applications. The drive was designed in conjunction with permanent magnet (PM) motors from partner company Leroy-Somer: the Dyneo® solution provides the highest energy savings available on the market today. Leroy-Somer also offers a range of AC induction motors: IMfinity®. Paired with F300, the induction motor solution offers control, reliability and ease of installation and commissioning.

Induction motors: meet the new energy efficiency legislation and future proof your investment.
- Powerdrive F300 helps IE2 motors comply with the latest European Union Minimum Energy Performance Standard legislation: ➪ Makes 7.5-375 kW IE2 motors compliant with 1st January 2015 regulations ➪ Makes 0.75-375 kW IE2 motors compliant with 1st January 2017 regulations.
- Powerdrive F300 supports both induction and permanent magnet motors, meaning induction motor users can upgrade to permanent magnet without changing the drive.

Powerdrive F300: efficiency on-board.
Powerdrive F300 also increases application efficiency as a result of its own energy saving features. 
- Up to 98 % efficient with very low losses 
- Low Power Standby and Sleep/Wake Mode using programmable real-time clock (with KI-HOA Keypad RTC) ensures minimal wasted energy 
- Advanced Rotor Flux Control (RFC) features a vector algorithm utilizing closed loop current control to greatly enhance performance 
- Lower losses at part load for open loop induction motor control are achieved by dynamically changing the switching frequency based on load requirements to save energy.

Harmonics and drive conformance.
Powerdrive F300 is sensitive to its environment. It has been designed for low harmonic emissions and achieves high conformance levels. 
Total Harmonic Distortion can be reduced through: 
- Adding an AC line reactor 
- Using a 12, 18 or 24 pulse input rectifier solution
- Active Front End configuration

Environmental safety and electrical conformance.
- UL listed • Electromagnetic immunity complies with EN 61800-3 and EN 61000-6-2 
- Electromagnetic emissions comply with EN 61800-3 ➮ On-board EMC filter, category C3 ➮ Optional external EMC filter, category C2 depending on power rating and cable length • Compliance with EN 61000-3-12 with external line reactor.

Minimize downtime for critical operations.
We know how important reliability is to our customers and that every second of system downtime can be costly. Powerdrive F300 high power modules have exceptional build quality based on over 40 years of industry experience. Built using advanced manufacturing processes, the modules are packed with features proven to keep Powerdrive F300 running in the most testing of environments.

Reliability assured 
- Every Powerdrive F300 power module has been subjected to elevated temperature tests that cycle a wide range of load and thermal conditions
- Powerdrive F300 drives have conformal coating to further increase resilience to harsh environmental conditions 
- Trip avoidance features take intelligent action instead of interrupting critical processes. For example: ➮Active thermal monitoring reduces switching frequency as the drive approaches thermal limits ➮Load shedding reduces speed at current limits ➮Supply loss ride-through keeps the drive running during supply brown outs 
- Protection alarms safeguard the wider system (e.g. over current, over temperature, over voltage and short circuit protection) 
- Intelligent variable speed fans are able to ensure operating temperature stays within limits while maximizing fan lifetime by reducing wear and tear. The fans are designed for easy replacement 
- Wide supply voltage tolerance keeps operation smooth when supply is variable 
- Motor pre-heat function injects low level current when the motor is not running to prevent condensation 
- Envelope control for refrigeration compressors

Comprehensive module stocking system. 
- Standard replacements: our range is based on mass produced standard product, enabling rapid access to replacements 
- Comprehensive stock: regional centers based across the globe carry large stocks, ensuring rapid availability of drives and parts.

Emerson drive Powerdrive F300 module configurations and order information.

‘A’, ‘E’ & ‘T’ – AC in AC out modules.
Powerdrive F300’s AC in AC out modules are available in 3 frame sizes (9, 10, & 11) and comprise an integrated 6 or 12 pulse rectifier with an inverter. ‘A’, ‘E’ and ‘T’ formats can be paralleled together to reach powers of 2.8 MW (4,200 hp) and can be supplied with an optional braking transistor. Frame 9A has an internal choke that can be paralleled to 1.9 MW (6 pulse only).
Emerson drive Powerdrive F300 module configurations and order information.

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