INVT frequency inverters GD 300 general purpose series


Goodrive 300 is a high-performance vector control inverter developed by INVT, and it is applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control. It adopts 32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control. This inverter features high reliability, strong adaptability to working environment, human-oriented function, flexible application and stable performance.

  • SVC: 1:200
  • Starting torque: 0.25Hz/ 150%
  • Multiple braking modes
  • Quick magnetic flow brake without braking resisto
  • Strong adaptability
  • Two sets of motor parameters, V/F separate control, virtual terminal function, rotational speed tracking, relay delay output
  • Modbus communication mode as standard accessory
  • Profibus-DP card as optional accessory
  • Ethernet-IP card as optional accessory
  • Input filter designed by INVT, which has passed full load EMC test and reaches the highest European EMC standards
  • The Built-in braking unit has the maximum power at 30KW (inclusive)
  • High-performance LED keyboard is available for users
  • Multiway I/O terminals; 3-way analog input; 2-way analog output; 8-way standard digital input, maximum frequency: 1KHz; 1-way high-speed digital input, maximum frequency: 50KHz; 1-way high-speed digital output,1-way terminal Y open collector output,
  • Support multiway analog input from -10V~10V

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Model range

Model Capacity, kW Current, А Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
GD300-1R5G-4 1,5 3.7 0-3600 126x193x175 385,00 €
GD300-2R2G-4 2,2 5 0-3600 126x193x175 419,00 €
GD300-004G-4 4 9.5 0-3600 146x263x181 515,00 €
GD300-5R5G-4 5,5 14 0-3600 146x263x181 653,00 €
GD300-7R5G-4 7,5 18.5 0-3600 170x332x216 733,00 €
GD300-011G-4 11 25 0-3600 170x332x216 923,00 €
GD300-015G-4 15 32 0-3600 230x342x216 1 141,00 €
GD300-018G-4 18,5 38 0-3600 230x342x216 1 403,00 €
GD300-022G-4 22 45 0-3600 255x407x245 1 620,00 €
GD300-030G-4 30 60 0-3600 255x407x245 2 045,00 €
GD300-037G-4 37 75 0-3600 270x555x325 2 367,00 €
GD300-045G-4 45 92 0-3600 270x555x325 2 947,00 €
GD300-055G-4 55 115 0-3600 270x555x325 3 415,00 €
GD300-075G-4 75 150 0-3600 325x680x365 4 481,00 €
GD300-090G-4 90 180 0-3600 325x680x365 5 110,00 €
GD300-110G-4 110 215 0-3600 325x680x365 5 893,00 €
GD300-132G-4 132 260 0-3600 500x870x360 7 240,00 €
GD300-160G-4 160 305 0-3600 500x870x360 8 160,00 €
GD300-200G-4 200 380 0-3600 500x870x360 11 440,00 €
GD300-220G-4 220 425 0-3600 680x960x380 12 851,00 €
GD300-250G-4 250 480 0-3600 680x960x380 14 077,00 €
GD300-280G-4 280 530 0-3600 680x960x380 14 845,00 €
GD300-315G-4 315 600 0-3600 680x960x380 15 612,00 €
GD300-350G-4 350 650 0-3600 620x1700x560 22 311,00 €
GD300-400G-4 400 720 0-3600 620x1700x560 25 084,00 €
GD300-500G-4 500 860 0-3600 620x1700x560 28 599,00 €

Brief introduction of INVT frequency inverter Goodrive300 series

Goodrive300 series inverters are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control technology which keeps pace with the leading international technology and DSP control system, the product enhances its reliability to meet the requirement of environment adaptability, customized and industrialized design with more optimized functions, more flexible application and more stable performance.

INVT GD300 series is combined drive.

Compatible with multiple motors.
Vector drive for asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Reduce the inventory effectively without considering the motor compatibility.
INVT GD300 series is combined drive.
1.The traditional permanent magnet synchronous motor includes SPM and IPM.
2.The variable frequency motor includes high speed spindle.
More Accurate Motor Autotuning.
Correct rotating and static motor autotuning. Convenient debugging, easy operation.
Rotating Autotuning: De-couple from the load Applied to the situation with high control accuracy.
Static Autotuning: No need to de-couple from the load Applied when rotating autotuning is not available.
Optimized SVPWM Control.
The current, torque and rotating speed waveforms when sudden loading or unloading in asynchronous motor SVPWM control mode with 2Hz running frequency and full load.
INVT Goodrive 300 series is combined vfd.
More smoother and more quietter running by applying advanced 3-phase modulation.
INVT GD 300 series is combined inverter.

INVT vfd GD300 series multi-function with simple operation.

Separate Air-duct.
The separate air duct prevents the contaminants into the electronic parts/components and greatly improves the protective effect of the inverter, as well as its reliability and service life, to adapt various complicated site environments. It can also facilitate the heat-releasing in control cabinets and the heat-releasing design of the customer.
Multiple Installation Modes.
Wall, flange and floor installation.
C3 input filters (standard for 380V inverters) and C2 filters(optional for 380V inverters).
For 380V inverters, C3 input filter is embedded in the factory to meet different application requirements, save installation space and avoid the electromagnetic interference caused by incorrect selection and site installation.
INVT vfd GD300 series multi-function with simple operation.
(1)C2 filter: EMC performance of the inverter achieves the limited usage requirement in civil environment.
(2)C3 filter: EMC performance of the inverter achieves the limited usage requirement in industrial environment.
Book Structure.
Parallel installation Little installation space with less cost and beautiful appearance.
Smaller Size.
Due to the thermal simulation and advanced modularized design, the size of our product is reduced greatly. The width ratio between Goodrive300 and CHF100A is shown in the figure below (the Max. percentage is 50%).
High Performance Keypad.
The standard LED keypad supports parameters loading and unloading with Max. length of 200m and digital potentiometer. The optional external LCD keypad supports parameters loading and unloading with displaying 10 lines and 10 rows of Chinese characters and several languages.

INVT frequency inverter Goodrive 300 series International Communication Protocals.

Various communication modes: MODBUS communication (standard), PROFIBUS+Ethernet and CANopen+Ethernet communication (optional).
Following functions are available through communication cards:
- Send control commands(starting, stopping and fault reset) to the inverter
- Send speed or torque reference signal to the inverter
- Read the state and actual value from the inverter
- Modify the parameters of the inverter
PC Software.
The software carries out tracking and fault location with the function of oscilloscope, making more convenient debugging and programming and facilltaion the current monitoring, back analysis and engineering management.

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