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Nord Drivesystems frequency inverter SK 200E conveyor series

Nord Drivesystems

Flexible to install, easy to service. The NORDAC FLEX SK 200E is our most flexible inverter that can be tailored to any customer application by way of scalable functions. Installing and servicing the SK 200E can be done reliably and quickly because of its extensive plug-in capability and the easy parameter transfer via EEPROM memory. As a decentralised frequency inverter, the NORDAC FLEX offers a great number of features that allow the technology to be used flexibly. The SK 200E offers an on-board PLC for drive related functions and features an internal brake rectifier for motor brake control. Well suited for users across a wide range of industries it also offers high precision regulation, 4-quadrant operation and also functional safety thanks to STO and SS1.

  • High precision regulation with current vector control
  • 4-quadrant operation
  • PLC function for functions close to the motor (PLC on Board)
  • Energy-saving function for partial load operation
  • Control and parameterisation tools and simple parameter structure
  • Integrated line filter for compliance with EMC regulations
  • Operation with synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Control and closed loop regulation
  • POSICON – Integrated positioning mode and synchronisation
  • STO and SS1 – Integrated functional safety Integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control

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Model range

SK 200E conveyor series (1 phase 110-115 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK200E-250-112-O 0,25 1.7 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-370-112-O 0,37 2.2 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-550-112-O 0,55 3 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-750-112-O 0,75 4 176x134x266 reduced!

SK 200E conveyor series (1/3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK200E-250-123-A 0,25 1.7 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-370-123-A 0,37 2.2 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-550-123-A 0,55 3 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-750-123-A 0,75 4 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-111-123-A 1,1 5.5 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-250-323-A 0,25 1.7 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-370-323-A 0,37 2.2 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-550-323-A 0,55 3 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-750-323-A 0,75 4 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-111-323-A 1,1 5.5 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-151-323-A 1,5 7 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-221-323-A 2,2 9.5 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-301-323-A 3 12.5 218x144x330 reduced!
SK200E-401-323-A 4 16 218x144x330 reduced!
SK200E-551-323-A 5,5 23 305x160x480 reduced!
SK200E-751-323-A 7,5 29 305x160x480 reduced!
SK200E-112-323-A 11 40 305x160x480 reduced!

SK 200E conveyor series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK200E-550-340-A 0,55 1.7 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-750-340-A 0,75 2.3 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-111-340-A 1,1 3.1 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-151-340-A 1,5 4 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-221-340-A 2,2 5.5 156x127x236 reduced!
SK200E-301-340-A 3 7.5 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-401-340-A 4 9.5 176x134x266 reduced!
SK200E-551-340-A 5,5 12.5 218x144x330 reduced!
SK200E-751-340-A 7,5 16 218x144x330 reduced!
SK200E-112-340-A 11 23 305x160x480 reduced!
SK200E-152-340-A 15 32 305x160x480 reduced!
SK200E-182-340-A 18,5 40 305x160x480 reduced!
SK200E-222-340-A 22 46 305x160x480 reduced!

Nord Drivesystems frequency inverter SK 200E series- High Performance AC Vector Drives.

NORD, the drive technology specialist, has been developing and producing distributed control AC vector drives for more than 10 years. In 2009, we introduced the very popular SK 200E AC vector drive series, which was designed to mount directly in place of the motor terminal box to create a combined, fully integrated unit for use in the field. The SK 200E line is a distributed control companion to our successful SK 500E series cabinet mount drive. Together, our products offer a continuous range of performance along with optional features to simplify the drive selection process in order to serve a wide variety of applications. Although the original SK 200E series served the full range of drive applications from simple speed control in stand alone units to complex multi drive systems controlled via field bus networks or requiring position control, our customers have encouraged us to expand our product offering even further. NORD now offers two distinct families within the SK 200E distributed AC vector drive line. This expansion allows users to select a compact device with exactly the features that are required for a particular application.

Safety Function " Safe Stop " in Nord Drivesystem vfd SK 200E series.

Safety of personnel and high machine availability are essential for plant operation. After a safety circuit is actuated by opening a safety cover or door, it must be ensured that no rotating system components can lead to accidents. With asynchronous motors, this is triggered by a safe pulse block which prevents the motor from restarting. During the safe pulse block the AC input voltage remains applied to the AC Vector drive. The AC vector drive is therefore immediately ready to be switched on without re-initialization after the safety circuit is closed. 
- EN 13849-1:Performance Level e 
- EN 61508: SIL3 
- EN 60204-1: Stop function 
- pr EN 61800-5-2: Safety functions
- Rotating machine tools (e.g. milling machines) 
- Closed moving systems with safety doors 
- Other applications where machine safety is critical.
Advantages at a glance.
- High machine availability through continuous online operation 
- Reduction in safety components 
- No initialization delays 
- Long service life due to electronic switching (no electromechanical contacts) 
- Low cost solution with compact device.
Safety Function " Safe Stop " in Nord Drivesystem vfd SK 200E series.

Nord Drivesystem frequency inverter SK 200E series Application Function.

Energy-saving function.
- Automatic flux optimisation for many applications
- Large energy savings possible 
- Simple setting via inverter parameters
Nord Drivesystem frequency inverter SK 200E series Application Function.
Lift drive functions.
- High precision sensorless current vector control (ISD control) 
- Integrated brake chopper to divert generated energy to an optional brake resistor
- Optimised operation with only a few parameter settings 
- HIgh performance brake rectifier that converts AC voltage to DC voltage in order to supply power to the mechanical brake. (Included on all available sizes of the SK2x5E and size 4 of the SK2x0E.)
PID process controller.
- The basic SK2x5E units do not include an analog input. This is available as an option with the mains unit module or I/O extension (CU4 or TU4 resp.) 
- P, I and D component can be set separately 
- High precision regulation of application variables (pressure, flow, temperature, etc).
Safety function "Safe stop". 
- Switches-off of the 24V DC power supply to the IGBT module 
- Mechanical wear free solution (less mechanical parts - increased reliability) 
- Component cost savings compared with contactor version.
Servo mode.
- High precision speed control 
- Full torque down to zero speed 
- Excellent dynamic response to load fluctuations 
- Requires the use of an optional incremental encoder on the supplied motor.
Absolute and relative positioning with POSICON.
- Absolute positioning to move to fixed values, e.g. on a finite axis 
- Relative positioning for stepped operation 
- Easy implementation by setting only a few parameters 
- Requires the use of an external encoder.
Nord Drivesystem vfd SK 200E series Application Function.

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