Nord Drivesystems frequency inverter SK 500E industrial series

Nord Drivesystems

The NORDAC PRO SK 500E is the inverter for all drive applications. It offers a wide power range, and its functionality can be extended with plug-in option modules. For heat removal this inverter uses variable cooling concepts that allow the heat to be dissipated outside the control cabinet. With a wide power range up to 160 kW and and high quality torque regulation, the inverters can be operated where top performance and safety are required. The scalable functionality of our technology allows it to be used in many applications for the operation of both asynchronous and synchronous motors. Issues regarding installation and maintenance are quickly and easily resolved by the intuitive NORD CON tools and parameter structures.

  • High precision regulation with current vector control
  • 4-quadrant operation
  • PLC function for functions close to the motor (PLC on Board)
  • Energy-saving function for partial load operation
  • Control and parameterisation tools and simple parameter structure
  • Integrated line filter for compliance with EMC regulations
  • Operation with synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Control and closed loop regulation
  • POSICON – Integrated positioning mode and synchronisation
  • STO and SS1 – Integrated functional safety
  • Integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control

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Model range

SK 500E industrial series, 110-120 V (1 phase), IP20, Basic Drive, 24VDC operation

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK500E-250-112-O 0.25 1.7 74x186x153 295,00 €
SK500E-370-112-O 0.37 2.2 74x186x153 309,00 €
SK500E-550-112-O 0.55 3.0 74x186x153 315,00 €
SK500E-750-112-O 0.75 4.0 74x186x153 325,00 €
SK500E-111-112-O 1.1 5.3 74x186x153 409,00 €

SK 500E industrial series, 200-240 V (1/3 phase), IP20, Basic Drive, 24VDC operation

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK500E-250-323-A 0.25 1.7 74x186x153 287,00 €
SK500E-370-323-A 0.37 2.2 74x186x153 292,00 €
SK500E-550-323-A 0.55 3.0 74x186x153 298,00 €
SK500E-750-323-A 0.75 4.0 74x186x153 302,00 €
SK500E-111-323-A 1.1 5.5 74x226x153 333,00 €
SK500E-151-323-A 1.5 7.0 74x226x153 379,00 €
SK500E-221-323-A 2.2 9.5 74x226x153 406,00 €

SK 500E industrial series, 200-240 V (3 phase), IP20, Basic Drive, 24VDC operation

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK500E-301-323-A 3 12.5 98x241x181 569,00 €
SK500E-401-323-A 4 16 98x241x181 593,00 €

SK 500E industrial series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP20, Basic Drive, 24VDC operation

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK500E- 550-340-A 0.55 1.7 74x186x153 360,00 €
SK500E-750-340-A 0.75 2.3 74x186x153 379,00 €
SK500E-111-340-A 1.1 3.1 74x226x153 410,00 €
SK500E-151-340-A 1.5 4 74x226x153 437,00 €
SK500E-221-340-A 2.2 5.5 74x226x153 473,00 €
SK500E-301-340-A 3 7.5 98x241x181 542,00 €
SK500E-401-340-A 4 9.5 98x241x181 576,00 €
SK500E-551-340-A 5.5 12.5 98x241x181 657,00 €
SK500E-751-340-A 7.5 16 98x241x181 766,00 €

SK 515E industrial series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP20, Basic Drive, Safe Stop, CANopen

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK515E-112-340-A 11 24 162x327x224 1 378,00 €
SK515E-152-340-A 15 31 162x327x224 1 630,00 €
SK515E-182-340-A 18.5 38 180x367x234 1 930,00 €
SK515E-222-340-A 22 46 180x367x234 2 264,00 €
SK515E-302-340-A 30 60 210x456x236 2 694,00 €
SK515E-372-340-A 37 75 210x456x236 3 178,00 €
SK515E-452-340-A 45 90 265x598x286 3 992,00 €
SK515E-552-340-A 55 110 265x598x286 4 717,00 €
SK515E-752-340-A 75 150 265x636x286 5 609,00 €
SK515E-902-340-A 90 180 265x636x286 6 148,00 €
SK515E-113-340-A 110 220 395x720x292 9 891,00 €
SK515E-133-340-A 132 260 395x720x292 10 629,00 €
SK515E-163-340-A 160 320 395x799x292 11 471,00 €

The Nord Drivesystems SK 500E series frequency inverter family.

The SK 500E inverter range from NORD Drivesystems is available for motors with rated powers from 0.25 - 132 kW (160 kW from the middle of 2014). Due to its very compact design it is ideally suitable for space-saving installation in control cabinets. Features such as: 
- sensorless current vector control, which provides constant speed with fluctuating loads and very high starting torques, 
- 200% overload reserve, which ensures greater safety for crane and lifting gear applications, 
- an integrated brake chopper for 4-quadrant operation, 
- an integrated line filter as the basis for optimum EMC performance are included in the basic equipment of the entire range, as well as a PID or process controller.
These controllers automatically control your application. There is a choice of devices with an integrated 24 V mains unit or a separate connection for the control board supply. Devices with an external supply have the advantage that even when they are switched off, the parameter data can be accessed and communication is possible via bus interfaces. In addition, such an inverter enables selfcontrolled evacuation runs, which is an enormous safety benefit, no just for lifting gear drives. The SK 51xE and SK 53xE models support the "Safe Stop" function according to EN 13849-1 (up to the maximum safety category 4, stop categories 0 and 1), whereby the SK 53xE version with its built-in POSICON function is ideally equipped for all positioning tasks (relative and absolute). The top model SK 540E /SK 545E supports convenient free programming functions close to the drive unit in accordance with IEC 61131 and also enables the operation of synchronous motors with permanent magnet excitation. Even with their various functions the inverters have the same physical dimensions.
The Nord Drivesystems SK 500E series frequency inverter family.
User friendly.
- Easy adaptation to communication systems through plug-in technology units. 
- Quick and simple diagnosis with easily visible LED indicators. 
- Technology units available for display, operation and parameterisation:
Easy to read large LCD display in 14 languages (optional).
Simple operation and parameterisation thanks to logical parameter structure and intuitive layout of control elements.
Versions for control cabinet installation.

Nord Drivesystems SK 500E series drive extensive basic equipment.

Load monitor.
- Monitoring of load torque depending on the output frequency
- Individual adaptation of load monitoring to protect the system from overload in particular frequency ranges.
Link circuit coupling.
Intermediate circuit via terminals for all versions:
- Energy saving effect with balanced motor and generator operation 
- Elimination of brake resistors possible.
Lifting gear functions.
- High precision current vector control for rapid and precise load take-up 
- Integrated brake chopper to divert generated energy to a brake resistor (optional) 
- Brake management for optimum control of an electromagnetic holding brake for wear-free actuation of the brake.
Nord Drivesystems SK 500E series drive extensive basic equipment.
Servo mode.
- High precision speed control
- Highest possible acceleration through direct feedback of the actual speed to the frequency inverter and therefore:
Full torque down to standstill (speed 0)
Digital speed controller withwide range of settings.
Nord Drivesystems SK 500E series vfd extensive basic equipment.

Precision and logic.

Frequency inverters with integrated POSICON functionality are able to determine the actual position of the drive unit via appropriate interfaces. Incremental encoder inputs (TTL / HTL) or absolute encoders are available as interfaces via CANopen (from SK 540E and above sine wave encoders, SSI, BISS, EnDat 2.1 and Hiperface are also available). In addition to conventional point-to-point positioning (absolute positioning), POSICON also provides the facility for relative positioning of endless axes as well as various technology functions (rotating platform "with travel optimisation", synchronous operation and flying saw). By means of the standard position POSICON position memory and features such as "teach in", "reference point run", "reset position", "offset position", "target window positioning" and "S-ramp", the frequency inverter is able to perform a complete, independent positioning control. The tasks for the external control are therefore reduced to the starting pulse and communication of the target position (via digital I/O or at the field bus level). The frequency inverter can even undertake monitoring of the positioning process and reporting of the operating status.
- Lifting gear / storage and retrieval devices with precise position control
- Bridge trolleys for material handling systems / portal cranes with synchronisation function for all driven axes 
- Rotating platform functions for tool magazines on machine tools
- Flying saw: Control and parallel guidance of a saw on a moving object.

In most cases the frequency inverter is controlled by means of an overriding PLC. However, the use of an external PLC requires additional space and installation expense in order to implement communication between the PLC and the participants (e.g. frequency inverters). In many systems with relatively simple drive functions, the expense required soon becomes unacceptable. This is where the SK 540E / SK 545E come into their own. Their integrated Instruction List (IL) based PLC functionality (based on IEC 61131-3) is specially designed for drive functions. With a computational performance of approx. 200 IL commands per millisecond and a total of 1280 commands in the program, this control unit is able to undertake many tasks in the field of the frequency inverter. Inverter inputs or information from a connected field bus can be monitored, evaluated and further processed into appropriate setpoint values for the frequency inverter. Visualisation of system statuses and the input of special customer parameters is possible by means of optional equipment (ParameterBox, NORDCON software).
- Control / regulation of one or more devices by the inverter.

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