Parker frequency inverters AC10P general purpose series


The AC10P drive is one of the smallest fieldbus connected closed-loop variable speed drives available and offers a lost cost, compact solution for the control of AC induction motors in general purpose open and closed loop control applications up to 180kW. Having compact dimensions and features normally only associated with higher specification AC drives, including, sensorless vector mode, close loop vector control mode.  AC10P drives are designed to reduce the time and effort required to install, setup and commission through its easy to use integrated keypad. Proven technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10P drives have been engineered and built to deliver consistently outstanding levels of performance day in, day out, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Applications: conveyor, centrifuge, fans, mixers, packaging machines, textile machines, strapping machines, labelling machines, industrial washing machines, machine tool spindles, roller doors.

  • DC Braking
  • Jogging Control
  • Auto circulating running or terminals control can realize 15-stage speed running
  • Built-in PID adjusting
  • Auto voltage regulation (AVR)
  • Terminal control, keypad control or communication control
  • Frequency sources: given digit, given analog voltage, given analog current and given MODBUS
  • Built-in EMC filter option
  • Braking unit option
  • V/Hz, Sensorless Vector, close loop vector
  • RS232 / RS485, Modbus, Profibus DP, CANopen, Ethercat

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Model range

AC10P general purpose series (1 phase 230 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
10P-11-0015-XX 0,2 1.5 80x138x135 reduced!
10P-11-0025-XX 0,4 2.5 80x138x135 reduced!
10P-11-0045-XX 0,75 4.5 80x138x135 reduced!
10P-12-0070-XX 1,5 7 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-12-0100-XX 2,2 10 106x180x150 reduced!

AC10P general purpose series (3 phase 230 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
10P-31-0045-XX 0,75 4.5 80x138x135 reduced!
10P-32-0070-XX 1,5 7 106x180x170 reduced!
10P-32-0100-XX 2,2 10 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-32-0120-XX 3 12 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-33-0170-XX 4 17 138x235x152 reduced!
10P-34-0210-XX 5,5 21 156x265x170 reduced!
10P-35-0300-XX 7,5 30 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-35-0400-XX 11 40 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-36-0550-XX 15 55 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-36-0660-XX 18,5 66 265x435x235 reduced!
10P-36-0760-XX 22 76 265x435x235 reduced!
10P-37-1040-XX 30 104 315x480x234 reduced!
10P-38-1300-XX 37 130 360x555x265 reduced!
10P-38-1550-XX 45 155 360x555x265 reduced!
10P-39-1900-XX 55 190 410x630x300 reduced!
10P-310-2600-XX 75 260 516x765x326 reduced!

AC10P general purpose series (3 phase 400 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
10P-42-0020-XX 0,75 2 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-42-0040-XX 1,5 4 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-42-0065-XX 2,2 6.5 106x180x150 reduced!
10P-42-0070-XX 3 7 106x180x170 reduced!
10P-43-0090-XX 4 9 138x235x152 reduced!
10P-43-0120-XX 5,5 12 138x235x152 reduced!
10P-44-0170-XX 7,5 17 156x265x170 reduced!
10P-44-0230-XX 11 23 156x265x170 reduced!
10P-45-0320-XX 15 32 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-45-0380-XX 18,5 38 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-45-0440-XX 22 44 205x340x196 reduced!
10P-46-0600-XX 30 60 265x435x235 reduced!
10P-47-0750-XX 37 75 315x480x234 reduced!
10P-47-0900-XX 45 90 315x480x234 reduced!
10P-48-1100-XX 55 110 360x555x265 reduced!
10P-48-1500-XX 75 150 360x555x265 reduced!
10P-49-1800-XX 90 180 410x630x300 reduced!
10P-49-2200-XX 110 220 410x630x300 reduced!
10P-410-2650-XX 132 265 516x765x326 reduced!
10P-411-3200-XX 160 320 560x910x342 reduced!
10P-411-3600-XX 180 360 560x910x342 reduced!

Parker variable speed drive  AC10P series overview.

The AC10P is a simple, reliable and economic solution for general process application specifically targeting OEM requirements. The drive is capable to control induction motors using simple V/f, Sensorless, Closed Loop and Open Loop PMAC modes. It is available in 230V and 400V versions with 150% overload for 60 seconds and in 12 frame sizes. Serial communication Modbus build in as Standard, Profibus DP & EtherCAT Optional, CanOpen (Future Development).
- Simplicity:
AC10P is designed to reduce time and effort required to install, setup and commission through the keypad. Wiring requirements are simple which makes the setup time minimal. Autotuning for closed loop and sensorless vector controls ( both for induction and PMAC) makes the drive very responsive to dynamic changes in speed or load. With a speed accuracy of 0.02% in closed loop vector and 0.5% in sensorless vector modes respectively, the AC10P can be used for a host of applications that require precise speed and torque controls.
- Reliability:
Following all Parker products high standards, the AC10P is engineered and built to deliver outstanding levels of performance consistently. With the PCBs coated to withstand 3C3 class environment, the AC10P can be used in most of the demanding conditions reliably so as to maximise the production uptime.

Parker frequency inverter AC10P series applications.

AC10P is designed to support most general purpose applications that require V/f, sensorless vector (for induction and PMAC motors), and closed loop for induction motors. Having serial communication options it can also be used in conjunction with most PLCs to meet process line applications. Because of its versatility, the AC10P can be used in most of the general purpose applications like conveyer, centrifuge, fans and pumps, mixers, textile machines, machine tool spindles.

Parker frequency inverter AC10P series applications.

OEM specific applications include:
- Wire Drawing 
- Load Sharing 
- Extruder 
- Speed Follower

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