Parker frequency inverters AC30 general purpose series


The AC30 variable speed drive has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of motor control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. The AC30 combines advanced performance with exceptional ease of use, making even the most complex applications simple to achieve. The AC30 provides users with access to a large library of application macros and worked examples. While users are free to develop their own applications, they can also save time and development cost by accessing and customising examples of completed solutions. Applications: industrial pumps, drive controlled pumps, industrial fans, conveyors / handling, lifts / elevators, cranes and hoists, centrifuges, extruders, test stands, winders.

  • Open-loop or optional closed-loop operation with pulse encoder feedback module
  • Suitable for operation with AC induction and Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) servo motors
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP as standard
  • I/O expansion options
  • Support for popular industrial fieldbuses
  • Chassis or through-panel mount as standard
  • Advanced control with Parker Drive Developer (PDD) advanced software tool
  • Easy to configure with Parker Drive Developer (PDQ) software tool
  • Multi-language graphical keypad
  • Quick start wizards
  • Conformally coated for harsh environment protection as standard
  • Spring clamp control terminal connections

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Model range

AC30 general purpose series (3 phase 380-480 V) / ND

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
7x0-4D0004-B... 1,1 3.5 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0006-B... 2,2 5.5 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0010-B... 4 10 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0012-B... 5,5 12 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4E0016-B... 7,5 16 125x333x255 reduced!
7x0-4E0023-B... 11 23 125x333x255 reduced!
7x0-4F0032-B... 15 32 150x383x255 reduced!
7x0-4F0038-B... 18 38 150x383x255 reduced!
7x0-4G0045-B... 22 45 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4G0060-B... 30 60 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4G0073-B... 37 73 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4H0087-B... 45 87 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4H0105-B... 55 105 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4H0145-B... 75 145 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4J0180-B... 90 180 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4J0205-B... 110 205 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4J0260-B... 132 260 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4K0315-B... 160 315 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4K0380-B... 200 380 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4K0440-B... 250 440 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4L0530-N... 280 530 535x1340x378 reduced!
7x0-4L0590-N... 315 590 535x1340x378 reduced!
7x0-4M0650-N... 355 650 604x1463x378 reduced!
7x0-4M0700-N... 400 700 604x1463x378 reduced!
7x0-4N0790-N... 450 790 604x1593x378 reduced!

AC30 general purpose series (3 phase 380-480 V) / HD

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
7x0-4D0004-B... 0,75 2.5 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0006-B... 1,5 4.5 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0010-B... 3 7,5 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4D0012-B... 4 10 100x286x255 reduced!
7x0-4E0016-B... 5,5 12 125x333x255 reduced!
7x0-4E0023-B... 7,5 16 125x333x255 reduced!
7x0-4F0032-B... 11 23 150x383x255 reduced!
7x0-4F0038-B... 15 32 150x383x255 reduced!
7x0-4G0045-B... 18 38 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4G0060-B... 22 45 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4G0073-B... 30 60 220x480x287 reduced!
7x0-4H0087-B... 37 73 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4H0105-B... 45 87 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4H0145-B... 55 105 260x670x331 reduced!
7x0-4J0180-B... 75 145 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4J0205-B... 90 180 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4J0260-B... 110 205 330x800x374 reduced!
7x0-4K0315-B... 132 260 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4K0380-B... 160 315 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4K0440-B... 200 380 400x1300x385 reduced!
7x0-4L0530-N... 250 480 535x1340x378 reduced!
7x0-4L0590-N... 280 530 535x1340x378 reduced!
7x0-4M0650-N... 315 590 604x1463x378 reduced!
7x0-4M0700-N... 355 650 604x1463x378 reduced!
7x0-4N0790-N... 400 700 604x1593x378 reduced!

Parker frequency inverter AC30 series is designed with you in mind.

- Flexibility:
A fully featured list of standard functionality along with the use of common control and option modules allows users to put the drive to work in many different open- or closedloop applications.
- Simplicity:
From the clear and concise backlit LCD display to the easy to use programming software, AC30 has been engineered to make the process of commissioning, operating and maintaining the drive as easy as possible.
- Reliability:
Parker engineers have taken every possible step to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring, including a number of features in the AC30 that will ensure any loss of productivity is minimised and production restarted as safely and as soon as possible.
- Connectivity:
Its flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required. This enables AC30 to be used in advanced applications including multiple drive configurations.
- Capability:
Integrated macros for a range of applications and PLC functionality enable more capable users to create sophisticated control that would previously have required a separate PLC. The AC30 can be integrated into even the most complex systems.

Parker drive AC30 series overview.

Parker drive AC30 series overview.
Compact footprint, chassis or through-panel mounting:
- Multi-position feet with keyhole slots for ease of mounting 
- Reduced heat radiation allows side-by-side mounting.
Unobstructed access to power and dynamic brake terminals:
- Terminal covers removable with drive in-situ
- Dynamic brake switch fitted as standard 
- Easy access to DC Bus connections
Suitable for harsh environments:
- AC30 is conformally coated as standard and meets the requirements of environment classes 3C1, 3C2 (all defined substances) plus 3C3 and 3C4 for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) 
- DNV marine / offshore approval.

Simple and effective pump and fan control with Parker drive AC30 series.

Saving energy through speed control.
Pumps and fans are widely used throughout industry. Some estimates suggest that a large proportion of these can be as much as 20 % oversized for the application they are used in. When these are operated at a constant speed, a significant amount of the power consumed by the motor is wasted, costing your company considerable amounts of money and creating additional CO2 emissions. Matching the speed of pumps and fans to process demands with the AC30V ensures that the motor will always operate at the optimal speed to deliver just the right amount of air or fluid. This can result in significant energy savings. A 20 % reduction in speed will actually reduce energy consumption by almost 50 % and payback can be achieved in less than 18 months in many cases.
Improved power factor and service life.
Pumps and fans that continuously operate at maximum speed inevitably have shorter life spans and are subject to unnecessary wear and tear. Variable speed drives can help improve service life while also reducing energy consumption and improving the power factor of your installations. In addition to the cut in energy costs, you’ll also see significant savings with maintenance and repair bills and a noticeable reduction in noise pollution as well.
Simple and effective pump and fan control with Parker drive AC30 series.

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