ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverter ZETADYN 3BF elevator series


ZETADYN 3BF is the best solution solution for switch cabinet mounting. It has minimal noise generation and low energy consumption through controlled ventilation.

  • Mounting in switch cabinet
  • Compact design means space-saving installation
  • Operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Open-Loop-Operation of asynchronous motors
  • Standby function
  • Minimal noise generation and low energy consumption through controlled ventilation
  • Automatic travel curve pre-assignment
  • Applied standards: EN 12015 and EN 12016
  • Switching frequency: 4...16 kHz (automatic adaptation)
  • Protection class: IP20
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Model range

ZETADYN 3BF elevator series (3 phase 180-440 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
3BF009-1 2 9 195x340x185 reduced!
3BF011 4,6 11 195x340x185 reduced!
3BF013 5,5 13 195x340x185 reduced!
3BF017 7,5 17 195x340x185 reduced!
3BF023 11 23 245x340x185 reduced!
3BF032 14 32 245x340x185 reduced!
3BF040 19 40 245x340x185 reduced!
3BF050 24 50 357x500x205 reduced!
3BF062 30 62 357x500x205 reduced!
3BF074 37 74 357x500x205 reduced!
3BF110 50 110 427x1050x311 reduced!
3BF180 90 180 427x1050x311 reduced!

The principle of  ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverter ZETADYN 3BF series is really simple.

The ZETADYN 3BF is a frequency inverter specifically developed for elevator machines. The particular properties found in the ZETADYN series are the features optimally matched to elevator technology, intuitive operation and the versatility of the interfaces to the elevator controller (CAN, DCP, parallel, binary coded). For both, modern permanent magnet excited synchronous machines and asynchronous motors, the ZETADYN 3BF ensures the highest level of travelling comfort and exact floor levelling. The compact construction of the ZETADYN 3BF makes it especially suitable for space saving installation in the control cabinet. Its modular design offers great versatility and flexibility.

ZIEHL-ABEGG ZETADYN 3BF series drive open-loop operation.

It is easy to retrofit existing elevator installations with the ZETADYN 3BF. Operating asynchronous motors can also be implemented with the ZETADYN 3BF even without encoders.
Operation without encoder (open-loop):
Elevator operation without encoder feedback is especially suitable for modernising old motors with the ZETADYN 3BF but of course, it is also possible in new installations. Furthermore, installations with a ZETADYN 3BF can continue to be operated when the elevator encoder has a defect. Open loop operation with ZETADYN 3BF is an especially economical solution and is suitable for elevators up to approx. 1 m/s with asynchronous motors.
- Simple modernisation
- Low-cost installation 
- Speeds up to 1 m/s 
- Emergency operation if an existing encoder fails 
- Operation of asynchronous motors that do not permit later encoder installation.

ZIEHL-ABEGG vfd ZETADYN 3BF series is energy efficiency - power regeneration.

The VDI Directive VDI 4707 subdivides elevator systems according to their energy efficiency and into energy efficiency classes. To make the elevator as efficient as possible, the power consumption needs to be reduced to a minimum even during standstill. The ZETADYN 3BF supports you in this effort.
Standby operation ZETADYN 3.
Through a digital input, the ZETADYN 3BF can be switched over to standby operation through the elevator controller. Switching off internal components considerably reduces in standby operation the power consumption of the ZETADYN 3BF.
REVCON power feedback unit.
The REVCON power feedback control supplies the energy generated through the trip to the mains supply. Doing so significantly improves the energy efficiency, letting the elevator classification attain a better energy efficiency class.
REVCON standby operation power feedback control.
The REVCON power feedback control can be switched over to standby operation with a digital output in the ZETADYN 3BF. That significantly reduces the power consumption of the REVCON.
ZIEHL-ABEGG vfd ZETADYN 3BF series is energy efficiency - power regeneration.

ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverter ZETADYN 3BF series and MMC/SD memory card.

With commercially available MMC/SD cards, all parameters and the contents of the error memory can be saved in the ZETAPAD or ZETADYN 3BF. The saved parameters can be copied quickly and simply to another frequency inverter from this series. The data can also be saved as text file for professional documentation; that means you can easily make printouts without any additional software. The MMC recorder enables continuous measurements. You can choose between saving normal or faulty trip measurements. 4 analogue measurement channels (e.g. programmed / real speed, currents, internal controller status) along with a measurement channel for digital signals (e.g. input/outputs, brake monitoring, DCP, status bits) are freely configurable. The analysis is made with the ZETAMON software or by sending a data record comprising a few kilobytes directly to our service team.
Summary of functions:
- Copy function, ideal for standard installations, major projects and elevator groups
- Parameter and error list backups for professional documentation 
- Expanded error analysis when servicing through measurement storage 
- Analysis of sporadic errors 
- Long-term documentation of the travel curves processes.
ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverter ZETADYN 3BF series and MMC/SD memory card.


The ZETAMON PC software enormously simplifies and shortens commissioning the entire elevator installation. By using it all parameters in the ZETADYN 3BF can be set and all saved information such as operating hours, starts plus the error memory and parameter list can be downloaded and clearly displayed.That lets you use the powerful software to help during commissioning and to effectively backup the data. The measurements recorded with the software can be used to analyse and optimize the elevator. Potential trouble spots like bad rail joints, door contact interruptions and communications problems with the elevator control can be rapidly localized. Use your chance to work more efficiently on-site with this software!
Summary of functions: 
- Recording of travel curves and control signals 
- Recording of analogue signals
- Realtime display of 4 configurable measurement channels 
- Analysis and optimisation of the travel curves 
- Analysis of the data saved on the MMC/SD memory card 
- Remote control of frequency inverter via PC or Notebook 
- Connection to ZETAPAD via standard USB cable
- Parameter settings 
- Parameter and error list backup

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