Danfoss FC103

VLT Refrigeration Drive professional series inverters for pumps, ventilation and refrigeration compressors

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 covers a power range between 1.1-630 kW. It allows the user to profit from the speed control by saving energy and prolonging lifetime of essential equipment. Available in a variety of protection classes the drive suits the needs of pump, fan and compressor applications. Every application and power size can be operated and programmed with the same common user interface.

  • Robust single enclosure
  • Protection classes IP 20/21/55/66
  • Coated electronics (class 3C2 or 3C3)
  • Max. ambient temp. 50° C without derating (D-frame 45° C)
  • Thermostat/Pressostat function
  • Fieldbus (AKD LON, Modbus RTU…)
  • Velocity-to-fl ow conversion
  • Day/Night Control
  • Advanced energy monitoring
  • Pressure to temperature conversion
  • Integrated DC link harmonic filters
  • Integrated EMC filters

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Model range

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP20, RFI Class A1/B (C1), Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP-102)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FC-103P1K1T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.1 3 1-3600 90x246x205 483,99 €
FC-103P1K5T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.5 4.1 1-3600 90x246x205 554,80 €
FC-103P2K2T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 2.2 5.6 1-3600 90x246x205 670,14 €
FC-103P3K0T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 3 7.2 1-3600 90x246x205 747,52 €
FC-103P4K0T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 4 10 1-3600 90x246x205 797,89 €
FC-103P5K5T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 5.5 13 1-3600 130x246x205 923,45 €
FC-103P7K5T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 7.5 16 1-3600 130x246x205 1 038,06 €
FC-103P11KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 11 24 1-3600 165x350x248 1 337,36 €
FC-103P15KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 15 32 1-3600 165x350x248 1 511,83 €
FC-103P18KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 18.5 37.5 1-3600 165x350x248 1 882,67 €
FC-103P22KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 22 44 1-3600 231x460x242 2 197,30 €
FC-103P30KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 30 61 1-3600 231x460x242 2 554,27 €
FC-103P37KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 37 73 1-3600 231x460x242 3 081,33 €
FC-103P45KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 45 90 1-3600 308x490x333 3 763,15 €
FC-103P55KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 55 106 1-3600 308x490x333 4 550,82 €
FC-103P75KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 75 147 1-3600 370x600x333 5 240,67 €
FC-103P90KT4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 90 177 1-3600 370x600x333 6 134,92 €

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP20, RFI Class A2 (C3), Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP-102)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FC-103P1K1T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.1 3 1-3600 90x246x205 438,73 €
FC-103P1K5T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.5 4.1 1-3600 90x246x205 503,70 €
FC-103P2K2T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 2.2 5.6 1-3600 90x246x205 606,63 €
FC-103P3K0T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 3 7.2 1-3600 90x246x205 675,98 €
FC-103P4K0T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 4 10 1-3600 90x246x205 719,78 €
FC-103P5K5T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 5.5 13 1-3600 130x246x205 830,01 €
FC-103P7K5T4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 7.5 16 1-3600 130x246x205 930,02 €
FC-103P11KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 11 24 1-3600 165x350x248 1 188,44 €
FC-103P15KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 15 32 1-3600 165x350x248 1 357,80 €
FC-103P18KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 18.5 37.5 1-3600 165x350x248 1 707,47 €
FC-103P22KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 22 44 1-3600 231x460x242 1 999,47 €
FC-103P30KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 30 61 1-3600 231x460x242 2 325,78 €
FC-103P37KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 37 73 1-3600 231x460x242 2 847,00 €
FC-103P45KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 45 90 1-3600 308x490x333 3 483,56 €
FC-103P55KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 55 106 1-3600 308x490x333 4 173,41 €
FC-103P75KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 75 147 1-3600 370x600x333 4 740,62 €
FC-103P90KT4E20H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 90 177 1-3600 370x600x333 5 576,47 €
FC-103N110T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 110 212 1-3600 909x325x378 5 731,23 €
FC-103N132T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 132 260 1-3600 909x325x378 6 920,40 €
FC-103N160T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 160 315 1-3600 909x325x378 8 450,48 €
FC-103N200T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 200 395 1-3600 1122x350x375 10 090,79 €
FC-103N250T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 250 480 1-3600 1122x350x375 12 936,33 €
FC-103N315T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 315 600 1-3600 1122x350x375 15 567,98 €

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP55, RFI Class A1/B (C1), Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP-102)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FC-103P1K1T4Z55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.1 3 1-3600 390x200x175 567,94 €
FC-103P1K5T4Z55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.5 4.1 1-3600 390x200x175 638,75 €
FC-103P2K2T4Z55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 2.2 5.6 1-3600 390x200x175 754,09 €
FC-103P3K0T4Z55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 3 7.2 1-3600 390x200x175 831,47 €
FC-103P4K0T4Z55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 4 10 1-3600 390x200x175 881,84 €
FC-103P5K5T4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 5.5 13 1-3600 420x242x200 1 017,62 €
FC-103P7K5T4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 7.5 16 1-3600 420x242x200 1 132,23 €
FC-103P11KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 11 24 1-3600 480x242x260 1 492,85 €
FC-103P15KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 15 32 1-3600 480x242x260 1 689,95 €
FC-103P18KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 18.5 37.5 1-3600 480x242x260 2 103,86 €
FC-103P22KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 22 44 1-3600 650x242x260 2 457,18 €
FC-103P30KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 30 61 1-3600 650x242x260 2 855,03 €
FC-103P37KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 37 73 1-3600 680x308x310 3 390,12 €
FC-103P45KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 45 90 1-3600 680x308x310 4 138,37 €
FC-103P55KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 55 106 1-3600 680x308x310 4 997,58 €
FC-103P75KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 75 147 1-3600 770x370x335 5 748,02 €
FC-103P90KT4P55H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 90 177 1-3600 770x370x335 6 713,81 €

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP55, RFI Class A2 (C3), Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP-102)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FC-103P1K1T4Z55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.1 3 1-3600 390x200x175 522,68 €
FC-103P1K5T4Z55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 1.5 4.1 1-3600 390x200x175 587,65 €
FC-103P2K2T4Z55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 2.2 5.6 1-3600 390x200x175 692,04 €
FC-103P3K0T4Z55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 3 7.2 1-3600 390x200x175 759,93 €
FC-103P4K0T4Z55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 4 10 1-3600 390x200x175 803,73 €
FC-103P5K5T4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 5.5 13 1-3600 420x242x200 924,18 €
FC-103P7K5T4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 7.5 16 1-3600 420x242x200 1 024,19 €
FC-103P11KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 11 24 1-3600 480x242x260 1 343,93 €
FC-103P15KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 15 32 1-3600 480x242x260 1 535,92 €
FC-103P18KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 18.5 37.5 1-3600 480x242x260 1 928,66 €
FC-103P22KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 22 44 1-3600 650x242x260 2 259,35 €
FC-103P30KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 30 61 1-3600 650x242x260 2 626,54 €
FC-103P37KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 37 73 1-3600 680x308x310 3 155,79 €
FC-103P45KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 45 90 1-3600 680x308x310 3 858,78 €
FC-103P55KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 55 75 1-3600 680x308x310 4 620,17 €
FC-103P75KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 75 147 1-3600 770x370x335 5 247,97 €
FC-103P90KT4P55H2XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 90 177 1-3600 770x370x335 6 155,36 €

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 series, 380-480 V (3 phase), IP54, RFI Class A2 (C3), Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP-102)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FC-103N110T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 110 212 1-3600 901x325x378 6 469,99 €
FC-103N132T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 132 260 1-3600 901x325x378 7 813,92 €
FC-103N160T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 160 315 1-3600 901x325x378 9 544,75 €
FC-103N200T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 200 395 1-3600 1060x420x378 11 398,95 €
FC-103N250T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 250 480 1-3600 1060x420x378 14 498,53 €
FC-103N315T4E54H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 315 600 1-3600 1060x420x378 17 449,19 €

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 improves efficiency of compressors, condensers, evaporators and pumps

Reducing the operating costs of refrigeration systems with quick payback is becoming increasingly important. Speed control of the electric drives used in these systems is a pragmatic and effective approach. Load-dependent speed control reduces power consumption and therefore saves money. When you consider that energy costs amount to 90% or more of total operating costs over the total product lifetime, it’s easy to see that there is plenty of potential for savings in this area. Speed control also lowers mechanical stress in the system, which reduces service and maintenance costs.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 improves efficiency of compressors, condensers, evaporators and pumps

Danfoss VLT® Refrigeration vfd FC 103 – simply uncomplicated

Danfoss developed the VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 to allow all users in the refrigeration world to benefit from the advantages of speed control in a simple, uncomplicated manner. With its functions specifically tailored for refrigeration technology, it reduces total life cycle costs in the application. The drive reduces the number of external components, required integrates easily into existing refrigeration systems, and makes motors energy efficient thanks to its high performance. In this way it improves the energy balance of the overall refrigeration system and reduces its environmental footprint.

Optimise compressor performance coefficient – Achieve system-wide energy efficiency

The performance of a refrigeration system is expressed using the energy efficiency ratio (EER) or the coefficient of performance (COP). This is the ratio of the generated cooling or heating capacity to the power actually consumed, and is usually based on full-load operation. However, it is not enough to rate a refrigeration unit at just one load level, since most refrigeration systems operate under partial load conditions. This means that significant energy savings can be obtained using speed control.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration frequency inverter FC 103 Refrigeration system without speed control

In a refrigeration system without speed control, the compressor always runs at full speed, regardless of the cooling capacity actually required. The cooling output is regulated by the evaporator, which is filled by the expansion device. Since the expansion valve constantly tries to fill the evaporator optimally, this adjustment causes the evaporation pressure to change and therefore creates oscillation in the system. With the compressor operating at full output capacity, this oscillation can persist for a very long time. As a result, the evaporator is never properly filled and operates ineffectively, and the cooling capacity of the refrigerant is not optimal.

Refrigeration system with speed control

The continuous variable speed control by VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 makes intelligent capacity control possible. By creating stability while balancing the capacity to the actual load, system-wide COP improves providing significant energy savings. Intelligent compressor and condenser fan control is a “must” in any optimised refrigeration system. The following positive effects can be achieved in a refrigeration system with variable-speed compressor operation:
- 6 compressors pack controller 
- Stable suction pressure 
- Increased capacity using a smaller compressor 
- Built-in soft starter function 
- Built-in oil return management improves reliability and lifetime 
- Low and high pressure monitoring 
- Reduced mechanical load 
- Fewer start and stops extends the lifetime 
- No mechanical capacity control 
- Improves system COP
Condenser fan control 
- Load dependent capacity control 
- Operate single fans/multiple parallel operating fans 
- Stable condensing pressure 
- Floating condensing temperature adapts to outdoor temperature 
- Reduced charge of refrigerant 
- Less dirt build-up on condenser 
- Stand-alone control using VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 
- Improves system COP
Pumps in process cooling or air-conditioning systems
-Coolant pump capacity according to demand
- Stable coolant flow and pressure 
- Stand-alone control using VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 
- Operate from direct signal (0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC)
Fans in process cooling or airconditioning systems 
- Optimized operation of air handling units 
- High efficiency 
- Airflow according to demand 
- Stand-alone control using VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 
- Operate from direct signal (0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC)

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration inverter with Refrigeration system speed control

Depending on the application, speed control can result in energy savings ranging from 10% to as much as 70%.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration inverter FC 103  has a Multi-zone pack controller – Improved energy savings and stable operation

There is a speed range in the interaction between the compressor and frequency converter that allows the system to save energy. The compressor should function within this range most of the time. If the difference between the maximum required performance and the average performance under partial load is too great, it is a good idea to use a cascade configuration. In many cases the required capital investment, including the conversion of an existing system, will be amortised quickly.

Cascading the system

In a system with cascaded compressors, the base load is handled by a speed-controlled compressor. If the demand rises, the drive starts up additional compressors one at a time. As a result, the compressors work largely at their optimum efficiency point, with the control constantly ensuring that the system is operating at maximum energy efficiency. Step-less capacity control thus achieved eliminates the need for large number of small size compressors. This cascading principle can also be applied to fans and pumps using the VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103  has a Advanced Multi-zone pack controller

- Effectively cascades and controls up to 6 compressors pack 
- Focused towards piston, screw and scroll compressors 
- Three zone setups avoid too frequent staging and de-staging 
- Makes pressures & temperatures stable. 
- Reduces compressor wear & tear 
- Can also control groups of condenser fans

Easy commissioning

The VLT® Refrigeration FC 103 drive offers a setup wizard, using common refrigeration terms rather than computer language. Field testing shows that ease of programming makes installers and service technicians more comfortable and confident, making their jobs easier and quicker. The wizard menu also supports the commissioning engineers if they encounter any problems. The menu will help the engineer troubleshoot and offer ‘quick fixes’ to get the drive up and running if there is a problem.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration frequency inverter FC 103 easy commissioning

Commissioning is fast and easy using the the frequency converter display panel. The wizard that appears the first time the device is switched on guides the user through the necessary settings. The user only has to switch from external to internal control. If necessary, the wizard can be called up again from the Quick Menu. Configuring the necessary parameters is even easier with the wizard in theVLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 software. During operations, the FC 103 can show the compressor status on the frequency converter display panel and log the compressor’s operating time and number of starts.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration vfd FC 103 implement speed control

Reduced service costs 

Mechanical wear is automatically reduced by the fact that only as many compressors are running as are actually needed. This allows service intervals to be extended. The user can configure rotation of mains-powered compressors to ensure that they all end up with a similar number of operating hours. 

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration vfd FC 103 dedicated compressor features

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 is designed for operating piston, scroll, screw compressors and centrifugal compressors. Variable speed control allows the refrigeration capacity of a compressor to be adapted to exactly match the demand.

Day/night control
Compressors usually operate with different setpoints depending on the time of day. This in turn results in different evaporator fan speeds, resulting in reduced energy consumption. This function can be easily programmed with day/night control. 

Neutral Zone
The FC 103 continues to control fixed speed compressors in situations where the variable speed compressor fails. Neutral zone is in a fail situation set by a special parameter ”Fixed speed neutral zone”. This gives the opportunity to have fewer starts by expanding the neutral zone and longer duration of safe operation even under challenging situations.

Oil Return Management
If compressors run at low speed for longer periods of time, lubrication oil will end up in the refrigerant and pipelines. Lack of oil in crankcase causes insufficient lubrication. Built-in oil return management in the FC 103 ensures oil is returned to crankcase thus significantly improving system reliability. Oil management functionality increases the compressor speed up to its maximum value for the user defined interval of time and brings the oil back to the compressor.
- Oil boost functionality activates at fixed time intervals
- Or when the compressor speed has been lower than nominal speed for too long time
- Improves lubrication and system reliability

Condensing temperature monitoring 
The frequency converter can monitor the Floating Head Pressure high pressure levels using connected temperature sensors. Speed is reduced before the head pressure reaches a critical value. This allows safe operation of system for longer duration thus enhancing food safety and process control.

Single compressor or pack
The user has the choice of operating the system with a single large compressor or using the pack controller to operate the system with several smaller compressors which are activated as the demand for cooling capacity increases. The built in Pack Controller can distribute running hours evenly across all compressors, keeping wear and tear on individual compressors to a minimum and ensures that all compressors are in great shape. 

Direct entry of evaporator temperature
The user can enter the desired evaporator temperature directly in the control panel of the FC 103. The frequency converter also takes the properties of the refrigerant into account. Tables for the most commonly used refrigerants are preloaded in the frequency converter. User-defined entry of the refrigerant used in the system is also possible. Simplifies commissioning.

Inject ON
When all connected compressors on the FC 103 are stopped due to a missing safety circuit, this will be registered by the system unit which will close all valves connected to the case controllers. This supports prevention of liquid flow to the compressor when FC 103 starts the compressor again. As soon as a compressor starts running again, the valves will reopen.

Fewer starts and stops 
Start-up is the critical phase of compressor operation. The FC 103 minimises the number of required starts and stops by varying the speed of the compressor to match the capacity to the cooling demand. This ensures maximum run time and minimum number of starts and stops. In addition, the maximum number of start/stop cycles in a given period can be configured using the control panel.

Unloaded start 
To further extend the lifetime of the FC 103 a pressure relief valve can be opened to allow the compressor to start up quickly with no load. 135% Starting torque 
The FC 103 delivers 135% of the rated starting torque for a period of half a second. In normal operation, 110% of the rated torque is available for 60 seconds.

Smaller compressors with the same peak load
The operator can configure the system with a smaller compressor for a given peak load. This provided that the compressor is designed for over-speed operation, the FC 103 can run it at up to 90 Hz. This may allow brief peak loads to be handled in this way without necessarily requiring a larger compressor for this purpose.

P0 optimisation 
The FC 103 supports connection of an ADAP-KOOL® LonWorks control for P0 optimisation.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration drive FC 103 dedicated condenser and evaporator features

User-friendly, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption are beneficial for condenser and evaporator applications.

Floating condensing temperature optimises COP VLT®
Refrigeration Drive FC 103 intelligently controls evaporative condensers or air-cooled condensers to optimise refrigeration system performance (COP) at lower energy consumption. The drive adapts condensing temperature set point as the outdoor temperature drops, lowering the set point to a new stable level. This functionality provides:
- Increased cooling capacity at lower power consumption
- Ability to run on fewer compressors, hence reducing wear and tear

Intelligent functions
The FC 103 handles logical rules and inputs from sensors, real time functionality and time-related actions. This enables the FC 103 to control a wide range of functions, including: • Weekend and working-day operations
- Cascaded P-PI for temperature control 
- Belt monitoring

Resonance monitoring
By pressing a few buttons on the Local Control Panel, the drive can be set to avoid frequency bands, at which connected fans create resonances in the in condensers or evaporators. This reduces vibration noise and wear and tear on equipment

Auto tuning of the PI controllers
With auto tuning of the PI controllers, the drive monitors how the system reacts on corrections made by the drive – and learns from it.

Extended I/O capacity
When operated by an external controller, all the FC 103 I/O points are available as remote I/O to extend the capacity of the controller. For example, room temperature sensors (Pt1000/ Ni1000) can be directly connected.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration drive FC 103 dedicated condenser and evaporator features

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration frequency inverter FC 103 4 x PID controller (Individual set-points/feed-backs) 

- PID for closed loop control of the motor connected to the drive
- 3 PIDs for external closed loop control of refrigeration equipment
- Auto-tuning of all 4 PID loops
- Eliminates the need for other controllers
- Provides flexibility for the controller and reduces the load 

Protect people and equipment

To protect people and equipment, in practically all refrigeration applications, the system operator must ensure that compressors are actually stopped and cannot start up again. This is important in order to avoid HP tripping or vacuum formation in the suction line or the evaporator. The Safe Torque Off function (compliant with EN 61800-5-2) of the VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 provides a cost-effective way to implement this with high reliability. Unlike software functions that trigger a stop command using the digital inputs, here the control voltage of the output module is enabled or disabled directly via the safe terminal of the frequency converter. This reduces cabling cost, and the functionality integrated in the FC 103 eliminates the need for costly and bulky external components, such as contactors and relays, that are used for this purpose in conventional solutions.

Easy commissioning
Another significant advantage of the integrated safety function in the FC 103 is that it can be activated without special software or complicated set-up procedures. This considerably simplifies commissioning, servicing, and the replacement of individual components.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration drive FC 103 easy commisioning

Simplified installation
VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 eliminates the need for special start equipment due to built-in current reduction. It offers motor protection against overload and high temperature conditions and has built-in crank case heater functionality.

Start up compressors gently and reduce wear and tear
There is often insufficient lubrication when compressors are started or operated at excessively low speeds. This is not a problem when compressors are started directly from the mains, since they pass through the critical area quickly. However, in theory the situation is different with variable speed operation: long ramp times mean slow acceleration, resulting in extended operation in the critical region. To effectively avoid this potential source of wear, the FC 103 provides a separate start ramp for the start-up process when working with a compressor. Once the compressor has passed through the critical region and adequate lubrication is assured, it automatically switches to a slower and gentler starting ramp. Naturally, the fast ramp is also active during the stop process.

Danfoss VLT Refrigeration frequency inverter FC 103 start ramp for compressors

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