Fuji FRENIC-Eco (FRN F1)

Series for pumps and HVAC
* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!
Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-Eco series is environmentally friendly by helping to significantly reduce energy use. The drives feature small installed space, network compatibility, and long-term reliability for three-phase applications. These high performance AC drives are optimized for HVAC applications, such as chillers, air handlers, and fan coils.

  • Line/Inverter switching
  • PID control block
  • Anti-reset wind-up function
  • Slow flow rate stop function
  • Alarm output (deviation or absolute value)
  • Integration Hold/Reset function.
  • Low output torque detection function
  • Search speed function
  • Command loss detection function
  • Overload avoidance function
  • Automatic energy saving function
  • Multi Pump control
  • RS485 port as standard
  • LED keypad (TP-E1) as standard
  • LCD keypad (TP-G1) that shows the information in text format
  • DC reactor

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Model range

Frenic Eco series * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
FRN0.75F1S-4E 0.75 2.5 0-3600 150x260x163 reduced!
FRN1.5F1S-4E 1.5 3.7 0-3600 150x260x145 reduced!
FRN2.2F1S-4E 2.2 5.5 0-3600 150x260x163 reduced!
FRN4.0F1S-4E 4 9 0-3600 150x260x163 reduced!
FRN5.5F1S - 4E 5.5 12.5 0-3600 150x260x163 reduced!
FRN7.5F1S - 4E 7.5 16.5 0-3600 220x260x215 reduced!
FRN11F1S - 4E 11 23 0-3600 220x260x215 reduced!
FRN15F1S - 4E 15 30 0-3600 220x260x215 reduced!
FRN18.5F1S - 4E 18.5 37 0-3600 250x400x215 reduced!
FRN22F1S - 4E 22 44 0-3600 250x400x215 reduced!
FRN30F1S - 4E 30 59 0-3600 250x400x215 reduced!
FRN37F1S - 4E 37 72 0-3600 320x550x255 reduced!
FRN45F1S - 4E 45 85 0-3600 320x550x255 reduced!
FRN55F1S - 4E 55 105 0-3600 355x550x270 reduced!
FRN75F1S - 4E 75 139 0-3600 355x615x270 reduced!
FRN90F1S - 4E 90 168 0-3600 355x740x300 reduced!
FRN110F1S - 4E 110 203 0-3600 355x740x300 reduced!
FRN132F1S - 4E 132 240 0-3600 530x740x315 reduced!
FRN160F1S - 4E 160 290 0-3600 530x740x315 reduced!
FRN200F1S - 4E 200 360 0-3600 530x740x360 reduced!
FRN220F1S - 4E 220 415 0-3600 530x1000x360 reduced!
FRN280F1S - 4E 280 520 0-3600 530x1000x360 reduced!
FRN315F1S - 4E 315 585 0-3600 680x1000x380 reduced!
FRN355F1S - 4E 355 650 0-3600 680x1000x380 reduced!
FRN400F1S - 4E 400 740 0-3600 680x1400x440 reduced!
FRN450F1S - 4E 450 840 0-3600 680x1400x440 reduced!
FRN500F1S - 4E 500 960 0-3600 880x1400x440 reduced!
FRN560F1S - 4E 560 1040 0-3600 880x1400x440 reduced!

Contribution to energy saving with Frenic-Eco pumps and HVAC series

Automatic energy saving operation function
In addition to the motor losses, the inverter losses are also kept to a minimum with the FRENIC Eco when applied tofans or pumps.

Cooling fan ON/OFF control function
The inverter’s cooling fan can be stopped for noise reduction and energy saving whenever the motor is stopped.

Simple Operation with Fuji Frenic-Eco (FRN F1) series

Analog input monitor
Analog signals can be sent to the inverter to allow status monitoring of peripheral equipment and issuance of commands to peripheral equipment.

Quick setup menu
Up to 19 frequently used or important function codes can be defined for quick setup in order to shortcut operation and management.

Standard keypad capable of remote operation with optional extension cable
Data can be easily copied to the second or more inverterswith the code copying function.

Multi-function keypad (option)
A backlit LCD is installed to allow simple set up through interactive data entry. Function codes can be added or deleted to or from the 19 function codes within the quick setup function.

Multi-function keypad with built-in copy-function
Seeing that the optional multi-function keypad is provided with a built-in copy function, data can be easily copied to the second inverter without requiring individual setups.

Easy maintenance and many protective functions with Fuji Frenic-Eco series

The lifetime of the main circuit capacitor can be estimated
Because the capacitor’s life compared with its initial value can be checked, the replacement timing of the main circuit capacitor can be determined.

A long-life cooling fan is provided
Use of a long-life cooling fan (design life: 87600 hours for models up to 30kW; 61300 hours for models above 30kW; at an ambient temperature of 40°C and a load factor of 80%) reduces replacement work.

Cumulative running time is recorded and
The inverter records and displays the cumulative “motor running time” and “inverter running time” (PC board capacitor running time, cooling fan running time), so that they can be used to determine machine and inverter maintenance.

It is possible to output lifetime forecast signal to the transistor output
This signal is output when the main circuit capacitors in the DC bus circuit, the electrolytic capacitors on the PC boards or the cooling fans are near the end of their service life.

The alarm history for the 4 latest alarms is recorded
Detailed information from back as far as the latest 4 alarms can also be checked.

Protective function against phase loss in input/output
It is possible upon start-up and operation.

Protective function for grounding fault
Protection is provided for an overcurrent caused by a grounding fault.

Protection of motor with PTC thermistor
In addition to the protection of the motor with an electronic thermal relay, a PTC thermistor can be used for motor protection.

Full Capabilities for HVAC and pump control

Line/inverter switching
FRENIC Eco inverter is provided with additional control supplyinputs. This allows to switch the power source of the controlled motor between commercial power and inverter output. Two types of sequences are available: integrated standard and the auto-switching upon occurring an inverter alarm.

Basic speed control
The speed setpoint is commanded from a PLC or a process controller to the inverter.

Full PID control functions
FRENIC Eco has a powerful PID control provided with features that ease the adjustments:

- deviation alarm/absolute value alarm output
- balance-less and bump-less switching that automatically adjusts the actual frequency against the frequency command
- anti-reset wind-up function for the prevention of overshooting
in the PID control
- PID output limiter
- integration hold/reset signals

C1 (current input) loss detection under PID control
If the current value in the input (C1: from 4 to 20mA) is less than 2mA an output can be activated if it is set with function C1OFF. This function is a safety supervision of the sensor that is connected to C1 as PID feedback and prevents damages due to sensor loss.

Stop for slow flow rate function
A function for stopping the fan or pump at speeds lower than the lower limit is provided to assure the minimum speed. The function can be used also to stop at a low water flow.

Stop for slow flow rate function
A function for stopping the fan or pump at speeds lower than the lower limit is provided to assure the minimum speed. The function can be used also to stop at a low water flow.

Command loss detection
The analog frequency command is monitored and when an abnormal condition is detected, an alarm signal is output. If this happens in a critical system such as an air conditioner for an important facility the system will be stopped or will continue its operation at the specified speed.

Low motor torque detection
A low motor torque detection output signal is asserted in the event of sudden decrease in torque as a result of an abnormal condition such as the belt being broken between the motor and the load (e.g., a belt-driven fan).

Continued operation upon momentary power failure
The inverter automatically restarts upon recovery from momentary power failure without stopping the motor.
You can choose under three possibilities:
- Starting at the frequency at momentary power failure occurrence
- Starting at 0Hz
- Operation continues at a lower frequency while using the kinetic energy obtained from the inertia of the load at momentary power failure

Switching among remote/panel/independent
inverter operation modes
Through frequency setting 1 and frequency setting 2, run/stop command 1 and run/stop command 2, and local operation (keypad operation), the remote/panel/independent inverter operation modes can be selected for both operation commands and frequency commands.

Various frequency setting methods
The best method can be selected for the frequency setting according to the frequency signal to be used. Keypad operation (and keys), analog input (4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V), 15 step multi-step frequencies setting, UP/DOWN operation, communication, etc.

Motor pick-up during idling
If the motor runs due to natural convection or other similar situations, you can use the pick-up function to start smoothly.

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