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Hitachi Drives SJ700B high performance series for pump applications


Hitachi Industrial SJ700B frequency inverter outperforms on performance, capabilities and functions of its predecessor the Hitachi L300P. The SJ700B Series comes with improved sensorless vector control algorithm, with allows SJ700B series inverters to develop 150% torque at 0.5Hz up to 75 kW and 120 % torque at 0.5 Hz up to 160 kW, ideal for wide range of applications. Another key upgrade in the SJ700B inverters is Hitachi's EZSQ ( Easy sequence) built-in programming function, which provides the functionality of a PLC built into the inverter.

  • Sensorless vector control
  • Easy operation with removable standard operator keypad
  • Built-in PLC like programming functions
  • Built-in Modbus/RTU communication
  • Carrier frequency selectable to 12kHz for quiet operation
  • Automatic energy savings function for fan and pump applications
  • EU RoHS compliant
  • Ratings: 7.5kW to 160 kW 400V class / 3-phase

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Model range

SJ700B series

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
SJ700B-075HFF 7,5 16 0,01-3600 210×260×170 672,00 €
SJ700B-110HFF 11 22 0,01-3600 210×260×170 710,00 €
SJ700B-150HFF 15 29 0,01-3600 210×260×170 857,00 €
SJ700B-185HFF 18,5 37 0,01-3600 250×390×190 1 001,00 €
SJ700B-220HFF 22 43 0,01-3600 250×390×190 1 193,00 €
SJ700B-300HFF 30 57 0,01-3600 250×390×190 1 382,00 €
SJ700B-370HFF 37 70 0,01-3600 310×540×195 1 840,00 €
SJ700B-450HFF 45 85 0,01-3600 390×550×250 2 029,00 €
SJ700B-550HFF 55 105 0,01-3600 390×550×250 2 517,00 €
SJ700B-750HFF 75 135 0,01-3600 390×550×250 3 266,00 €
SJ700B-900HFF 90 160 0,01-3600 390×700×270 4 239,00 €
SJ700B-1100HFF 110 195 0,01-3600 390×700×270 4 590,00 €
SJ700B-1320HFF 132 230 0,01-3600 480×740×270 5 341,00 €
SJ700B-1600HFF 160 290 0,01-3600 480×740×270 6 716,00 €

Hitachi vfd SJ700B series has a high starting Torque

Improved Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning produce high starting torque of 200% or more at 0.3Hz.*1 Easy setup of motor constants Ideal for applications which need high torque, such as cranes, extruders and lifts.

Hitachi vfd SJ700B series has a high starting Torque

Hitachi drive SJ700B series exclusive 0Hz Domain sensorless vector control

Develops 150%(SJ700B:120%) * 2 torque at 0Hz speed reference Ideal for cranes and other applications that require high torque at starting.
*2 when inverter is one frame size larger than motor.

Position Control Function

The SJ700, with optional feedback board installed, together with an encoder-equipped motor can perform position control. For many applications, suitable performance can be achieved at a lower cost than servo systems. Based on your four motion parameters (position command, speed command, acceleration time and deceleration time), the SJ700 will move an object from original position A to target position B. After the movement, the inverter keeps servo lock status.

Hitachi drive SJ700B series over current & voltage suppress function 

Higher internal calculation speed improves current control performance. Over-current suppress and Over-voltage suppress functions avoid inverter trip during acceleration and deceleration. 

Hitachi frequency inverter SJ700B series over current & voltage suppress function OFFHitachi frequency inverter SJ700B series over current & voltage suppress function ON

DC Bus AVR Function During Deceleration

The SJ700 controls deceleration time so that the DC bus voltage does not exceed the over-voltage trip level, providing trip-less operation during deceleration.

Hitachi drive SJ700B series DC Bus AVR Function During Deceleration

Hitachi drive SJ700B series Inverter control by Built-in Programming function

Sequence operation is realized by downloading to an inverter a program created with Hitachi's EzSQ software. Tailor inverter operation to meet changing process requirements, and replace separate PLCs in some cases. By simplifying or eliminating external hardware, signficant cost savings can be achieved. Password function is incorporated to provide security for proprietary program data against loss or unauthorized modification.

Hitachi drive SJ700B series Inverter control by Built-in Programming function

Hitachi inverter SJ700B series has a EMC Filter & Brake circuit integrated as Standard

- Built-in EMC Filter up to 150kW
- Brake circuit up to 22kW
Hitachi drive SJ700B series has a EMC Filter & Brake circuit integrated as Standard

Easy-removable construction for maintenance

Field replacement of cooling fan(s) and DC bus capacitors can be accomplished in a fraction of the time. Using Logic terminal move to SJ700 without wiring change. Read SJ300 Parameter by SRW remote operator and write them in to SJ700.

Hitachi vfd SJ700B series has an easy-removable construction for maintenance

Hitachi frequency inverter SJ700B series long life time components & Life time warning function

Design lifetime 10 Years or more for Dc bus capacitors & Cooling Fan. Cooling Fan ON/OFF control function for longer fan life.
*Ambient temperature: Average 40 deg C (SJ700B: 30 deg C) (no corrosive gases, oil mist or dust) Design lifetime is calculated, and not guaranteed.

Life time warning function

Perform preventive maintenance before a failure occurs using the Lifetime Warning function. DC bus capacitor, cooling fan, heat sink temperature and motor temperature can be monitored in order to replace components prior to failure.

User selection of Displayed Parameters

- Data comparison function
Allows display of only parameters changed from default.
- User selected function
Display of up to 12 User Defined Parameters U001 to U012.
- Basic mode (default)
Basic display mode for commonly used parameters.

User selection of Displayed Parameters for Hitachi drive SJ700B series

- Other Functions
 The direct input of function code selection is possible rather than scrolling through the list.
Holding down the function key for 3 seconds, causes the display to jump to output frequency monitor (d001) mode from any menu location.

Hitachi vfd SJ700B series Micro Surge Voltage suppress function

Hitachi original PWM control method limits motor terminal voltage to less than two of inverter DC bus voltage. Lower than Hitachi motor Max. insulation voltage (1,250V) (During regeneration, the motor terminal voltage may exceed the motor maximum insulation voltage(1,250V))
Hitachi inverter SJ700B series has Micro Surge Voltage suppress function 
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