Hitachi WJ200 VFD

Compact series for general purpose applications

The Hitachi Industrial WJ200 Series range from 200-400VAC and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 frequency inverter comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications.

  • 0.2 ~ 15 kW
  • Simplified auto-tuning procedure
  • Dynamic braking transistor in all models
  • Build in EasySequence PLC-like functionality
  • Dual rated for heavy/normal duty applications
  • New and more effective trip avoidance functions
  • Simple position control capability
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Side-by-Side installation
  • Global standards CE, UL, c-UL und c-Tick
  • Capable of driving permanent magnet as well as standard induction motors
  • Safe-Stop function

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Model range

WJ200 series (1 phase / 200 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
WJ200-001SF 0.1 1 0,01-3600 68×128×109 reduced!
WJ200-002SF 0.2 1.6 0,01-3600 68×128×109 177,00 €
WJ200-004SF 0.4 3 0,01-3600 68×128×122,5 182,00 €
WJ200-007SF 0.75 5 0,01-3600 108×128×107,5 209,00 €
WJ200-015SF 1.5 8 0,01-3600 108×128×107,5 240,00 €
WJ200-022SF 2.2 11 0,01-3600 108×128×107,5 274,00 €

WJ200 series (3 phase / 400 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
WJ200-004HF 0.4 1.8 0,01-3600 108×128×143,5 260,00 €
WJ200-007HF 0.75 3.4 0,01-3600 108×128×170,5 269,00 €
WJ200-015HF 1.5 4.8 0,01-3600 108×128×170,5 295,00 €
WJ200-022HF 2.2 5.5 0,01-3600 108×128×170,5 331,00 €
WJ200-030HF 3 7.2 0,01-3600 108×128×170,5 361,00 €
WJ200-040HF 4 9.2 0,01-3600 140×128×170,5 378,00 €
WJ200-055HF 5.5 14.8 0,01-3600 140×260×155 490,00 €
WJ200-075HF 7.5 18 0,01-3600 140×260×155 585,00 €
WJ200-110HF 11 24 0,01-3600 180×295×175 815,00 €
WJ200-150HF 15 31 0,01-3600 180×295×175 975,00 €

Hitachi frequency inverters WJ200 compact series has a high starting torque of 200% or greater achieved using sensorless vector control (when sized for heavy duty)

Sensorless vector control allows for the realisation of high torque required for applications such as cranes, hoist, lifts etc. Auto-tuning function makes the implementation of sensorless vector control easy and effective.

Dual rating 

WJ200 can be used for both heavy and normal duty. Oneframe-size smaller WJ200 can be applicable to certain applications.

Example of torque characteristics of Hitachi vfd WJ200 series

Hitachi vdf WJ200 series has a trip avoidance functions

Minimum time deceleration function, over-current suppression and DC bus AVR functions are included as standard. These functions increase the robustness of the product and help to avoid unnecessary tripping. Improved torque limiting/ current limiting function enables a load restriction to protect machinery and equipment.

Hitachi drive WJ200 series maximum time declaration functionHitachi drive WJ200 series over-current suppression function

Hitachi drive WJ200 series has a simple positioning control (in combination with a feedback signal)

When simple positioning function is activated, speed control operation or positioning control operation is selectable via intelligent input. While the [SPD] input is ON, the current position counter is held at 0. When [SPD] is OFF, the inverter enters positioning control operation and the position counter is active.

Hitachi WJ200 has a simple positioning control (in combination with a feedback signal)

Induction motor & Permanent magnet motor* control with one inverter series

The WJ200 inverter can be used to drive both induction motors (IM) and permanent magnetic motors (PM).
PM motors are energy efficient and make effective use of available space.

Induction motor & Permanent magnet motor control for Hitachi drive WJ200 series with one inverter series

*The permanent magnet motor control function is only suitable for variable torque applications such as fan and pump.

Hitachi vfd WJ200 compact series has an easy sequence programming function [EzSQ]

Logic operations can be realised within the inverter using Hitachi’s EzSQ software without the need for external relays or a PLC. User programs are compiled using a PC program which are then downloaded to the drive.

EzSQ Application Example: Energy saving through speed reduction on a spinning machine. 

- Daytime: Motor speed is automatically reduced to reduce demand during peak hours.

- Night-time: Motor speed is increased to take an advantage of offpeak power rates. Average productivity is maintained. 

Hitachi frequency inveter WJ200 series motor speed is increased to take an advantage of offpeak power rates

Control Panel with standard inverter vs control panel with Hitachi drive WJ200 series using EzSQ

Safety stop function 

WJ200 conforms to the applicable safety standards and corresponds to Machinery Directive of Europe. Inverter is shut down via hardware, bypassing the CPU, achieving a reliable safe stop function. (ISO13849-1 Category 3 / IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0)

Hitachi frequency inverters WJ200 compact series has a safety stop function

Hitachi frequency inverters WJ200 series has a password function

The WJ200 inverter has a password function to prevent changing parameters or to hide some or all parameters.

Long life time for wearing parts

Design lifetime 10 Years or more* for DC bus capacitors and cooling fan. Cooling fan ON/OFF control function for longer fan life.
*Ambient temperature: Average 40ºC (no corrosive gases, oil mist or dust) Design lifetime is calculated, and not guaranteed.

Hitachi frequency inverters WJ200 compact series has a life time warning function

WJ200 diagnoses lifetime of DC bus capacitors and cooling fan(s).

EU RoHS compliant

Environment-friendly inverter meets RoHS requirements

Improvement of environment

Varnish coating of internal PC board is standard. (Logic PCB and I/F PCB are excluded.)

Micro surge voltage suppress function

Hitachi original PWM control method limits motor terminal voltage to less than twice inverter DC bus voltage.
(During regeneration, the motor terminal voltage may exceed the motor maximum insulation voltage.)

Hitachi drive WJ200 series network compatibility & external ports

USB (Mini-B connector) port and RS422 (RJ45 connector) port are available as standard. Modbus/RTU serial communication is available as standard. The WJ200 can also be connected to various other fieldbus systems via an optional expansion card.

Hitachi drive WJ200 series network compatibility & external ports

Hitachi vfd WJ200 series is easy to configure

Various display modes for easy selection of displayed parameters
- Basic display
Display most frequently used parameters.
- Data comparison function
Display parameters changed from default setting.
- Quick display
Display 32 user-selected parameters.
- Change history
Store and display the most recent parameters changed by the user (Up to 32 items).
- Active parameter display
Display those parameters which are enabled.

Ease of wiring

Screw-less terminals (control circuit terminals) spring-loaded, for use with solid or stranded wire with ferrules.

Hitachi vfd WJ200 series can be installed side-by-side 

Inverters can be installed with no space between them to save space in the panel.
*Ambient temperature 40ºC max., individual mounting.

Output monitoring (2 terminals)

Two programmable output terminals (Analog 0~10VDC (10- bit), pulse train (0~10VDC, max 32kHz)) can be used to monitor items such as frequency, motor current etc.

EzCOM (Peer-to-Peer communication)

WJ200 supports Peer-to-Peer communication between multiple inverters using the built-in RS485 port. One administrator inverter is necessary in the network, and the other inverters act as master or slave.

Hitachi drive WJ200 series has a flexible display functions

- Automatic return to the initial display: 10 min. after the last key operation, display returns to the initial parameter set.
- Display limitation: Show only the contents of display parameter.
- Dual monitor: Two arbitrary monitor items can be set. Parameters are selected via the UP/Down keys.
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