Lenze frequency inverters 8400 TopLine general purpose series


Lenze 8400 TopLine frequency inverters easily achieve high dynamic performance and precision. Particularly suitable for handling and positioning systems as well as travelling drives and hoist drives used in a wide variety of application areas. Also the ideal choice for synchronous drives, e.g. in continuous material processing applications.

  • Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (2/2), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (7/4)
  • Resolver and multi-encoder input
  • Communication: CANopen on board, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Also supports synchronous motors
  • Axis bus for electrical shafts
  • Integrated brake management
  • "VFC eco" energy-saving function
  • STO safety function
  • Digital frequency coupling

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Model range

8400 TopLine general purpose series (1 phase 230 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
E84AVTCE2512SX0 0.25 1.7 70x215x214 836,25 €
E84AVTCE3712SX0 0.37 2.4 70x215x214 888,75 €
E84AVTCE5512SX0 0.55 3 70x215x214 941,25 €
E84AVTCE7512SX0 0.75 4 70x215x214 995,00 €
E84AVTCE1122SX0 1.1 5.5 70x270x214 1 061,25 €
E84AVTCE2222SX0 2.2 9.5 70x270x214 1 207,50 €

8400 TopLine general purpose series (3 phase 400 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
E84AVTCE3714SX0 0.37 1.3 70x215x214 1 061,25 €
E84AVTCE5514SX0 0.55 1.8 70x215x214 1 127,50 €
E84AVTCE7514SX0 0.75 2.4 70x215x214 1 207,50 €
E84AVTCE1124SX0 1.1 3.2 70x270x214 1 300,00 €
E84AVTCE1524SX0 1.5 3.9 70x270x214 1 406,25 €
E84AVTCE2224SX0 2.2 5.6 70x270x214 1 525,00 €
E84AVTCE3024SXS 3 7.3 140x270x214 1 657,50 €
E84AVTCE4024SX0 4 9.5 140x270x214 1 803,75 €
E84AVTCE5524SX0 5.5 13 140x270x214 2 030,00 €
E84AVTCE7524SX0 7.5 16.5 140x325x214 2 427,50 €
E84AVTCE1134SX0 11 23.5 140x325x214 2 852,50 €
E84AVTCE1534SX0 15 32 140x325x214 3 515,00 €
E84AVTCE1834VX0 18.5 40 205x350x265 4 046,25 €
E84AVTCE2234VX0 22 47 205x350x265 4 311,25 €
E84AVTCE3034VX0 30 61 250x450x265 4 841,25 €
E84AVTCE3734VX0 37 76 250x450x265 5 505,00 €
E84AVTCE4534VX0 45 89 250x450x265 6 167,50 €

Lenze inverter drive 8400 TopLine series general information.

Cost-efficiency, time savings and quality enhancement are the challenges of the future. Lenze is facing these challenges with its L-force product portfolio – the holistic solution portfolio with precisely matched interfaces and components. For faster configuration and commissioning, better performance and more flexibility in production. As such, the four versions of Inverter Drives 8400 - BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine and TopLine - have been designed for consistent process optimisation – throughout your entire value-added chain. They reduce your costs, from component selection, through project planning, manufacturing and commissioning, all the way up to servicing. We call this "rightsizing".
Rightsized for versatile applications.
Are you looking to control a three-phase AC motor or perform positioning with or without feedback? Then select exactly the inverter you need from the scaled solution space of the Inverter Drives 8400 with units in the power range from 0.25 kW to 45 kW. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here, as the modular 8400 range of inverters offers the right solution for a broad spectrum of applications. While the BaseLine is excellent for basic applications, the TopLine offers servo qualities and thereby fulfils with the strict requirements in terms of dynamics and accuracy.
8400 TopLine - for servo applications.
8400 TopLine – the inverter with servo qualities within the 8400 range. Equipped with everything needed for high dynamic performance and accuracy in complex applications. Alongside a resolver input, a multiple encoder input (which can be used at the same time) is also provided which optimally supplements the range of feedback systems that can be used. Cross communication between multiple TopLine units requires minimum wiring (3-core), as it runs via the separate axis bus. Alongside asynchronous motors, TopLine also supports dynamic synchronous motors via feedback.Benefit from precisely tailored, cost-optimised Lenze drive units, consisting of prepared system cables,motors and gearboxes, feedback,brakes, fans and of course the 8400 TopLine. The 8400 TopLine is, for example, recommended for storage and retrieval units, synchronised line drives and pick-and-place applications.

Lenze vfd 8400 Topline series operating modes.

An inverter enables energy-efficient operation of a system in virtually all application cases. The various operating modes, which can be created by making just a few simple settings, facilitate this. The following characteristics and corresponding specifications listed on the following pages can be used to calculate the optimum operating mode during the project planning phase.
Standard setting.
In its initial state when delivered, the inverter is set up for basic operation with a three-phase AC motor with V/f control. When operated in this mode, the rated torque of the motor is available in a setting range up to 50 Hz.
Lenze vfd 8400 Topline series operating modes.
Extended setting range up to 87 Hz.
If the V/f switchover point on the inverter is set to 87 Hz, the rated torque can be used across an extended setting range. Here, a 230/400V motor is for example used and operated in a delta layout with a 400V inverter. The setting range is then increased by 40 %. The inverter must be dimensioned for a rated motor current of 230 V.
Lenze drive 8400 Topline series operating modes.
Operation with inverter-optimised MF motors.
Large setting ranges and optimum operation at the rated torque: these are the strengths of the MF motor when used in combination with an inverter. The motors are optimised for a setting range up to 120 Hz. Compared to conventional 50Hz operation, the setting range increases by 250 %. It is quite simply not possible for a drive to be operated any more efficiently in a machine.
Lenze frequency inverter 8400 Topline series operating modes.
Operation with low loads.
This operating mode can be used for various applications, e.g. for fans and pumps: In fan and pump applications, the load behaviour follows a squarelaw characteristic depending on the speed. Often, an overload capacity of 120% is sufficient. This serves to operate the inverter during operation with increased power, i.e. the inverter can be dimensioned one power size smaller. The square-law characteristic which corresponds to the load behaviour can be set in the inverter.
Lenze inverter drive 8400 Topline series operating modes.

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