Lenze frequency inverters SMD versatile series


The SMD frequency inverter is a zero-compromise solution. The SMD covers a power range of 0.25 ... 22 kW and handles everything you could possibly need of a universal use frequency inverter today. A large range of applications can be easily solved using clear functions. 

  • V/f control (linear or quadratic)
  • Fault history buffer
  • DC brake function
  • Max. output frequency 500 Hz
  • S-ramps for smooth acceleration
  • Fixed frequencies
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs
  • Short circuit
  • Earth fault
  • Overvoltage
  • Motor stalling
  • I² x t-Motor monitoring
  • Clearly legible LED display

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Model range

SMD series, voltage 230 V (1 phase)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ESMD251X2SFA 0.25 3.4 0-999 93x146x83 214,00 €
ESMD371X2SFA 0.37 5 0-999 93x146x83 251,00 €
ESMD551X2SFA 0.55 6 0-999 93x146x92 270,00 €
ESMD751X2SFA 0,75 9 0-999 93x146x92 285,00 €
ESMD152X2SFA 1.5 14 0-999 114x146x124 382,00 €
ESMD222X2SFA 2.2 21 0-999 114x146x140 414,00 €

SMD series, voltage 400 V (3 phase)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ESMD371L4TXA 0.37 1.6 0-999 93x146x100 372,00 €
ESMD751L4TXA 0.75 3 0-999 93x146x120 400,00 €
ESMD112L4TXA 1.1 4.3 0-999 93x146x146 432,00 €
ESMD152L4TXA 1.5 4.8 0-999 114x146x133 460,00 €
ESMD222L4TXA 2.2 6.4 0-999 114x146x133 506,00 €
ESMD302L4TXA 3 8.3 0-999 114x146x171 566,00 €
ESMD402L4TXA 4 10.6 0-999 114x146x171 607,00 €
ESMD552L4TXA 5.5 14.2 0-999 114x146x171 788,00 €
ESMD752L4TXA 7.5 18.1 0-999 146x197x182 943,00 €
ESMD113L4TXA 11 27 0-999 146x197x182 1 113,00 €
ESMD153L4TXA 15 35 0-999 195x248x203 1 680,00 €
ESMD183L4TXA 18.5 44 0-999 195x248x203 1 890,00 €
ESMD223L4TXA 22 52 0-999 195x248x203 2 194,00 €

Lenze SMD series Variable Frequency General Purpose Drives.

The smd drive—advanced features at a reasonable price.
No need to compromise.
When your application demands “big drive” features—such as analog inputs, preset speeds, and a standard display and pushbuttons—but your mounting constraints are strict, you don’t need to compromise. Rely on the smd Variable Frequency Drive from Lenze to achieve your objectives, and still meet your space requirements. The smd has been developed to provide its users with many of the most wanted advantages of a technologically advanced drive, at a very reasonable cost. So don’t pay for what you don’t really need—and coming from Lenze, you know you won’t compromise on quality.
The main features of the smd drive.
With power ratings from .25 – 5.5 Kw and input voltages that include 120, 208, 220, 240, 400 and 480 VAC, 1Ø and 3Ø input, this rugged drive offers a cost-effective, high-performance solution. You’ll appreciate the reliability and ruggedness, enjoy the ease of use, and be surprised at the range of options and advantages provided by this true example of technology for the real world.
It will make an immediate difference.
Right from the beginning, you’ll notice the value—a lower cost of purchase for a drive that offers so many advanced features. As you use it, the other advantages will be clear, including easy set up, simple operation, reduced cost of operation, as well as elimination of additional hardware thanks to isolated I/O on the drive control terminal strip. Designed and built for efficiency and safety, the smd reduces machine stress and saves panel space.
What does the smd offer?
accurate, stable digital circuitry IP20 enclosure smooth acceleration, deceleration, and reversing motor thermal overload protection multiple preset speed selection several programming options, including the revolutionary EPM.
Lenze SMD series Variable Frequency General Purpose Drives.

A closer look at the smd drive.

The smd drive offers easy set-up and operation; choose your programming option from the following choices: 
- buttons on drive face 
- EPM Programmer 
- PC* (with Lenze “Global Drive Control” software)
Motor thermal overload: microprocessor based thermal protection eliminates need for extra hardware and provides protection regardless of output speed. Control terminals provide: 
- start stop control 
- programmable logic inputs 
- 0 – 10V speed reference input 
- 4 – 20 mA speed reference input 
- programmable relay Current Limit: to 180% with frequency foldback to prevent tripping. Display: Highly visible LED. Quiet Operation: adjustable carrier frequency to 10kHz.
Simple yet capable.
The smd ships ready for most applications and is easy to configure for nearly any motor control requirements. Diagnostic Tools: Control terminal strip diagnostics. Also supports optional remote keypad. Fault History: Review previous 8 faults.
smd options.
- Dynamic Braking Kit*: Prepackaged resistor modules with control electronics provide easy mounting within the control cabinet.
- DIN Rail Mounting option allows for easy mounting of the drive and DB option onto standard DIN rail. Unique design keeps mounting secure.
- Remote Keypad*: remote operator interface that can be mounted in a IP65 panel. Provides start/stop, forward/reverse, speed control and LED display.
- EMC Filters: Built into all 1Ø drives. 3Ø drives can be fitted with pre-packaged footprint filters.
Through hole and cold-plate mounting.
The smd Series can be ordered for through hole mounting, which puts the heat sink outside the electrical enclosure for better thermal management. 
- Anodized heat sink with gasket that will meet IP65 construction! 
- There are no fans or other electronics outside of the enclosure. 
- The smd drive can be removed from within the enclosure. 
- The smd series can also be ordered with “cold-plate” mounting (without heat sink) for applications that provide suitable heat transfer.
A powerful competitive advantage.
The smd drive features the innovative Electronic Programming Module (EPM), a rugged chip that contains the drive’s entire configuration, including the motor’s parameters. The EPM allows you to prepare the drive and write the program anywhere, even away from the factory floor, and plug in the memory anytime, even without power. The EPM can be easily removed and replaced with another pre-programmed EPM for fast and efficient program changes.
This innovative module dramatically speeds up drive reconfiguration and adds efficiency and reliability to the process. It ensures the drive is ready to run with virtually no margin for error, stores and protects OEM machine defaults, and lets you handle programming and changeovers in mere seconds. A battery-powered EPM Programmer allows you to: 
- copy one EPM in 2 seconds 
- store up to 30 drive programs 
- copy from a file to an EPM 
- edit and create smd programs 
- create and save programs on your PC

Lenze vfd SMD series selection.

Lenze vfd SMD series selection.

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