Mitsubishi Electric servo system series MELSERVO-J5

Mitsubishi Electric


  • Quick tuning unction automatically performs easy-to-use auto tuning that controls vibration and overshoot just by turning on the servo-on command, before normal operation, the servo amplifier sets speed loop gain and machine resonance suppression filters in 0.3 seconds by inputting torque to the servo motor automatically.
  • One-touch tuning automatically completes servo gain adjustment according to the mechanical characteristics and reduces the settling time just by turning on the one-touch tuning.
  • Advanced Vibration Suppression Control Ⅱ suppresses two types of low frequency vibrations, owing to vibration suppression algorithm which supports three-inertia system
  • Command Notch Filter - The frequency can be set close to the machine vibration frequency because the command notch filter has an applicable frequency range between approximately 1 Hz and 2000 Hz
  • Machine Resonance Suppression Filter - The expanded applicable frequency range is between 10 Hz and 8000 Hz
  • Simple Converter MR-CM can connect to up to six compatible servo amplifiers having a total capacity of 3 kW or lower
  • The 2-axis and 3-axis servo amplifiers are available for operating two and three servo motors, respectively
  • Machine Diagnosis (Ball Screws/Linear Guides)
  • Machine Diagnosis (Belts) detects aging deterioration of belts in advance by the static friction failure prediction and the tension deterioration prediction with the belt tension estimation
  • Machine Diagnosis (Mechanical Drive Components) -  Machine total travel distance failure prediction
  • Servo Amplifier Life Diagnosis
  • Disconnection Detection
  • Servo Motor Incorrect Wiring Detection - MR-J5W2, MR-J5W3
  • CC-Link IE TSN - the servo amplifiers drive the servo motors by receiving commands (position/ speed/torque) at regular intervals in synchronous communication with the CC-Link IE TSN-compatible controller
  • General-Purpose Interface

Servo Series MELSERVO-J5 applications:

Model range

MELSERVO-J5 series

Model Capacity,
HK-KT053W 0,05 reduced!
HK-KT13W 0,1 reduced!
HK-KT1M3W 0,15 reduced!
HK-KT13UW 0,1 reduced!
HK-KT23W 0,2 reduced!
HK-KT43W 0,4 reduced!
HK-KT63W 0,6 reduced!
HK-KT23UW 0,2 reduced!
HK-KT43UW 0,4 reduced!
HK-KT7M3W 0,75 reduced!
HK-KT103W 1 reduced!
HK-KT7M3UW 0,75 reduced!
HK-KT103UW 1 reduced!
HK-KT153W 1,5 reduced!
HK-KT203W 2 reduced!
HK-KT202W 2 reduced!
HK-KT434W 0,2 reduced!
HK-KT634W 0,3 reduced!
HK-KT7M34W 0,375 reduced!
HK-KT1034W 0,5 reduced!
HK-KT1534W 0,75 reduced!
HK-KT2034W 1 reduced!
HK-KT2024W 1 reduced!
HK-ST52W 0,5 reduced!
HK-ST102W 1 reduced!
HK-ST172W 1,75 reduced!
HK-ST202AW 2 reduced!
HK-ST302W 3 reduced!
HK-ST202W 2 reduced!
HK-ST352W 3,5 reduced!
HK-ST524W 0,3 reduced!
HK-ST1724W 0,85 reduced!
HK-ST2024AW 1 reduced!
HK-ST3024W 1,5 reduced!
HK-ST2024W 1,2 reduced!
HK-ST3524W 2 reduced!
HK-ST5024W 3 reduced!
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