Delta Electronics servo system series ASD-AВ

Delta Electronics


  • A wide power range: from 100W to 1.5kW, 1-phase or 3-phase; from 2kW to 3kW, 3-phase
  • Input power supply: from 100W to 400W, AC 100V ~ 115V; from 100W to 3kW, AC 200V ~ 230V
  • Frequency characteristics (Responsiveness): 450Hz
  • Incremental 2500ppr optical encoder
  • Built-in Position / Speed / Torque control modes
  • 8 internal programmable registers (point-to-point position control)
  • Various internal control functions for a vast range of applications (as A series)
  • Different inertia motors, from 1000 r/min to 3000 r/min are connectable.
  • Brake, oil seal, etc. motor options are available for different kinds of application fileds.
  • Modbus communication protocol is supported as standard. Communication Interface: RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422

This model is not recommended for use in new designs because of possible incompatibilities with devices of the latest generation

Servo system series ASD-A applications:

Model range


Model Capacity,
ECMA G31309*S 0,9 7.5 reduced!
ECMA G31306*S 0,6 4.8 reduced!
ECMA G31303*S 0,3 2.5 reduced!
ECMA E31820*S 2 11.22 reduced!
ECMA E31320*S 2 11.01 reduced!
ECMA E31315*S 1,5 8.3 reduced!
ECMA E31310*S 1 5.6 reduced!
ECMA E31305*S 0,5 2.9 reduced!
ECMA C31020*S 2 12.05 reduced!
ECMA C31010*S 1 7.3 reduced!
ECMA C30807*S 0,75 5.1 reduced!
ECMA C30804*S 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA C30604*S 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA C30602*S 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA C30401*S 0,1 0.9 reduced!
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