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Delta Electronics servo system series ASD-A2

Delta Electronics


  • ECMA series servo motors feature incremental encoder with 20-bit resolution (1280000 pulses/revolution). Existing functions to meet the requirements from delicate process have been enhanced. Stable rotation at low speed has also been achieved
  • Up to 1kHz frequency response. Settling time below 1ms
  • Built-in automatic low-frequency vibration suppression (for crane control): two vibration suppression filters are provided to minimize the vibration at machine edges automatically and sufficiently
  • Built-in automatic high-frequency resonance suppression: two auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically
  • ASDA-A2-Soft configuration software provides internal parameter editing function for defining the path of each axis freely
  • 64 internal position settings are offered for continuous motion control
  • Destination position, speed and acceleration & deceleration commands could be changed in the middle of operation
  • 35 kinds of homing modes are available
  • Up to 720 E-CAM points
  • Smooth interpolation between points can be completed automatically to yield a flexible programming
  • ASDA-A2-Soft configuration software provides electronic cam (E-CAM) profile editing function
  • Applicable for rotary cutoff and flying shear applications
  • Built-in position feedback interface (CN5) is able to read second feedback signals from motor encoder and send the current position back to the drive to form a full closed-loop so that high accuracy position control can be accomplished
  • Reduce the effects of mechanical imperfections such as backlash and flexibility to ensure the position precision at machine edges

Servo Series ASD-A2 applications:

Model range

ASD-A2 series

Model Capacity,
ECMA L11855*S 5,5 22.37 reduced!
ECMA L11845*S 4,5 20 reduced!
ECMA L11830*S 3 11.9 reduced!
ECMA K11320*S 2 6.66 reduced!
ECMA K11315*S 1,5 7.16 reduced!
ECMA K11310*S 1 3.52 reduced!
ECMA J10807*S 0,75 3.07 reduced!
ECMA G11309*S 0,9 7.5 reduced!
ECMA G11306*S 0,6 4.8 reduced!
ECMA G11303*S 0,3 2.5 reduced!
ECMA E11315*S 1,5 8.3 reduced!
ECMA E11310*S 1 5.6 reduced!
ECMA E11305*S 0,5 2.9 reduced!
ECMA С11010*S 1 7.3 reduced!
ECMA С10910*S 1 4.25 reduced!
ECMA С10907*S 0,75 3.66 reduced!
ECMA С10807*S/X 0,75 5.1 reduced!
ECMA С10804*S 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA С10604*S 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA С10602*S 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA С10401*S 0,1 0.90 reduced!
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