AuCom soft starters CSXi series




  • Compact size
  • Essential motor protection
  • Integrated bypass contactors.

Distinctive features:

  • Current ramp. 
  • Motor FLC.
  • Current limit.
  • Stop ramp time.
  • Motor trip class.
  • Auxiliary relay.
  • Phase sequence.
  • Excess start time.

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Model range

CSXi series

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Price
CSXi-007-41 7,5 18 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-015-41 15 34 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-018-41 18,5 42 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-022-41 22 48 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-030-41 15 60 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-037-41 18,5 75 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-045-41 45 85 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-055-41 55 100 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-075-41 75 140 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-090-41 90 170 10-20 reduced!
CSXi-110-41 110 200 10-20 reduced!

AuCom soft starters CSXi series - making soft starters simple.

Our CSX Series soft starters allow you greater control over the starting and stopping of three phase motors. The CSX is ideal as a simple soft start control device, whilst the CSXi provides an advanced soft start system complete with motor protection.The CSXi soft starter is a constant current system, complete with current measurement and control. In addition to soft start and soft stop, the CSXi provides a range of motor protection functions, including motor overload, phase loss and excess start time. The CSXi also features a programmable relay.
The CSXi has built-in thermal model motor overload protection. The motor current is continuously monitored and the expected temperature is calculated based on this monitored current. The user sets the Motor Trip Class, and the CSXi will trip when the calculated motor temperature reaches 105%. An external motor protection device is not required when using a CSXi soft starter.
AuCom soft starters CSXi series - making soft starters simple.

Control made easier with Aucom soft starters CSXi series.

The CSXi has several adjustments for more control:
– Current ramp
– Motor FLC
– Current limit
– Stop ramp time
– Motor trip class
– Auxiliary relay
– Phase sequence
– Excess start time
Control made easier with Aucom soft starters CSXi series.

The future starts with AuCom.

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