AuCom soft starters EMX4 series




  • Start Pumping Smart
  • Banishing Water Hammer
  • Conveyor Control
  • Spray Irrigation
  • Two motor sets
  • Constant current & current ramp start
  • Adaptive control starting/stopping
  • Kickstart
  • Coast to stop and TVR stop
  • DC brake
  • Soft brake
  • Jog (forward and reverse)
  • Inside delta (6 wire) control
  • Soft trip

Distinctive features:

  • Built in timers and scheduling functions enable operation to be tailored to match water restrictions and optimal electrical tariffs. 
  • Travel to the pump shed is reduced by the Sleep Mode and Automatic Restart functions. 
  • Modbus RTU
  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus TCP
  • ProfiNET
  • Ethernet IP

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Model range

EMX4i series (3 phase 200-525 V)

Model Current,
EMX4i-0024B-V5-C1-H 24 reduced!
EMX4i-0042B-V5-C1-H 42 reduced!
EMX4i-0052B-V5-C1-H 52 reduced!
EMX4i-0064B-V5-C1-H 64 reduced!
EMX4i-0069B-V5-C1-H 69 reduced!
EMX4i-0105B-V5-C1-H 105 reduced!
EMX4i-0115B-V5-C1-H 115 reduced!
EMX4i-0135B-V5-C1-H 135 reduced!
EMX4i-0184B-V5-C1-H 184 reduced!
EMX4i-0200B-V5-C1-H 200 reduced!
EMX4i-0229B-V5-C1-H 229 reduced!
EMX4i-0250B-V5-C1-H 250 reduced!
EMX4i-0352B-V5-C1-H 352 reduced!
EMX4i-0397B-V5-C1-H 397 reduced!
EMX4i-0410B-V5-C1-H 410 reduced!
EMX4i-0550B-V5-C1-H 550 reduced!
EMX4i-0580B-V5-C1-H 580 reduced!

EMX4i series (3 phase 380-690 V)

Model Current,
EMX4i-0024B-V7-C1-H 24 reduced!
EMX4i-0042B-V7-C1-H 42 reduced!
EMX4i-0052B-V7-C1-H 52 reduced!
EMX4i-0064B-V7-C1-H 64 reduced!
EMX4i-0069B-V7-C1-H 69 reduced!
EMX4i-0105B-V7-C1-H 105 reduced!
EMX4i-0115B-V7-C1-H 115 reduced!
EMX4i-0135B-V7-C1-H 135 reduced!
EMX4i-0184B-V7-C1-H 180 reduced!
EMX4i-0200B-V7-C1-H 200 reduced!
EMX4i-0229B-V7-C1-H 229 reduced!
EMX4i-0250B-V7-C1-H 250 reduced!
EMX4i-0352B-V7-C1-H 352 reduced!
EMX4i-0397B-V7-C1-H 397 reduced!
EMX4i-0410B-V7-C1-H 410 reduced!
EMX4i-0550B-V7-C1-H 550 reduced!
EMX4i-0580B-V7-C1-H 580 reduced!

Make it easier with AuCom soft starter EMX4 series.

Smart does not have to mean complex. While the EMX4 offers more functionality than ever before, it has been designed to make your life easier. By enhancing the display and connectivity functions, and making them intuitive, it is easier to access the right information when you need it, enhancing your overall efficiency. We have designed the user experience to include a comprehensive graphical display, quick setup menus and multiple languages. It is also easier to connect with other devices and support services. Connectivity has been enhanced with a suite of communication cards to enable network connections and increase accessibility. The new USB port allows straightforward upload, download and storage of starter performance information, increasing your ability to manage the system effectively. Scheduling and automation features enable you to tailor operations to meet your site requirements, minimising manual intervention and ensuring continued operation. The EMX4 includes starter, motor and system protection functions, complete with alarms to alert you to any potential issues. In the event that the worst does happen, Power Through and Emergency Run functions give you the power to choose to keep running. Troubleshooting starting and stopping issues is now easier than ever with the AuCom Pocket Technician app. Easily retrieve useful data from any EMX4 soft starter, including starter model, status, and details of the last three trip events. View the data on-site and diagnose issues in the field, or share it with your local support team for further assistance - all at the push of a button.

Start smart with AuCom soft starters EMX4 series.

The EMX4 Smart Card redefines the role of a soft starter. With the appropriate Smart Card installed the EMX4 is able to operate as an entire system controller. Smart Cards deliver industry or application specific functionality and are easily inserted into the EMX4, simplifying system design, installation and set-up. By transforming your EMX4 with an industry specific Smart Card, your system can be purpose-built around one central point of intelligent control and communications. Utilising this technology will improve overall efficiency of your system, and put you firmly in control.
Start pumping smart.
Installing the Pumping Smart Card allows applicable sensors to be directly connected to the EMX4. This removes the need for extra components normally required to provide this level of specific information and control for your system.
Start smart with AuCom soft starters EMX4 series.

Efficiency starts with us AuCom EMX4 series soft starter.

Design of energy efficient systems requires consideration of the system as a whole. Using energy efficient components is important but selection of the correct motor control mode (fixed or variable speed) is also critical. Approximately 80% of motor applications are most efficiently operated at a fixed speed. Using a variable speed drive (VSD) with such a system is hugely inefficient, regardless of the efficiency of the motor you are running.
Efficiency starts with us AuCom EMX4 series soft starter.
IE3 capable.
The use of IE3 motors offers the opportunity to maximise efficiency and save on operating costs, however there can be issues associated with starting these type of motors, including: – Higher inrush and starting currents that stress electrical supply circuits. – ‘Spiky’ pullout torque curves can make smooth control more difficult. We have developed the EMX4 soft starter to be an ideal partner for running IE3 motors. Our innovative XLR-8 adaptive acceleration technology auto-tunes for the connected motor (IE2 or IE3) and gives you precise control over the acceleration and deceleration of your motor without any of the downsides.
Efficiency starts with us AuCom EMX4 series soft starter (IE3 capable).

Conveyor control with AuCom soft starter EMX4 series.

An energy audit of a quarry identified a VSD controlled 132 kW conveyor that always operated at full speed. An EMX4 soft starter offered this fixed speed application savings of > €1,750 p.a. as well as a reduction in site harmonics. Correctly identifying this conveyor as a fixed speed application at installation would have substantially reduced the capital costs. Using an EMX4 with a fixed speed application delivers superior acceleration and deceleration performance, advanced motor protection and communications functions.

Banishing water hammer.

There are multiple causes of water hammer and each pump system has unique characteristics. For these reasons, ensuring a pump system is free of water hammer can be a complicated task. Pumping engineers around the world are relying on AuCom’s unique XLR-8 technology to help tune pump starting and stopping for optimal results. XLR-8 provides a choice of ramp profiles to deal with the different causes of water hammer. So whether you are trying to prevent rapid changes in flow rate, flow direction, or water column separation and closure, XLR-8 puts the right start and stop profile at your fingertips.

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