Fenner Variable Frequency Drives


Adding to the range of Fenner Power Transmission products are the new Fenner frequency inverters and electric motors offering simple, precise and powerful control, delivering the very best in performance and energy efficiency - time after time. From initial electrical input through to the final driven machine, Fenner can now offer a complete solution.

The new QuickDrive (QD) range of inverters available from ERIKS UK. Available in a number of designs, including IP55 variants of the QD:E and QD:CT PLUS that are suited to harsh environments, the QD range is incredibly easy to install and commission yet rich in features and functionality. The range caters for variable torque applications and those needing high performance open-loop requirements and simple speed control such as Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

The Fenner QD:E is a value packed basic drive ideally suited for low power applications that require "best in class" purchase value. Operating from a small space saving envelope the QD:E is fast to set-up, simple to use and suitable for most applications. 
1 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 0,37 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 11 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
572B20P4 572B20P4 200-240 (1ph) 0,37 2.3 reduced!
572B20P7 200-240 (1ph) 0,75 4.3 reduced!
572B21P5 200-240 (1ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
572B22P2 200-240 (1ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
572B40P7 380-480 (3ph) 0,75 2.2 reduced!
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The Fenner QD:HVAC sets a new standard for dedicated fan and pump control whilst retaining the ease of use you come to expect from Fenner inverters. The Fenner QD:HVAC has an innovative design, combined with robust performance to provide powerful flow control and reliability in a compact drive.
1 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 160 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
576F20P7 576F20P7 200-240 (1ph) 0,75 3 reduced!
576F21P5 200-240 (1ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
576F22P2 200-240 (1ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
567F40P7 380-480 (3ph) 0,75 2.2 reduced!
576F41P5 380-480 (3ph) 1,5 4.1 reduced!
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The Fenner QD:Neo offers the perfect combination of high performance and ease of use, providing a solid solution for the most demanding of applications. The Fenner QD:Neo is suitable for use with bot standard induction and permanent magnet motors.
1 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 160 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
572N20P 572N20P 200-240 (1ph) 0,75 4.3 reduced!
572N21P5 200-240 (1ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
572N22P2 200-240 (1ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
572N40P7 380-480 (3ph) 0,75 2.2 reduced!
572N41P5 380-480 (3ph) 1,5 4.1 reduced!
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About Fenner

Formed in 1998, FPT Group was set up to acquire the Fenner Power Transmission Division from Fenner Group in Hull. Once complete, the company concentrated on developing the key values of Fenner® power transmission products; the supply of premium quality hard wearing products, underpinned by the best in technical support.

The Fenner brand started life over 145 years ago in 1861 when Joseph Henry Fenner (J. H. Fenner) started his company to manufacture horse hair and leather power transmission belts. In 1921 Fenner began developing woven textile belting and was soon producing some of the finest transmission belting available in the market.

The J. H. Fenner grew consistently to become one of the largest suppliers in the country and the name became synonymous with quality hardwearing products, a feature that remains a corner stone of the brand today.

Many other complementary products have been added to the range over the years, either developed in J. H. Fenner's own R & D centres or based on existing technology from around the world. This led to the introduction to UK industry of such industrial standards as vee and wedge belt drives, Taper Lock shaft fixings and mechanical variable speed drives. The common feature was always innovative, progressive products manufactured to the highest exacting standards. In the 1970's J. H. Fenner moved into bearings distribution with the acquisition of Dick Bearings to complement other power transmission products. Fenner thereby acquired a distribution centre and 14 branches that combined with the existing branch network to form the first nation-wide bearings and power transmission service in the UK.

Over the past few years the Fenner power transmission range under the management of FPT has seen significant development with the launch of new products including chain and Quattro Plus (high power CRE belts). Long established market leading products such as the Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer and Series M, C, F, and K geared drives range have been re-engineering to ensure that they will continue to set the standard that all others strive to match.

Following the Acquisition of FPT Group by ERIKS Group, the Fenner range has continued to strengthen by returning to its core competence, providing rugged and reliable power transmission products to demanding manufacturers and maintenance engineers through a network of Authorised Distributors across the world.

Today the Fenner name still remains synonymous with quality hardwearing products, a tribute to the designers and engineers who oversee the product ranges.

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