Main types of Schneider Electric Frequency Inverters


  1. Product types
  2. Benefits of Schneider Electric frequency inverters
  3. Features of Schneider Electric equipment
  4. Applications for inverters

Schneider Electric frequency inverters are characterised by their ability to handle a wide range of input voltage variations to protect electric motors and ensure their stable operation.

Product types

The complete range of Schneider Electric frequency drives is available in various versions, with features and performance characteristics that allow you to select a model with precise parameters without overpaying for unused features.

All products are divided into several series, among which:

  • The general industrial Altivar series comprising the Process,Machine ATV320, Easy 310, 31C, 61Q, 71 and 71Q subgroups;
  • The compact Altivar 12;
  • Specialised for controlling the Altivar 61, 61 Plus and 212 pumping equipment, this includes the 610 series, which has proven its worth in ventilation systems;
  • Products under the Altivar 71 Plus brand for demanding applications and operations with loads up to 2000 kW and a three-phase supply of 600-690 V;
  • Altivar Lift products of increased reliability and precision for use in the lift industry;
  • As well as the compact 312 and 32 ruler.

The controllers allow the control of synchronous and asynchronous single-phase and three-phase motors rated for the supply voltage:

  • 1 phase 110-120 V, power range 0.18 to 0.75 kW;
  • 1 phase 200-240 V from 0.18 to 5.5 kW;
  • 3 phase with an input voltage range of 200 to 690 V and a load capacity of 0.75 to 2400 kW.

The characteristics of the products range from use for the control of electric motors used in the home to demanding industrial applications.

Unique conversion, supply voltage stabilisation and protection technologies for both the frequency inverter itself and the final equipment ensure long-term operation, as well as high fault tolerance and controllability in complex engineering systems.

Can be used in complexes with manual, automated and automatic control of actuator operation modes.

Benefits of Schneider Electric frequency inverters

The Schneider Electric range of frequency inverters offers a wide range of possibilities for creating sophisticated engineering solutions for the control, protection and safe operation of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors.

Equipment features

Modern Schneider Electric frequency inverters are sophisticated and reliable devices that provide a high level of reliability:

  • Precise stabilisation of the output voltage when input voltage fluctuates significantly;
  • The three-stage supply voltage stabilisation system maintains the specified speed with high precision;
  • Control of motor start and stop modes according to a manually set programme or via control port;
  • The necessary starting torque for optimum start-up in normal operation;
  • Motor protection against short circuits, overloading and premature wear due to unstable supply voltage;
  • Precise control of the actuator;
  • Benefits in achieving maximum energy efficiency, which is essential for heavy loads.

In addition, Schneider Electric frequency inverters themselves have their own protection against input voltage surges, overheating and short circuits in the load. Some features of the Altivar range include the availability of controllers for use in domestic and industrial applications with a maximum connected load capacity of up to 2400 kW.

Applications for inverters

The characteristics of this equipment and the wide range of solutions available enable controllers to be used in such applications:

  • In the home for the connection of water, sewage pumps, ventilation equipment;
  • For use in lift motor control circuits;
  • For all industrial applications that involve the use of electric motors;
  • In industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems for various applications;
  • In heavily loaded control networks, high power.

The wide range of frequency controllers from this renowned brand allows you to choose the best balance of price, performance and features for your specific engineering requirements


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