Gefran Inverters (VFDs)


Good management of measurement and control of process variables in an HVAC system is essential because it provides technical benefits as well as considerable returns on investment. Accurate measurement, rapid response, efficiency, and advanced control are fundamental tasks of products with high technology content. They improve the Life Cycle Cost of systems and guarantee correct operation of the entire process.

Gefrans ADV200 new range has been engineered and developed to satisfy the real needs of System Integrators and OEM’s in order to provide them the best innovations and economical competitiveness in the international markets.
3 phase 380-500 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 1,65 MW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADV200-1007 ADV200-1007 400 (3ph) 0,75 2.5 reduced!
ADV200-1015 400 (3ph) 1,5 4.3 reduced!
ADV200-1022 400 (3ph) 2,2 5.8 reduced!
ADV200-1030 400 (3ph) 3 7.6 reduced!
ADV200-1040 400 (3ph) 4 9.5 reduced!
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Synergies between the ADV200 SP Industrial Drives technology and the company’s Solar and Pump application know-how have allowed Gefran to develop a special SW app to optimize the operation of solar pump systems.
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 1.5 kW to 160 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADV200-SP-1015-KBX-4 ADV200-SP-1015-KBX-4 380-480 (3ph) 1.5 4.3 reduced!
ADV200-SP-1022-KBX-4 380-480 (3ph) 2.2 5.8 reduced!
ADV200-SP-1030-KBX-4 380-480 (3ph) 3 7.6 reduced!
ADV200-SP-1040-KBX-4 380-480 (3ph) 4 9.5 reduced!
ADV200-SP-1055-KBX-4 380-480 (3ph) 5.5 13 reduced!
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The GEFRAN ADV200 HC inverter series offers in a unique technology solution all the basic requirements demanded by the most modern industrial hoisting systems.
3 phase 380-500 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 1,65 MW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
(ph) reduced!
The ADV200-LC series is used in applications that demand robustness, long life, and maximum reliability. Liquid cooling systems of electrical and mechanical units, widely used in plastic processing equipment, significantly reduces the size of the electrical drive.
3 phase 380-500 V, capacity from 30 kW to 400 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADV200-LC-4-4300 ADV200-LC-4-4300 380-480 (3ph) 30 62 reduced!
ADV200-LC-4-4370 380-480 (3ph) 37 75 reduced!
ADV200-LC-4-4450 380-480 (3ph) 45 87 reduced!
ADV200-LC-4-5550 380-480 (3ph) 55 105 reduced!
ADV200-LC-4-5750 380-480 (3ph) 75 150 reduced!
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Gefran has applied its application experience to the new series of ADV200 WA industrial drive inverters for the Water Treatment and HVAC sectors. Specific power structures for variable or quadratic loads, combined with intelligent optimisation of energy consumption and specialised functions, offer important advantages in terms of plant design and ease of startup as well as economic benefits.
3 phase 380-500 V, capacity from 1,5 kW to 1,2 MW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADV200-WA-1015-KBX-4-SI ADV200-WA-1015-KBX-4-SI 380-480 (3ph) 1.5 4.3 reduced!
ADV200-WA-1022-KBX-4-SI 380-480 (3ph) 2.2 5.8 reduced!
ADV200-WA-1030-KBX-4-SI 380-480 (3ph) 3 7.6 reduced!
ADV200-WA-1040-KBX-4-SI 380-480 (3ph) 4 9.5 reduced!
ADV200-WA-1055-KBX-4-SI 380-480 (3ph) 5.5 13 reduced!
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The ADL300 Series, suitable for new installations and modernization, encompasses safety, comfort, and cost advantages besides a long life reliability, being the ideal drive for modern high demanding elevator systems.
1 phase 200 V, capacity from 1,1 kW to 5,5 kW
3 phase 230 V, capacity from 4 kW to 75 kW
3 phase 400 V, capacity from 4 kW to 75 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADL300-1011-2M ADL300-1011-2M 200-230 (1ph) 1,1 6 reduced!
ADL300-1015-2M 200-230 (1ph) 1,5 6.8 reduced!
ADL300-2022-2M 200-230 (1ph) 2,2 9.6 reduced!
ADL300-2030-2M 200-230 (1ph) 3 13 reduced!
ADL300-3040-2M 200-230 (1ph) 4 15 reduced!
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The VDL200 drive series is designed for low and medium rise geared applications in both open and closed loop with asynchronous motors.
3 phase 230 V, capacity from 2 kW to 11 kW
3 phase 400 V, capacity from 4 kW to 22 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
VDL200-1040 VDL200-1040 230 (3ph) 2 9 reduced!
VDL200-1055 230 (3ph) 3 13.5 reduced!
VDL200-2075 230 (3ph) 4 18.5 reduced!
VDL200-2110 230 (3ph) 5,5 24.5 reduced!
VDL200-3150 230 (3ph) 7,5 32 reduced!
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The AGL50 EV drive, available in a single mechanical size, is ideal for modernizations or new geared (asynchronous motor) low rise installations controlled in open loop, that do not require highly sophisticated control and fieldbus communication with the control card.
3 phase 400-480 V, capacity from 4 kW to 7,5 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
AGL50-2040 AGL50-2040 400-480 (3ph) 4 10.1 reduced!
AGL50-2055 400-480 (3ph) 5,5 13 reduced!
AGL50-2075 400-480 (3ph) 7,5 17.7 reduced!
BDI50 inverter series concentrate all the characteristics required by modern industrial processes in a single compact product.
1 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 0,4 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 2,2 kW to 7,5 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 11 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
BDI50-1004-2M BDI50-1004-2M 200-240 (1ph) 0,4 2.6 reduced!
BDI50-1007-2M 200-240 (1ph) 0,75 4.3 reduced!
BDI50-2015-2M 200-240 (1ph) 1,5 7.5 reduced!
BDI50-2022-2M 200-240 (1ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
BDI50-2022-2T 200-240 (3ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
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VDI100 inverters series offer the utmost flexibility of application to modern automation systems and ensure ease of use, while guaranteeing advanced control capabilities for both asynchronous and permanent magnet SPM and IPM motors.
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 45 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
VDI100-1007-KBX-4-F VDI100-1007-KBX-4-F 380-480 (3ph) 0,75 3.4 reduced!
VDI100-1015-KBX-4-F 380-480 (3ph) 1,5 4.2 reduced!
VDI100-1022-KBX-4-F 380-480 (3ph) 2,2 5.5 reduced!
VDI100-2037-KBX-4-F 380-480 (3ph) 3,7 9.2 reduced!
VDI100-2055-KBX-4-F 380-480 (3ph) 5,5 14.8 reduced!
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The new ADP200 inverter series represent an innovative concept in drive technology, the result of constant technological research and the know-how in plastics applications that the Gefran Group has acquired by working side by side with major sector players.
3 phase 400-480 V, capacity from 7,5 kW to 75 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ADP200-2075-KBP-4-C-RS-24 ADP200-2075-KBP-4-C-RS-24 400-480 (3ph) 7,5 18.5 reduced!
ADP200-2110-KBP-4-C-RS-24 400-480 (3ph) 11 22 reduced!
ADP200-3150-KBP-4-C-RS-24 400-480 (3ph) 15 32 reduced!
ADP200-3185-KBP-4-C-RS-24 400-480 (3ph) 18,5 39 reduced!
ADP200-3220-KBP-4-C-RS-24 400-480 (3ph) 22 42 reduced!
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About Gefran

Forty years of experience and in depth know-how, in addition to an organisation strongly oriented towards customer needs and constant technological innovation, have enabled Gefran to become a leader in the sector of automation and systems components for industrial process control.

Gefran is synonymous with quality and expertise in the design and manufacture of sensors, components, systems and drives, thanks to its constant attention to market trends and continuous professional training of its technical personnel.

With its wide range of highly technology products, Gefran is able to offer a one stop shop, providing the ideal solution to every application requirement.

Gefran offers the best customised solutions to optimise and improve the performance of each industrial application, providing, in addition to its products, expert advice, synergy and partnership with its customers.

Through collaboration with qualified Research Centres and European universities, as well as investments in R&D, Gefran Group strives towards constant technological development of its products and services in order to anticipate market trends.

Gefran Group is based in Italy, has approximately 900 employees worldwide, operates directly in 14 countries and has 8 manufacturing plants. With a network of over 70 authorised distributors the company is able to count on a global sales network.

Gefran Spa has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1998 and on the 'Star' Segment for High Requirement Shares since 2002.

The group's activities are divided into four main business areas: sensors, components, automation and motion control.

SENSORS - Fundamental components for process control, Gefran's sensors measure main variables such as temperature, pressure, position and force. The main element of the sensors is produced in cleanrooms, in environments protected from any kind of pollutant and equipped with highly technological work and control instruments.

COMPONENTS - Three product lines are dedicated to indicating and controlling process variables: static groups, regulators and electronic indicators. A range of constantly evolving devices capable of providing innovative solutions and responding to the needs of process optimisation and intelligent management of energy consumption. These devices complete the range of support services offered and faster delivery times, the key factors that make Gefran a competitive and reliable partner.

AUTOMATION PLATFORMS - Gefran designs and manufactures automation control systems offering machine constructors a wide range of specific components (Unit Control Panels, Operator Interfaces, input/output systems, as well as programmable logic controllers and industrial PLC). This dedicated division also designs and develops solutions that adapt to customer projects, offering unique and exclusive "turnkey" solutions.

MOTION CONTROL - This range of products, designed and manufactured at the Drive and Motion Control Unit of Gefran in Gerenzano (VA), consists of continuous and alternating current electronic drives and electric motors, including a complete range to fully satisfy the needs of industrial automation. The line also includes a series of inverters for the domestic and industrial photovoltaic industry.

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