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Parker is committed to helping make our customers more productive and more profitable through our global offering of motion and control products and systems. In an increasingly competitive global economy, we seek to develop customer relationships as technology partnerships. Working closely with our customers, we can ensure the best selection of technologies to suit the needs of our customers’ applications.

Parker electromechanical technologies form an important part of Parker’s global motion and control offering. Electromechanical systems combine high performance speed and position control with the flexibility to adapt the systems to the rapidly changing needs of the industries we serve.

The AC10 variable speed compact drive is a simple, reliable and economical solution to every-day motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.2kW to 180kW.
1 phase 220-240 V, capacity from 0,2 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 220-240 V, capacity from 0,2 kW to 15 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,2 kW to 180 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
10G-11-0015-B_ 10G-11-0015-B_ 220-240 (1ph) 0,2 0.6 reduced!
10G-11-0025-B_ 220-240 (1ph) 0,37 2.5 reduced!
10G-11-0035-B_ 220-240 (1ph) 0,55 3.5 reduced!
10G-11-0045-B_ 220-240 (1ph) 0,75 4.5 reduced!
10G-12-0050-B_ 220-240 (1ph) 1,1 5 reduced!
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The AC10P drive is one of the smallest fieldbus connected closed-loop variable speed drives available and offers a lost cost, compact solution for the control of AC induction motors in general purpose open and closed loop control applications up to 180kW
1 phase 230 V, capacity from 0,2 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 230 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 75 kW
3 phase 400 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 180 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
10P-11-0015-XX 10P-11-0015-XX 230 (1ph) 0,2 1.5 reduced!
10P-11-0025-XX 230 (1ph) 0,4 2.5 reduced!
10P-11-0045-XX 230 (1ph) 0,75 4.5 reduced!
10P-12-0070-XX 230 (1ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
10P-12-0100-XX 230 (1ph) 2,2 10 reduced!
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The AC30 variable speed drive has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. Its flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required.
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 1,1 kW to 450 kW (ND)
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 400 kW (HD)

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
7x0-4D0004-B... 7x0-4D0004-B... 380-480 (3ph) 1,1 3.5 reduced!
7x0-4D0006-B... 380-480 (3ph) 2,2 5.5 reduced!
7x0-4D0010-B... 380-480 (3ph) 4 10 reduced!
7x0-4D0012-B... 380-480 (3ph) 5,5 12 reduced!
7x0-4E0016-B... 380-480 (3ph) 7,5 16 reduced!
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The AC690+ series is a single range of AC drives designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems.
1 phase 220-240 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 2,2 kW
3 phase 220-240 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 45 kW
3 phase 380-460 V, capacity from 0,75 kW to 900 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
690-211400B0-B 690-211400B0-B 220-240 (1ph) 0,75 4 reduced!
690-211700B0-B 220-240 (1ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
690-212105B0-B 220-240 (1ph) 2,2 10.5 reduced!
690-231400B0-B 220-240 (3ph) 0,75 4 reduced!
690-231700B0-B 220-240 (3ph) 1,5 7 reduced!
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The AC890PX Modular Chassis drive has been designed to be sold in kit form for assembly by a system integrator or panel builder. The product is engineered for easy assembly into a standard industrial enclosure with all necessary fixing brackets supplied as part of the kit.
3 phase 380-690 V, capacity from 110 kW to 400 kW

Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
890PX/4/0215 890PX/4/0215 380-480 (3ph) 110 215 reduced!
890PX/4/0260 380-480 (3ph) 132 260 reduced!
890PX/4/0300 380-480 (3ph) 160 300 reduced!
890PX/4/0420 380-480 (3ph) 200 420 reduced!
890PX/4/0480 380-480 (3ph) 250 480 reduced!
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About Parker

Founded in 1918, Parker Hannifin Corporation is a $13 billion, global company. With annual sales exceeding $13 billion in fiscal year 2014, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 57,500 people in 50 countries around the world.

Parker’s engineering expertise and broad range of core technologies uniquely positions the company to solve some of the world’s greatest engineering challenges. By partnering with customers, Parker improves their productivity and profitability and seeks new ways to solve humanity's biggest challenges.

Parker is located in 49 countries around the world supporting 139 divisions with 341 manufacturing locations. Parker's unrivalled industrial distribution network extends to approximately 13,000 locations globally. Through this extensive network of local, independent businesses, Parker brings its products and services to customers in 104 countries. This includes continued penetration of the ParkerStore network of industrial retail outlets, which has more than 3,000 locations around the world.

Parker’s culture is reflected in the core values we aspire to: a winning culture, passionate people, valued customers and engaged leadership. Over time, Parker has nurtured a culture which emphasizes a commitment to excellence and integrity and a special concern for its customers’ welfare. Parker’s continued success in serving its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the general public depends upon each individual employee’s full commitment. Because of our high ethical standards, the Parker name is recognized around the world as a good citizen and a symbol of quality in motion-control products.

Another contributor to Parker's success from the earliest stages of the company's creation is employee empowerment. In 2001, the inclusion of "Empowered Employees" as the foundation of the Win Strategy formalized the idea that encouraging employees to take action and ownership in their work will enable us to improve our performance and achieve our goals.

Employee Empowerment is a clear business differentiator that creates a competitive advantage for Parker by reflecting our unique values, promoting a structured approach to teamwork, recognizing the contribution of all employees, and holding us accountable for results.

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