Soft Starters

Soft-Starters designed to control the process of acceleration, deceleration and braking of induction motors. Soft-Starters keep motor parameters (such as current, voltage, etc.) in safe and required range during start-up. The use of Soft-Starters reduces inrush current of motors, reduces the likelihood of overheating the motor, eliminating the jerks in driven mechanisms, which ultimately increases the service life of the motor and drive system in full.

Soft Starters ABB
ABB's soft starters increase a motor's lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses. They do so by letting you optimize starting currents that with conventional starting methods put lots of stress on the motor. With many built-in motor protection features, your motor is safe in its hands. ABB's soft starters are also installation-friendly and can cut your assembly and start-up time by being easy to use and easy to learn. With many application specific features, ABB's soft starters can ultimately help you increase productivity. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply soft starting.

Soft Starters Peter Electronic
Peter Electronic high-quality soft starters have a wide range of devices with a rated current of 3.5 to 930 A. They also offer special designs up to 1600 A, which allows you to choose the best solution for the task. The devices are designed with advanced industrial technology and are highly reliable.

Soft Starters Danfoss
To extend product life and to reduce power consumption, VLT Soft Starters provide smooth motor operation with acceleration and deceleration and rated current of 3A to 1600 A. VLT Soft Starters all use the principle of phase angle control: back-to-back coupled thyristors ramp up the motor voltage.

Soft Starters Emotron
Starting and stopping a pump or fan often involves mechanical stress. Softstarters from Emotron ensure smooth operation, and in addition offer advanced braking techniques for crushers and saws. Built-in monitor functionality protects your investment.
Soft Starters Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric soft starters are designed for single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors from 0.37 to 355 kW / 3 to 1200 A. They combine the functions of limiting starting torque, smooth start-up and braking, protection mechanisms and motors, as well as communication systems automation. Control algorithm device feature delivers high reliability, security and ease of commissioning.

Soft Starters Solcon Industries
As a global industry leader in Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Soft Starter Technology, as well as Motor Protection, and associated products, Solcon takes pride in being The Soft Start Specialist, providing solutions for the toughest applications including the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas Industries.
Soft Starters Ghisalba
Ghisalba, strong of many years of experience, is able to offer a wide range of different solutions. For soft starters naval, commercial and nany apprlications, industrial application and gas & oil application.
Soft Starters IGEL Electric
Jointly with their customers and contractors,  IGEL Electric develops state of the art solutions for motor starters. They capitalize on their huge experience in electrical motors and in power electronics and are committed to provide the most reliable, innovative and cost effective motor control solution worldwide.
Soft Starters AuCom
Whether you require a fully-featured motor control solution or a simple motor starter, AuCom has a product to suit.
ABB Schneider Electric Danfoss Peter Electronic Ghisalba IGEL Electric Solcon Industries

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