Bonfiglioli Active Cube

ACU Vectron Frequency Inverters

The Bonfiglioli Active Cube series is designed to enable you to maximize the opportunities in machine automation. Extensive motor controls and functionality allow Active Cube to be used in the design of effective and easy automation solutions for a wide variety of industrial machinery and plants. Outstanding performance in terms of accuracy and response time put Active Cube in the high technology end of the Bonfiglioli Vectron drives range. Models of Active Cube ACU 401 and ACU 201 includes many features making it suitable for universal use, both as an effective "System drive", and also as a "Servo drive", able to fulfil the requirements of the majority of motion control applications.

  • Plug in control terminals for easy and fast connection
  • Plug in power terminals up to 4 kW
  • DC link bus for "energy sharing" in multidrive system architectures
  • Integral EMI filters up to 9,2 kW
  • Integrated brake transistor on all sizes
  • Integrated "safe Torque Off" function
  • External 24V supply input for control board supply from backup systems
  • Motor thermal evaluation
  • Position and speed feedback input (encoder/resolver)
  • Several mechanical mounting modes available: Din rail mounting, pass through mounting, side mounting
  • Proprietary fieldbus (System bus) for fast communication among Bonfiglioli Active Cube drives

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Model range

Active Cube series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACU201-01-FA 0.25 1.6 60x190x175 435,00 €
ACU201-03-FA 0.37 2.5 60x190x175 457,00 €
ACU201-05-FA 0.55 3.0 60x190x175 477,00 €
ACU201-07-FA 0.75 4.0 60x190x175 489,00 €
ACU201-09-FA 1.1 5.5 60x190x175 513,00 €
ACU201-11-FA 1.5 7.0 60x250x175 535,00 €
ACU201-13-FA 2.2 9.5 60x250x175 570,00 €
ACU201-15-FA 3 12.5 60x250x175 668,00 €
ACU201-18-FA 4 18 100x250x200 881,00 €
ACU201-19-FA 5.5 22 100x250x200 921,00 €
ACU201-21-A 7,5 32 125x250x200 998,00 €
ACU201-22-FA 9.2 35 125x250x200 1 062,00 €

Active Cube series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACU401-01-FA 0.25 1 60x190x175 434,00 €
ACU401-03-FA 0.37 1.6 60x190x175 455,00 €
ACU401-05-FA 0.55 1.8 60x190x175 475,00 €
ACU401-07-FA 0.75 2.4 60x190x175 493,00 €
ACU401-09-FA 1.1 3.2 60x190x175 514,00 €
ACU401-11-FA 1.5 3.8 60x190x175 532,00 €
ACU401-12-FA 1.85 4.2 60x250x175 551,00 €
ACU401-13-FA 2.2 5.8 60x250x175 585,00 €
ACU401-15-FA 3 7.8 60x250x175 637,00 €
ACU401-18-FA 4 9 60x250x175 691,00 €
ACU401-19-FA 5.5 14 100x250x200 954,00 €
ACU401-21-FA 7.5 18 100x250x200 1 031,00 €
ACU401-22-FA 9.2 22 100x250x200 1 157,00 €
ACU401-23-A 11 25 125x250x200 1 221,00 €
ACU401-25-A 15 32 125x250x200 1 380,00 €
ACU401-27-A 18.5 40 200x250x260 1 926,00 €
ACU401-29-A 22 45 200x250x260 2 348,00 €
ACU401-31-A 30 60 200x250x260 2 668,00 €
ACU401-33-A 37 75 275x400x260 3 332,00 €
ACU401-35-A 45 90 275x400x260 3 698,00 €
ACU401-37-A 55 110 275x400x260 3 821,00 €
ACU401-39-A 65 125 275x400x260 4 012,00 €
ACU401-43-A 75 150 412x510x351 5 510,00 €
ACU401-45-A 90 180 412x510x351 6 355,00 €
ACU401-47-A 110 210 412x510x351 6 767,00 €
ACU401-49-A 132 250 412x510x351 7 673,00 €

Bonfiglioli frequency inverter Active Cube series: The drive designed for all industrial applications.

Bonfiglioli Active Cube series are specifically designed for automation machines. Allowing an extensive control of the motor, these series are fitting a wide range of industrial sectors. The Active Cube includes many features making it suitable for universal use, both as an effective “System drive”, and also as a “Servo drive”. Several enhanced functionalities are embedded in the Active Cube including Cyclic Synchronous Positioning (CSP) mode, brake control and encoder evaluation. Moreover, the new single axis for the control of servo motors, induction motors and synchronous reluctance motors, delivers high dynamic response, high performance and application versatility. Thanks to various communication protocols, the Active Cube offers the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology. Active Cube benefits from the full compatibility with the extensive program of Bonfiglioli synchronous servomotors and accessories (BMD series), which together provide the possibility of a total Bonfiglioli servo system. The combination of Active Cube and Bonfiglioli Synchronous Reluctance motor (BSR) offers new solutions for application demands regarding efficiency (IE4) and power density.

Option modules.

Active Cube is designed to give the highest flexibility in drive hardware to suit every control requirement. Machine designers can select from an extensive range of possible expansion hardware modules that can be fitted directly into the 3 available slots on the standard Active Cube unit. Mounting and connection is fast and easy thanks to onboard fastening devices. Using option modules, Active Cube features and integration ability can be greatly expanded: the number of possible hardware configurations offers solutions for a wide variety of requirements and applications. Build the best hardware configuration of Active Cube for your machine!

Bonfiglioli frequency inverter Active Cube series: The drive designed for all industrial applications.

Bonfiglioli drive Active Cube series Interface / KP-232.

Serial interface KP232 can be used as an alternative to control unit KP500. This connection enables parameterisation, monitoring, setting management, inverter control and even commissioning from a PC or laptop computer. The serial point-to-point connection between inverter and PC complies with specifications for transmission between data terminals (DTE) and data communication equipment (DCE), requiring, in this mode, a serial pin-to-pin cable with SUBD-9 male connector on the inverter side. The KP232 interface is compatible with lines up to 15 metres. The serial transmission protocol ensures high data security and does not require handshake signals between computer and inverter.

ISO-USB Interface.
The ISO-USB Interface links the KP232 or CM-232 to a USB port of your PC. This interface uses an isolated USB/RS232 converter to improve the robustness against possible EMC disturbances. This Interface can be used with PCs using Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP with FTDI drivers provided with the VPlus installation package. The Interface uses USB serial numbers and therefore the PC is able to assign uniquely the COM port. The USB side is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0.
Bonfiglioli drive Active Cube series Interface / KP-232.

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