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Delta Electronics
Multi-functional, high-performance AC servo drive
Power from 0.1 to 7.5 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ECMA С10401*S ECMA С10401*S (ph) 0.1 0.90 reduced!
ECMA С10602*S (ph) 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA С10604*S (ph) 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA С10804*S (ph) 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA С10807*S/X (ph) 0,75 5.1 reduced!
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Innovative linear drive system
Power from 0.05 to 3.5 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ECMA C1040F ECMA C1040F (ph) 0.05 0.69 reduced!
ECMA Cx0401 (ph) 0.1 0.9 reduced!
ECMA Cx0602 (ph) 0.2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA Cx0604xS (ph) 0.4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA Cx0804 (ph) 0.4 2.6 reduced!
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Standard general purpose servo
Power from 0.1 to 3 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ECMA C20401*S ECMA C20401*S (ph) 0,1 0.90 reduced!
ECMA C20602*S (ph) 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA C20604*S (ph) 0,4 2.60 reduced!
ECMA C20804*S (ph) 0,4 2.60 reduced!
ECMA C20807*S (ph) 0,75 5.10 reduced!
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Delta Electronics servo system series ASD-AВ
* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!
Multi-functional AC servo drive
Power from 0.1 to 2 kW
Model Voltage, V Capacity, kW Current, A Price
ECMA C30401*S ECMA C30401*S (ph) 0,1 0.9 reduced!
ECMA C30602*S (ph) 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA C30604*S (ph) 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA C30804*S (ph) 0,4 2.6 reduced!
ECMA C30807*S (ph) 0,75 5.1 reduced!
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About Delta Electronics

Delta was founded in 1971 and has been the global leader in switching power supply solutions since 2002 and DC brushless fans since 2006.

Delta offers the most energy efficient power products in the industry, including switching power supplies with efficiency over 90%, telecom power up to 97.5%, and PV inverters up to 98.7% efficiency. We have also developed the world’s first server power supply certified as 80 Plus Titanium with over 96% efficiency. We invest 5% to 6% of our annual sales revenues in R&D and have worldwide R&D facilities in Taiwan, China, Europe, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the U.S.

Delta is a frequent recipient of international awards and other recognition for innovation, design, and corporate social responsibility. Since 2011, Delta has been selected each year for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability™ World Index (DJSI World). In 2014 we were also included in the DJSI Emerging Markets Index and ranked first in five criteria among world-leading Electronic Equipment, Instrument and Component Companies.

Delta was ranked at the highest A-level of the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) of the 2014 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We were the only company from Greater China to be named to the CPLI from nearly 2,000 listed companies. Delta continues its dedication to developing technologies and solutions that aim to reduce global warming and ensure a sustainable future for mankind.

With solid technology and experience in drives, motion, control, power quality, industrial networks, sensors and robot solutions, Delta offers high performance, and high reliability products and solutions that fulfill a wide range of industrial customer needs. Delta also provides information management systems such as SCADA & EMS to construct complete, integrated solutions for future smart manufacturing.

As a leading industrial automation brand, Delta continuously develops innovative products, systems and solutions with quality, reliability and excellence to deliver our commitment of providing “Automation for a Changing World”.

With modern power electronics and advanced microprocessor technology, Delta's AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Taking advantage of our strong position in power electronics technology, Delta's VFD Series of AC motor Drives has evolved rapidly. Each Drive series is designed to meet specific application needs. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes. Our AC Motor Drive product line provides a full range of motor control technologies and is used throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation.

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