Schneider Electric frequency inverters are popular with designers and operators of complex electrical systems of various types and applications with actuators that require precise control, economical and safe operation.

Industrial and domestic asynchronous motor systems are widespread. Their development and implementation started a long time ago, so most of them no longer meet modern requirements for economy or controllability.

The use of frequency inverters to control motors in a variety of systems is an efficient and modern solution, allowing stable operation and a simple way of control. Of course, this is only possible if a frequency inverter is selected

The motivation to switch to such a method of water supply can be poor water quality, interruptions in water supply, the desire to save money. To obtain a cost-effective system of autonomous water supply with a high level of reliability and functionality should consider the use of a frequency inverter for the borehole pump 220V.

A modern elevator facility is a complex engineering solution with increased requirements for reliability, safety of the equipment and creation of comfortable conditions for its passengers. The same requirements apply to freight and passenger elevators, which operate with an even greater load. In any lift system several electric motors are used for the movement of the cabin and opening-closing of the entrance doors. Most of the solutions currently in operation operate on the principle of mechanical commutation of the start and stop of these motors and their reversal.

Products of Swiss company ABB in the field of electric motor control are well known to European consumer and on the EU market due to universal series of frequency inverters ABB ACS150, which are widely used for electric motor control in various systems, including pumping and ventilation equipment. 

Electric motor control systems based on frequency inverters relatively recently have been implemented, but the opportunities offered by such solutions have led to the fact that every year equipment based on synchronous and asynchronous electric motors is increasingly equipped with frequency inverters.

Modern frequency inverters are sophisticated but robust electronic devices, which nevertheless sometimes fail or require periodic maintenance.
The most common causes of failure of frequency inverters you will find in this article.

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