KEB Combivert G6

Frequency inverter industrial series

The KEB COMBIVERT G6 is a frequency inverter for controlled applications in the performance range 0.75kW to 30kW. The KEB COMBIVERT G6 handles control for either asynchronous AC motors or synchronous servo-motors - with absolutely no return. The modular drive platform and strict consistency ensure a uniform basis throughout the range. The KEB COMBIVERT G6 also offers a communications and safety feature designed for controlled applications, to meet the demands of modern drive controllers.

  • Integrated LCD display for commissioning and display of system-related data
  • Service interface for commissioning and diagnostics of system-related data on a PC
  • Universal for asynchronous - and synchronous motors
  • Integrated brake transistor
  • V/f operation
  • SSM (Sensorless Motor Management) operation
  • ASCL (asynchronous-sensorless control) for asynchronous motors without return
  • SCL (synchronous-sensorless control) for synchronous motors without return
  • Exceptional shaft performance on equipment versions with encoder-less controlled operating mode
  • Adjustable switching frequency

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Model range

Combivert G6 (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
07G6CDA-0AB0 0.75 4 90x204x200 493,00 €
09G6CDA-09B0 1.5 7 90x204x200 527,00 €

Combivert G6 (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
07G6CDA-3AB0 0.75 2.6 90x204x200 493,00 €
09G6CDA-39B0 1.5 4.1 90x204x200 527,00 €
10G6CDA-39B0 2.2 5.8 90x204x200 555,00 €
12G6CDB-39B0 4 9.5 90x269x200 660,00 €
13G6CDB-39B0 5.5 12 90x269x200 715,00 €
13G6CDC-3AB0 5.5 12 117x260x230 860,00 €
14G6CDC-39B0 7.5 16.5 117x260x230 945,00 €
15G6CDC-35B0 11 24 117x260x230 1 045,00 €
16G6CDE-35B0 15 33 170x340x280 1 570,00 €
17G6CDE-35B0 18.5 42 170x340x280 1 735,00 €
18G6CDE-35B0 22 50 170x340x280 1 945,00 €
19G6CDE-35B0 30 60 170x340x280 2 215,00 €

KEB frequency inverter Combivert G6 series system overview.

Automation with Drive stands as a synonym for optimally selected combinations of control and automation solutions with the drive level at the end it is the key to successful machine concepts. Let the following pages inspire you with regards to the diversity and performance of the COMBIVERT G6 drive controller, and help you to find a solution that reliably meets your requirements.
KEB frequency inverter Combivert G6 series system overview.
The COMBIVERT G6 series was designed as an solution which covers all important requirements for open loop three-phase drives within one device. Therefore a high degree of variability, supporting actual and future technologies, is prepared. Equipped with new 32-bit microcontrollers, proven features of previous KEB frequency inverters have been specifically enhanced and further developed in the devices.
- The basic version of the operating v/Hz - and the SMM-control method (Sensorless Motor Management) uses conventional tasks with asynchronous drives for output frequencies up to 599 Hz, optional up to 800 Hz.
Highest demands on torque and speed stability meet the versions with sensorless control operation:
- G6-ASCL (asynchronous-sensorless control) for asynchronous motors and 
- G6-SCL (synchronous-sensorless control) synchronous motors.
The two level parameter structure with basic (customer parameters) and application menu (application parameters) gives COMBIVERT G6 a unique user friendly and easy handling high functionality. The integrated multi-language LCD plain text display eased the operator guidance. Demand-driven fan and stand-by mode reduce equipment losses / heat stress in the switching cabinet, ultimately increasing the overall efficiency of the system. For a simplified maintenance, the fans are easily replaceable. The compact design for “side by side” reduces the space required for multi-axis to a minimum. COMBIVERT G6 - the new reference point for industrial applications in machine and plant construction.

Conforming to the actual requirements of the European machine directive, the KEB drive Combivert G6 series offers an integrated 2-channel safety function STO according to category 3, EN ISO 13849-1 PL e / IEC EN 62061, SIL 3.

Conforming to the actual requirements of the European machine directive, the KEB drive Combivert G6 series offers an integrated 2-channel safety function STO according to category 3, EN ISO 13849-1 PL e / IEC EN 62061, SIL 3.
Additionally the function SS1 can be covered together with an external safety timing relay. The drive is decelerated within a fixed time and is set to STO (stop category 1, EN 60204-1).

Applications maschine building and plant constructions.

Food production:
- High breakaway torque during start-up
- Exact torque during process
- Protective coating
Packaging technology:
- Fast set value processing with ±10 V 
- Controlled positioning compensates dead times
Conveyor and storage technology:
- Long motor lines up to 100 m
- Robust mechanics
Cranes, lifting devices:
- High dynamics during acceleration 
- Internal braking transistor
- Output frequency up to 599 (800) Hz 
- PID controllers for process control
- High starting torque 
- Consistent torque with change of loads 
- Suitable for modern three-phase motors and conventional elevator motors
Wood machine equipment:
- Operation of spindle drives 
- Conveyor systems, stacker 
- Tool adjustment
Textile equipment:
- PID controllers for process control 
- Protective coating
- Energy savings in stand-by mode 
- High starting torque, constant speed
Medical technology: 
- Flexible fieldbus interfaces

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