Pump series Drives
* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

ACQ810 pump series is designed for your water and wastewater applications. You can ensure accurate control of water flow from raw water pumping to fresh water and wastewater treatment. Built-in macros can be customized to meet single and multi-pump system configurations, making drive setup quick and simple. It will safely, and intelligently, control flow, level and pressure to meet your system requirements.

  • 0.37 to 500 kW
  • IP20 enclosure for installations in compact spaces
  • Built-in pump features and protections through Intelligent Pump Control
  • IE4 Synchronous reluctance and asynchronous induction motor support
  • Advanced programming tool for fine tuning the drive to meet your process requirements

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Model range

ACQ810 Series (3 phase 230 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ACQ810-04-02A7-2 0.37 2.7 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-03A5-2 0.55 3.5 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-04A9-2 0.75 4.9 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-06A3-2 1.1 6.3 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-08A3-2 1.5 8.3 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-11A0-2 2.2 11 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-14A4-2 3 14.4 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-021A-2 5.5 21 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-028A-2 7.5 28 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-040A-2 11 40 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-053A-2 15 53 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-067A-2 18.5 67 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-080A-2 22 80 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!

ACQ810 Series (3 phase 400 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ACQ810-04-02A7-4 1.1 2.7 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-06A3-4 3 6.3 0,1-1800 94x364x219 reduced!
ACQ810-04-08A3-4 4 8.3 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-11A0-4 5.5 11 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-14A4-4 7.5 14.4 0,1-1800 101x380x297 reduced!
ACQ810-04-021A-4 11 21 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-028A-4 15 28 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-035A-4 18.5 35 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-040A-4 22 40 0,1-1800 166x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-053A-4 30 53 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-067A-4 37 67 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-080A-4 45 80 0,1-1800 221x567x298 reduced!
ACQ810-04-098A-4 55 98 0,1-1800 276x602x376 reduced!
ACQ810-04-138A-4 75 138 0,1-1800 276x602x376 reduced!
ACQ810-04-162A-4 90 162 0,1-1800 312x700x465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-203A-4 110 203 0,1-1800 312x700x465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-240A-4 132 240 0,1-1800 312x700x465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-286A-4 160 286 0,1-1800 312x700x465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-377A-4 200 377 0,1-1800 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-480A-4 250 480 0,1-1800 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-570A-4 315 570 0,1-1800 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-634A-4 355 634 0,1-1800 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-700A-4 400 700 0,1-1800 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-785A-4 450 785 0,1-1800 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-857A-4 500 857 0,1-1800 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACQ810-04-162A-4+J410 90 162 0,1-1800 312х700х465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-286A-4+J410+P904 160 286 0,1-1800 312х700х465 reduced!
ACQ810-04-377A-4+H381+P905 200 377 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-377A-4+P905 200 377 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-480A-4+H381+P905 250 480 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-480A-4+P905 250 480 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-480A-4+P905+J410 250 480 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-570A-4+P905 315 570 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-570A-4+H381+P905+J410 315 570 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-570A-4+H381+J410+P905+P909 315 570 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-634A-4+P905 355 634 0,1-1800 329х1560х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-700A-4+J410+P905 400 700 0,1-1800 329х1710х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-700A-4+J410+L500 400 700 0,1-1800 329х1710х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-785A-4+P905 450 785 0,1-1800 329х1710х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-857A-4+P905 500 857 0,1-1800 329х1710х515 reduced!
ACQ810-04-857A-4+P905+H381 500 857 0,1-1800 329х1710х515 reduced!

Reduce your pump system energy usage with ABB inverter ACQ810 series

Ensure reliable operation in parallel, multipump systems if one or more pumps fail or require maintenance. The remaining pumps will continue to operate. Overall maintenance time and cost are decreased.

Remote monitoring
Send process data, logs and event messages independently without additional on-site devíces. Remote monitoring interfaces to standard web browsers will help reduce the amount of routine site visits to reduce cost.

Balance the long-term operating time of all pumps in the parallel pumping system. This will help to increase the mean time between repairs and reduce service costs. The lifetime of the pumps and motors will increase.

Maintain disturbance free operation through protection functions which will indicate if pre-defi ned conditions are altered. If the fl ow or pressure exceed defi ned limits, an appropriate alarm is generated.

Soft pipe filling
Provide a smooth build-up of fl ow in pipes. This avoids pressure peaks when the pipes are momentarily empty and controlled pipe fi lling is demanded. The lifetime of the piping and pump system is increased.

In the case of a fault on your system, determine the cause in a quick, user-friendly path to resolution.

Intelligent pump control ABB vfd ACQ810 series

Save energy, reduce downtime, prevent pump jamming and pipeline block and eliminate the need for external equipment 

Sleep boost
Detect pressure drops in the pipeline and run the pumps to boost pressure prior to low activity periods, such as at night. The pumps will restart normal activity after a preset time or once the boosted pressure falls below the minimum level. Save energy while extending the life of the pump and motor by decreasing start/stop cycles during these hours.

Pump cleaning
Use to prevent pump and pipe clogging in the wastewater pumping stations. A sequence of forward and reverse runs of the pump clean the impeller. If the function runs too often an alarm is raised.

Flow calculation
Avoid costly external fl ow meters by accurately determining the fl ow rate within a process through internal calculations.

Multi-pump control
Maintain stable process conditions for several parallel pumps operating together. Optimize the speed and number of pumps needed where the required fl ow rate is variable.

Pump priority
Allow higher capacity pumps to be operated by the drive during daytime and smaller units at night whenever the consumption rate varies based on demand.'

Level control
Control the fi lling or emptying of wastewater storage tanks. Fast-ramp starting creates a fl ush effect to keep pipes clear. Level control can be used within a station controlling up to eight pumps.

The intelligent choice for water and wastewater applications

Real time clock
Setup real time related functions for system control based on time-of-day variable demand.

Embedded modbus
Utilize the most common communication protocol in the water industry right out of the box.

Side-by-side mounting
A compact, narrow module design allows for cabinet mounting including DIN rail mounts on smaller frame sizes.

Remote monitoring
With a built-in web server, SREA-01 enables worldwide access to drives.

Removable memory unit
Download and upload parameters to a number of drives on startups, installations, and trouble-shooting.

Standard software features ABB drives ACQ810 series

The software of the ACQ810 drives is designed to enhance the reliability and durability of the application on which it is used. Also, several advanced functions make the drives easy to use. They can be accessed either via the user-friendly assistant control panel or DriveStudio PC tool.

Several macros which have pre-set, application-specific parameter settings are available as standard in each drive. These pre-programmed parameter settings enable fast commissioning by adjusting all the relevant parameters in just a couple of clicks.

Startup assistant
The intelligent and intuitive startup assistant allows first time users to quickly customize the drive, out of the box, according to their needs. This is complemented by a built-in help function to make parameter-by-parameter setting easy. These features allow the drive to be quickly commissioned, even without manuals.

Maintenance assistant
The maintenance assistant reminds the user about the drive’s preventive maintenance schedule or routine, or that of its associated components, such as motor, cabinet air inlet filters and input contactors. It reminds users of planned maintenance needs based on running hours, operating hours or relay switching to reduce unplanned process interruptions.

Diagnostic assistant
Each ACQ810 drive is equipped with a diagnostic assistant that helps in locating the cause of any disturbance to the drive, and even suggests possible remedies. This reduces process downtime by making repairs or adjustments effortless.

Energy saving features
− A calculator showing the used and saved energy, displayed in kWh, currency (€ or $) or volume of CO2 emission. Data is calculated by reference values user-stored in the drive.
− An energy efficiency optimizer that adjusts the motor flux to maximize the total efficiency. − A load analyzer showing the load profile of the drive.

Short/long menus
The user interface can be configured so that it displays only the most common parameters. This short menu allows users to quickly access parameters without having to sort through all of them.

A long menu is available, displaying the complete list of parameters, for a more advanced configuration.

Input and output mapping
This functionality allows the user to easily go through the input and output configuration of the drive.

List of changed parameters
Allows users to go through the list of changed parameters, making it quick to identify the recently modified ones.

Download manuals (all parameters)


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