General purpose series AC Drives

ACS310 is dedicated to optimize your variable torque applications, such as booster pumps and centrifugal fans. Designed with a powerful set of features that vary the drive’s performance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data. Helping you to save on operating costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.It includes a powerful set of features which benefit pump and fan applications including built-in PID controllers and pump and fan control (PFC) that varies the drive’s performance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data. ABBs ACS310 meets the requirements of new users, installers, machine builders, system integrators and panel builders.

  • IP20 enclosure
  • Built-in pump and fan features such as multi-pump control, pipe clean and fill functions
  • Embedded Modbus EIA-485 interface
  • PID controllers
  • FlashDrop tool
  • Same height and depth across power range
  • Energy efficiency counters

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Model range

ACS310 Series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS310-03E-01A3-4 0.37 1.3 70x239x161 228,00 €
ACS310-03E-02A1-4 0.55 2.1 70x239x161 244,00 €
ACS310-03E-02A6-4 0.75 2.6 70x239x161 265,00 €
ACS310-03E-03A6-4 1.1 3.6 70x239x161 308,00 €
ACS310-03E-04A5-4 1.5 4.5 70x239x161 359,00 €
ACS310-03E-06A2-4 2.2 6.2 70х239х161 388,00 €
ACS310-03E-08A0-4 3 8.0 70x239x161 439,00 €
ACS310-03E-09A7-4 4 9.7 70x239x161 500,00 €
ACS310-03E-13A8-4 5.5 13.8 169x236x169 619,00 €
ACS310-03E-17A2-4 7.5 17.2 169x236x169 741,00 €
ACS310-03E-25A4-4 11 25.4 169x236x169 921,00 €
ACS310-03E-34A1-4 15 34.1 260x244x169 1 198,00 €
ACS310-03E-41A8-4 18.5 41.8 260x244x169 1 400,00 €
ACS310-03E-48A4-4 22 48.4 260x244x169 1 711,00 €

ACS310 Series (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS310-01E-02A4-2 0.37 2.4 70x239x161 178,00 €
ACS310-01E-04A7-2 0.75 4.7 70x239x161 187,00 €
ACS310-01E-06A7-2 1.1 6.7 70x239x161 226,00 €
ACS310-01E-07A5-2 1.5 7.5 105x239x165 264,00 €
ACS310-01E-09A8-2 2.2 9.8 105x239x165 288,00 €

ACS310 Series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS310-03E-02A6-2 0.37 2.6 70x239x161 184,00 €
ACS310-03E-03A9-2 0.55 3.9 70x239x161 193,00 €
ACS310-03E-05A2-2 0.75 5.2 70x239x161 233,00 €
ACS310-03E-07A4-2 1.1 7.4 70x239x161 273,00 €
ACS310-03E-08A3-2 1.5 8.3 70x239x161 297,00 €
ACS310-03E-10A8-2 2.2 10.8 105x239x165 337,00 €
ACS310-03E-14A6-2 3 14.6 105x239x165 362,00 €
ACS310-03E-19A4-2 4 19.4 105x239x165 389,00 €
ACS310-03E-26A8-2 5.5 26.8 169x236x169 540,00 €
ACS310-03E-34A1-2 7.5 34.1 260x244x169 718,00 €
ACS310-03E-50A8-2 11 50.8 260x244x169 935,00 €

Essentials inside for basic applications of ABB inverter ACS310 series

ACS310 drives are simple and easy with all essentials included for applications with no high overload demand. Compact design with flexible mounting options saves space and installation time. Short menus and preprogrammed macros makes commissioning fast and easy. The drives powerful set of pump and fan features reduce mechanical stress and thus maintenance costs. Within pumping applications, energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved compared to direct-on-line motor-driven systems that use mechanical flow control methods. Wherever your machine is located, the local ABB will be there to support you and your clients.

Multipump and -fan control
One drive controls several pumps or fans and eliminates the need for an external programmable logic controller. One pump is drive controlled and auxiliary pumps are on/off controlled. This reduces the motor stress and increase lifetime when auxiliary motors are driven according to the needed pump/fan capacity. Interlock function enables one motor to be disengaged from the mains supply while others continue operating in parallel.

Compact and space saving design
Compact size, with power range from 0.37 to 22 kW and flexible mounting possibilities ensure optimized installation in a wide range of applications, resulting in space and cost savings.

Quick and easy commissioning
Predefined I/O configurations for application macros and built-in assistants speed up commissioning of the drive, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Robust design and quality
ACS310 has coated control boards to increase robustness. Automatic fault reset to ensure uninterrupted operation. And protection against unstable supply networks.

Energy optimizer
Intelligent drive control method improving the energy efficiency and system operation, especially while operating on partial centrifugal loads.

Load analyzer
Built-in statistical tool that saves process data, such as current and torque values, which can be used to analyze and optimise the process. It can also be used for following system behaviour before and after any system modifications.

Powerful set of pump and fan features
Integrated and preprogrammed features like pump cleaning, pipefill, inlet/outlet pressure supervision and detection of under or overload improve system reliability and lifetime. Built-in PFC feature can eliminate the need for an external programmable logic controller (PLC).

Internal Modbus EIA-485 connection
Built-in terminals and connectivity for Modbus RTU as standard enables the system control and monitoring in the most user friendly and cost effective way.

Relay extension module MREL-01
The optional MREL-01 module offers three additional relay outputs. The outputs can be configured for different functions by setting selected parameters eg, for multipump/-fan control.

Remote monitoring
Optional SREA-01 module enables remote monitoring and access to drive’s parameters and process via web browser. It enables sending log files, alarms and events by E-mail and SMS. Additionally SREA-01 offers Modbus TCP connectivity to ACS310.

FlashDrop tool
FlashDrop is a powerful palm sized drive configuration tool that copies a pre-defined drive parameter set into a drive in 2 seconds without a power connection to the drive.

Options Interface ABB frequency inverter ACS310 series

User interface

Panel cover
The purpose of the panel cover is to protect the drive’s connection surfaces.The ACS310 drive is delivered with a panel cover as standard. In addition, there are two alternative control panels available as options.

Basic control panel
The basic control panel features a single line numeric display. The panel can be used to control the drive, set parameter values or copy them from one drive to another.

Assistant control panel
The assistant control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and an built-in help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging and in controlling the drive, such as at start/stop. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate.

Panel mounting kits
To attach the control panel to the outside of a larger enclosure, two panel mounting kits are available. A simple and costefficient installation is possible with the ACS/H-CP-EXT kit, while the OPMP-01 kit provides a more user-friendly solution, including a panel platform that enables the panel to be removed in the same way as a drive-mounted panel. The panel mounting kits include all hardware required, including 3 meters extension cables and installation instructions.

Protection and installation

NEMA 1 kit
The NEMA 1 kit includes a connection box for finger protection, conduit tube installation, and a hood for protection against dirt and dust.

Terminal cover
The terminal cover is for protection of the I/O connections.

Clamping plates
The clamping plates are used for protection against electrical disturbances. The clamping plates with the clamps are included in the drive package as standard.

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