Machinery series variable frequency drives

The preconfigured ABB ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants ensuring seamless integration into machines and connecting perfectly to automation system. Drive usability is enhanced with the built-in icon based user interface and other optional control panels. Adaptive programming offers an easy alternative for simple programming needs. The drive is suitable for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and textile. Typical applications include mixers, conveyors, cranes and other constant-torque applications.

  • 0.25 to 22 kW, 200 to 480 V
  • Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations
  • Preconfigured drive variants for connecting the drive quickly to the customers automation system
  • Adaptive programming for fine tuning the application functionality
  • Built-in icon based interface for easy configuration
  • Integrated safety with safe torque off (STO) as standard

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Model range

ABB ACS380 machinery series, 380-480 V (3 phase)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS380-040S-01A8-4 0.37 1.8 70 x 223 x 174 324,00 €
ACS380-040S-02A6-4 0.55 2.6 70 x 223 x 174 341,00 €
ACS380-040S-03A3-4 0.75 3.3 70 x 223 x 174 369,00 €
ACS380-040S-04A0-4 1.1 4 70 x 223 x 174 420,00 €
ACS380-040S-05A6-4 1.5 5.6 70 x 223 x 174 480,00 €
ACS380-040S-07A2-4 2.2 7.2 70 x 223 x 174 516,00 €
ACS380-040S-09A4-4 3 9.4 70 x 223 x 174 577,00 €
ACS380-040S-12A6-4 4 12.6 95 x 223 x 174 650,00 €
ACS380-040S-17A0-4 5.5 17 169 x 223 x 174 794,00 €
ACS380-040S-25A0-4 7.5 25 169 x 223 x 174 938,00 €
ACS380-040S-032A-4 11 32 260 x 223 x 174 1 156,00 €
ACS380-040S-038A-4 15 38 260 x 223 x 174 1 491,00 €
ACS380-040S-045A-4 18.5 45 260 x 223 x 174 1 732,00 €
ACS380-040S-050A-4 22 50 260 x 223 x 174 2 106,00 €

The ABB ACS380 series frequency inverters - persistent and adaptable performance.

The ACS380 is an all-compatible machinery drive ideal for machine building thanks to its robust and compact design. The allcompatible ABB drives share the same architecture and user interfaces for easy usability.

Easy to adapt and configure to machines.
With ACS380, commissioning is quick and easy thanks to its intuitive control panel. Also, connecting to automation systems is easy thanks to preconfigured fieldbus protocols. On the hardware side, ease of use has been enhanced by having all the essential features built-in as standard. This reduces the need for additional hardware and simplifies drive selection.

Persistent performance for your application.
The ACS380 machinery drive is a robust and compact drive ideal for machine building. It is ready-customized and comes in a power range from 0.25 to 22 kW, and voltages from 200 to 240 V (one-phase) and 380 to 480 V (three-phase). ACS380 offers EMC and connectivity variants with built-in EMC filters and/or preconfigured fieldbus protocols for ease of integration and connectivity. This saves a lot of time and money for machine builders using large numbers of drives per year.

Reliability and consistent high quality.
The ACS380 drives have improved durability and reliability in harsh conditions, including coated circuit boards and enclosure IP20 as standard. All drives are tested during production at maximum temperatures with nominal loads. Tests cover both performance and all protective functions. The drives are designed for an ambient temperature of up to 50°C without derating. The drives have in their class a unique 3-phase measurement that gives very reliable earth fault protection. Also, the foil coated control panel offers a good protection against dust and gases and the galvanically isolated fieldbus gives good noise immunity.

The ABB ACS380 series frequency inverters - persistent and adaptable performance.

Adaptability, reliability and persistence for machine building with ABB ACS380 series drives.

The ACS380 machinery drives are part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. The drives give you persistent performance throughout their whole life cycle. They also offer a wider range of standard and optional features for optimal machine building.

Adaptability, reliability and persistence for machine building with ABB ACS380 series drives.

All-compatible user interface making your life easier.
ACS380 is part of ABB all-compatible drives portfolio. Other product in this portfolio are ACS480, ACS580 and ACS880 drives. All these drives have the same, easy to use PC tools and similar intuitive multilingual user interface as well as parameter structure, making using and learning them fast and easy.

Simple to select and install.
Built-in features such as an EMC filter, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and safe torque off functionality simplify drive selection, installation and use. DriveSize helps to select the optimal drive and motor for the application.

Easy setup and integration to automation.
ACS380 can be easily set-up by using the control panel or easy to use PC tools. Settings can also be copied to several drives by using either assistant control panel or PC tools. Also download the settings to an unpowered drive is possible by using the cold configuration tool. Preconfigured fieldbus protocols enable connectivity with all major industrial automation networks with minimized effort and complexity.

Designed for maximum reliability.
Design features like coated control boards, minimized air flow through the control board section, reliable earth fault protection by 3-phase current measurement and design for 50°C ambient temperature make ACS380 a safe choice for customers expecting high reliability. This is topped up by full load test that is done to every single drive during the production.

Drive based programmability.
ACS380 has built-in as standard possibility for adaptive programming that enables customizing the drive software by using either sequential or block programming. This can in some cases even eliminate the need of a separate PLC.

Remote monitoring for machine building with ABB ACS380 series drives.

Same startup and maintenance tools as for other ABB automation products.
ACS380 is using the same tools as other ABB allcompatible drives. Drive composer PC tool for startup, configuration, monitoring and process tuning. Automation Builder for automation engineering and Drive Manager for single point of commissioning.


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