Miniature series Variable Frequency Drives

ACS55 drive is a component that can be integrated easily into existing panels, replacing contactors and motor starters. Its compact size is ideal for new installations or whenever speed control of AC induction motors is needed. For users new to drives, its interface with DIP switches and trimmers is exceptionally intuitive. The ACS55 meets the requirements of new drive users, installers, machine builders and panel builders.

  • Power range 0.18 to 2.2 kW/0.25 to 3 Hp
  • IP20 enclosure (UL open)
  • Scalar control
  • For basic machinery applications
  • Suitable for domestic networks as standard
  • Parameter setting by switches or by PC software
  • Built-in EMC filter for 1st environment

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Model range

ACS55 series (1 phase, a built-in EMC filter)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ACS55-01E-01A4-2 0.18 1.4 0,1-1800 45x170x128 166,00 €
ACS55-01E-02A2-2 0.37 2.2 0,1-1800 45x170x128 184,00 €
ACS55-01E-04A3-2 0.75 4.3 0,1-1800 67,5x170x128 227,00 €
ACS55-01E-07A6-2 1.5 7.6 0,1-1800 70x226x159 293,00 €
ACS55-01E-09A8-2 2.2 9.8 0,1-1800 70x226x159 346,00 €

ABB frequency inverter ACS55 series - component drives designed to incorporated into a wide variety of simple machines

ABB component drives are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of simple machines such as automatic gates, exercise machines, whirlpools and pizza ovens. The drives are widely available and easy to purchase through the ABB distribution network. The drives are compact and slim. Several mounting methods like DIN rail mounting make it easy to fit the drives into a variety of cabinet designs. The drive is programmed by switches and potentiometers. More advanced programming is possible via a DriveConfig kit PC tool. The drives work with single phase power and are suitable for domestic environments.

- Built-in 1st environment EMC filter as standard: Suitable for single phase residential and commercial applications
- Compact and slim design 
- Several installation alternatives 
- Reduced motor noise with high switching frequency 
- Easy configuration using potentiometers and switches 
- Fast programming of drives without the need for a power connection
ABB vfd ACS55 series - component drives designed to incorporated into a wide variety of simple machines

Typical applications

ABB component drives bring speed control benefits to a wide variety of applications such as fans, pumps, material handling systems, variety of commercial machines and many more.

In automatic gates the drive controls the motor that moves the gate’s barrier up and down. The drive provides the barrier with smooth start and stop, thereby reducing maintenance costs. A slim design allows installation of the drive in the restrictive space associated with gate enclosures.

In solar trackers the drive controls the electric motor that turns the solar panel to track the sun. With a wide temperature range up to 55 °C, the drive can be used in environments with diverse ambient temperature. The DriveConfig kit provides a quick and safe way to configure multiple drives for hundreds or even thousands of solar trackers.

In treadmills the drive controls the speed of the motor powering the running belt. The drive offers high torque and accurate speed control throughout the treadmill’s speed range providing smooth acceleration and deceleration for the user. Audible noise is reduced through the drive switching at higher frequencies. A built-in 1st environment EMC filter as standard provides low EMC emissions in all environments.

In whirlpool baths the drive controls the pump that generates the pool’s water jets. The user controls the start, stop and power of the jets via a user interface connected to the drive’s I/O. The drive provides silent operation by using a high switching frequency. The drive’s heatsink for cooling enables the drive to be enclosed to a high protection class enclosure.

Options for ABB vfd ACS55 series

DriveConfig kit
The DriveConfig kit is a PC tool for programming and control of ACS55 drives that need more functionality. The kit enables parameter setting and software updating without the need for a power connection. The drives can even remain in their delivery boxes during configuration which means no need for a safe area. The DriveConfig kit features online drive control and monitoring of up to four signals simultaneously. Together with the ACS55 drives series, the DriveConfig kit helps save time by ensuring fast setup, accurate parameter settings and reliable operation. The DriveConfig kit gives users access to an extended range of application parameter values, which can be used to add drive functionality. Please see the table on the right for the value ranges, functionality and the actual signals enabled by the DriveConfig kit.

The DriveConfig kit includes:
- Hardware and cables
- PC software 
- User’s manual in English (hardcopy and PDF)
- Battery charger

DriveConfig kit requirements: 
- PC with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 operating system 
- USB port on the PC

DriveConfig kit requirements for ABB drive ACS55 series
Download manuals (all parameters)
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