General purpose series Inverters
* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

ACS550 frequency inverter is ideal for variable and constant torque applications from pumps and fans to conveyors and mixers as well as many other variable and constant torque applications. It is simple to install, configure and use, saving considerable time as most features are built-in as standard. The product offers a high functionality to cater to the needs for speed and torque control of AC induction motors. Several programming tools are available for easy dimensioning, commissioning and maintenance. The drive meets the requirements of new drive users, installers, machine builders, system integrators and panel builders.

  • 0.75 to 355 kW/1 to 500 Hp
  • Vector control
  • Built-in EMC filter and Modbus fieldbus interface
  • Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
  • Coated boards for harsh environments
  • FlashDrop tool
  • Built-in brake chopper as standard up to 11 kW

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Model range

ACS550 series * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
ACS550-01-04A6-2 0.75 4.6 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-06A6-2 1.1 6.6 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-07A5-2 1.5 7.5 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-012A-2 2.2 11.8 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-017A-2 4 16.7 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-024A-2 5.5 24.2 0,1-1800 125х469х222 reduced!
ACS550-01-031A-2 7.5 30.8 0,1-1800 125х469х222 reduced!
ACS550-01-046A-2 11 46.2 0,1-1800 203х583х231 reduced!
ACS550-01-059A-2 15 59.4 0,1-1800 203х583х231 reduced!
ACS550-01-075A-2 18.5 74.8 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-088A-2 22 88 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-114A-2 30 114 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-143A-2 37 143 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-178A-2 45 178 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-221A-2 55 221 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-248A-2 75 248 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-03A3-4 1.1 3.3 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-04A1-4 1.5 4.1 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-05A4-4 2.2 5.4 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-06A9-4 3 6.9 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-08A8-4 4 8.8 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-012A-4 5.5 11.9 0,1-1800 125х369х212 reduced!
ACS550-01-015A-4 7.5 15.4 0,1-1800 125х469х222 reduced!
ACS550-01-023A-4 11 23 0,1-1800 125х469х222 reduced!
ACS550-01-031A-4 15 31 0,1-1800 203х583х231 reduced!
ACS550-01-038A-4 18.5 38 0,1-1800 203х583х231 reduced!
ACS550-01-045A-4 22 45 0,1-1800 203х583х231 reduced!
ACS550-01-059A-4 30 59 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-072A-4 37 72 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-087A-4 45 87 0,1-1800 203х689х262 reduced!
ACS550-01-125A-4 55 125 0,1-1800 265х739х286 reduced!
ACS550-01-157A-4 75 157 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-180A-4 90 180 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-195A-4 110 205 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!
ACS550-01-246A-4 132 246 0,1-1800 300х880х400 reduced!

Introduction to ABB drives ACS550 Series

ABB general purpose drives
ABB general purpose drives are simple to buy, install, configure and use, saving considerable time. They are widely available through ABB channel partners. The drives have common user and process interfaces with fieldbuses, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance and common spare parts.

ABB general purpose drives can be used in a wide range of industries. Typical applications include pump, fan and constant torque use, such as conveyors. ABB general purpose drives are ideal in those situations where there is a need for simplicity to install, commission and use and where customizing or special product engineering is not required.

− FlashDrop tool
− Intuitive use with assistant control panel
− Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
− Vector control
− Coated boards for harsh environments
− Built-in category C2 EMC filter (1st environment) as standard
− Flexible fieldbus system with built-in Modbus and numerous internally mountable fieldbus adapters
− UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick and GOST R approved
− RoHS compliant

Dimensions of ABB vfd ACS550 series

Electromagnetic compatibility
The EMC product standard (EN 61800-3:2004 + Amendment A1:2012) covers the specific EMC requirements stated for drives (tested with motor and cable) within the EU. EMC standards such as EN 55011, or EN 61000-6-3/4, apply to industrial and household equipment and systems including drive component inside. Drive units complying with requirements of EN 61800-3 are always complient with comparable categories in EN 55011 and EN 61000-6-3/4, but not necessarily vice versa. EN 55011 and EN 61000-6-3/4 do not specify cable length nor require a motor to be connected as a load. The emission limits are comparable according to the following table, EMC standards.

ABB inverter ACS550 Series assistant control panel

The assistant control panel, which is delivered as standard, features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and a built-in help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging and in controlling the drive, such as start/stop. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading them to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate.

Options Plug-in options for ABB frequency inverter ACS550 Series

FlashDrop tool
ACS550 drives have an interface for a FlashDrop tool. FlashDrop is a powerful palm sized tool for fast and easy parameter selection and setting of an unpowered drive. The user can hide each parameter/group from the drive’s display, which protects the drive and connected machinery.

Relay output extension option module
This plug-in option offers three additional relay outputs. They can be used, for example, in pump and fan control or many supervisory functions. All the relays can be programmed to on/off by using the assistant control panel’s clock. Alternatively, fieldbus can be used to control any external components in the system.

Encoder feedback option module
The general purpose drives can accommodate an encoder module. Using an encoder for speed feedback is a straight forward way to increase motor control in many applications.

Plug-in fieldbus module
The plug-in fieldbus options bring connectivity to major automation systems. A single twisted pair avoids large amounts of conventional cabling,thereby reducing cost and increasing system reliability.

ACS550 supports the following fieldbus options:
− DeviceNetTM
− LonWorks®
− CANopen®
− ControlNet
− Modbus TCP
− EtherNet/IPTM
− EtherCAT®

Download manuals (all parameters)


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