Machinery series AC Drives
* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

ACS850 stands out in the ABB machinery inverters portfolio for its wide power range and high-performance speed and torque control. The embedded PLC, configurable by using an SPC block program, offers a unique possibility for configuring the inverter to best support your machine. By choosing an ABB machinery drive, machine builders not only get all the clever things inside the drive, but also everything outside: the entire global ABB network. This means a full range of products and services designed to support your business in an optimal way. 

  • Designed for speed and torque machinery applications for synchronous, permanent magnet and asynchronous motors
  • Accurate motor torque and speed control even without feedback provided by direct torque control (DTC) technology
  • Compact design for both single-axis and common DC
  • Wide variety of different communication protocols and mechanical options for cabinet mounting available
  • Functional safety as standard

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Model range

ACS850 Series (3 phase 400 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS850-04-03A0-5+J414 1.1 3 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-03A6-5+J414 1.5 3.6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-04A8-5+J414 1.5 4.8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-06A0-5+J414 2.2 6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-08A0-5+J414 3 8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-010A-5+J414 4 10.5 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-014A-5+J414 5.5 14 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-018A-5+J414 7.5 18 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-025A-5+J414 11 25 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-030A-5+J414 15 30 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-035A-5+J414 18 35 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-044A-5+J414 22 44 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-050A-5+J414 22 50 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-061A-5+J414 30 61 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-078A-5+J414 37 78 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-094A-5+J414 45 94 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-103A-5+J414 55 103 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-144A-5+J414 75 144 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-166A-5+J414 75 166 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-202A-5+J414 90 202 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-225A-5+J414 110 225 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-260A-5+J414 132 260 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-290A-5+J414 160 290 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-03A0-5+E200+J414 1.1 3 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-03A6-5+E200+J414 1.5 3.6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-04A8-5+E200+J414 1.5 4.8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-06A0-5+E200+J414 2.2 6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-08A5-5+E200+J414 3 8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-010A-5+E200+J414 4 10.5 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-014A-5+E200+J414 5.5 14 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-018A-5+E200+J414 7.5 18 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-025A-5+E200+J414 11 25 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-030A-5+E200+J414 15 30 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-035A-5+E200+J414 18 35 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-044A-5+E200+J414 22 44 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-050A-5+E200+J414 22 50 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-061A-5+E200+J414 30 61 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-078A-5+E200+J414 37 78 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-094A-5+E200+J414 45 94 221x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-103A-5+E210+J414 55 103 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-144A-5+E210+J414 75 144 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-166A-5+E210+J414 75 166 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-202A-5+E210+J414 90 202 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-225A-5+E210+J414 110 225 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-103A-5+D150+J414 55 103 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-144A-5+D150+J414 75 144 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-166A-5+D150+J414 75 166 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-202A-5+D150+J414 90 202 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-260A-5+E210+J414 132 260 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-290A-5+E210+J414 160 290 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-225A-5+D150+J414 110 225 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-260A-5+D150+J414 132 260 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-290A-5+D150+J414 160 290 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-103A-5+E210+D150+J414 55 103 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-144A-5+E210+D150+J414 75 144 276x602x354 reduced!
ACS850-04-166A-5+E210+D150+J414 75 166 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-202A-5+E210+D150+J414 90 202 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-225A-5+E210+D150+J414 110 225 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-260A-5+E210+D150+J414 132 260 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-290A-5+E210+D150+J414 160 290 312x700x443 reduced!
ACS850-04-387A-5+J414 200 387 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-500A-5+J414 250 500 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-580A-5+J414 315 580 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-650A-5+J414 355 650 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-710A-5+J414 400 710 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-807A-5+J414 450 807 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-875A-5+J414 450 875 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-387A-5+D150+J414 200 387 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-500A-5+D150+J414 250 500 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-580A-5+D150+J414 315 580 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-650A-5+D150+J414 355 650 305x1462x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-710A-5+D150+J414 400 710 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-807A-5+D150+J414 450 807 305x1662x505 reduced!
ACS850-04-875A-5+D150+J414 450 875 305x1662x505 reduced!

ACS850 Series (3 phase 200 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACS850-04-03A0-2 0.37 3 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-03A6-2 0.55 3.6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-04A8-2 0.75 4.8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-06A0-2 1.1 6 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-08A0-2 1.5 8 93x364x197 reduced!
ACS850-04-010A-2 2.2 10.5 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-014A-2 3 14 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-018A-2 4 18 101x380x274 reduced!
ACS850-04-025A-2 5.5 25 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-030A-2 7.5 30 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-035A-2 7.5 35 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-044A-2 11 44 166x567x276 reduced!
ACS850-04-061A-2 15 61 221x567x276 reduced!

ABB industrial drives

ABB industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives, designed for industrial applications, specifically for those in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries. The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of these industries, and hence order-based configuration is an integral part of the offering. Covering a wide power and voltage range and with a vast array of standard and optional features, the drives are readily programmable, making their adaptation to different applications easy.

ABB ACS850-04 series single drive modules

ACS850-04 modules are UL listed in compliance with UL508C-2003. They offer a wide range of internal options such as extended I/O and high speed communications. In addition to these, a wide selection of external accessories is also available. Because the modules are specifically designed for cabinet assembly, they can be mounted side-by-side. Cabinet assembly documentation is included. The documentation gives examples of different cabinet configurations, examples of drawings and hints on the selection of auxiliary equipment. The flexibility and programmability of the modules makes them an ideal choice for many applications in a variety of industries.

Robust design for ABB vfd ACS850 series

The current ratings of ABB industrial drives are designed for applications that have a high overload requirement. At the heart of the drive is the motor control platform, Direct Torque Control (DTC) that provides accurate static and dynamic speed and torque control, high starting torque and long motor cables. Furthermore, built-in drive options make the drive installation fast and easy. The drive is designed for a long working life and as such, parts like fans and capacitors have been selected to maximize their lifetime. This, together with the extensive protection features and design details, such as coated circuit boards, results in excellent reliability for the demanding industrial market.

Drive modules

Drive modules are designed to be built into a customer’s own cabinet. The ACS850-04 units are complete single drive modules that are optimized for this purpose, using minimal cabinet space while ensuring cabinet assembly is as easy as possible. ABB industrial drive modules are suitable for system integrators and/or OEMs which are making their own systems. The modules typically have an IP20 enclosure class.

Type code for ABB drive ACS850 series

The type code is a unique reference number that clearly identifies the drive by construction, power, voltage rating and selected options. Using the type code you can specify your drives from the wide range of available selections. Customer-specific options are added to the type code using the corresponding + code.

Safe Torque Off

The Safe Torque Off (STO) function disables the control voltage of the power semiconductors in the drive output stage, thus preventing the inverter from generating the voltage required to rotate the motor. With this function, the power supply does not need to be turned off while doing cleaning or maintenance on the nonelectrical parts of the machinery.
The function meets the requirements of these safety standards:
- Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) according to IEC 61508
- Safety Category 3 acc. to EN 954-1

Drive modules main features of ABB vfd ACS850 series

Drive modules main features of ABB vfd ACS850 series

Drive modules main features of ABB frequency inverter ACS850 series

Options for ABB drive ACS850 series

Optional Inputs and Outputs
The ACS850 drive modules have one of the most extensive offering of standard Inputs and Outputs (I/O) in the market. In addition, optional I/O extension modules are available, providing additional connection possibilities. Options include analog and digital extension modules and pulse encoder interface modules which are mounted in the slots on the ACS850 control board. The control board has two slots available for I/O extension modules. Additionally, there is a third slot available for communication buses.

Fieldbus control
The ACS850 drive modules have an embedded Modbus link as standard. This RS-485 link is galvanically isolated for trouble-free operation and can be alternatively configured as a high speed drive-to-drive link for master-follower operation. Other fieldbus protocols are also supported, enabling connectivity to major automation systems. This is achieved using dedicated interface modules between the different fieldbus systems and ABB drives. The fieldbus interface module can easily be mounted inside the drive. Because of the wide range of fieldbus gateways, your choice of automation system is independent of your decision to use ABB AC drives.

This allows manufacturing flexibility and reduced installation and engineering effort via:
- Drive control (using a 16-bit word)
- Drive monitoring
- Drive diagnostics (via alarms, limit and fault words) 
- Drive parameter handling
- Optimized design 
- Precommissioning 
- Fast and easy assembly

Assistant Control Panel
The assistant control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive configuration.
It is an ideal tool for service engineers, providing the following features:
- A large alphanumeric display 
- Extremely easy to navigate 
- Soft and convenient keys 
- Local control keys (start/stop/reference) 
- Set and monitor parameters 
- Status and history data 
- Real-time clock

ACS850's unique holder enables mounting of the control panel either on the drive itself or on the cabinet door.

du/dt filters
Du/dt filtering suppresses inverter output voltage spikes and rapid voltage changes that stress motor insulation. Additionally, du/dt filtering reduces capacitive leakage currents and high frequency emission of the motor cable as well as high frequency losses and bearing currents in the motor. The need for du/dt filtering depends on the motor age and insulation. For information on the construction of the motor insulation, consult the motor manufacturer. If the motor does not fulfil the requirements of the filter selection table, the lifetime of the motor might decrease. Insulated N-end (nondriven end) bearings and/or common mode filters are also required for motor bearing currents with motors bigger than 100 kW. 

Mains chokes
Mains chokes are typically used to reduce harmonics in the mains current. Frames C to G are equipped with built-in choke as standard. For frames A and B, the ACS850 drive modules do not necessarily need a separate mains choke for operation. If however separate mains choke are needed they are available to meet different system design needs.

Standard I/O

Standard I/O for ABB drive ACS850 series
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