Emerson VFD Drives Unidrive M400 industrial series


Unidrive M400 minimizes downtime with an intuitive LCD display for rapid set-up and clear diagnostic help. The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. Coupled with an impressive I/O count complete with two STO inputs and an SI interface for a fieldbus option or extended I/O, the feature set ensures M400's flexible integration with any system. M400 provides an upgrade path for existing Commander SK users who use LogicStick.

  • Informative, multi-language, 3 line display aids set up and provides diagnostic information
  • 4 navigation buttons facilitate intuitive navigation and programming
  • Keypad options available: CI Keypad - Drive mounted LCD keypad, remote IP66 keypad - rapid panel mount (1 x 32mm Ø hole), no Keypad - Control/programming performed by PC or fieldbus
  • Rotor Flux Control (RFC-A) gives maximum stability and control of induction motors at all powers
  • 180% motor overload suitable for heavy industrial machinery applications
  • Precise frequency following is possible from an encoder or frequency/direction inputs
  • M400 incorporates an onboard PLC which can execute Machine Control Studio (IEC61131-3) programs for logic and sequencing with real-time tasks - removing the need for additional PLC's
  • Fit an SI module to add a fieldbus communications option or additional I/O
  • M400 has integrated dual STO inputs for SIL3 / PLe conformity, eliminating the need for external safety components

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Model range

Unidrive M400 industrial series (1 phase 100-120 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-011 00017A 0,25 1.7 75x160x130 reduced!
M400-011 00024A 0,37 2.4 75x160x130 reduced!
M400-021 00042A 0,75 4.2 78x205x150 406,00 €
M400-021 00056A 1,1 5.6 78x205x150 reduced!

Unidrive M400 industrial series (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-012 00017A 0,25 1.7 75x160x130 304,00 €
M400-012 00024A 0,37 2.4 75x160x130 reduced!
M400-012 00033A 0,55 3.3 75x160x130 reduced!
M400-012 00042A 0,75 4.2 75x160x130 328,00 €
M400-022 00056A 1,1 5.6 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-022 00075A 1,5 7.5 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-032 00100A 2,2 10 90x226x160 reduced!
M400-042 00133A 3 13.3 115x277x175 reduced!

Unidrive M400 industrial series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-022 00024A 0,37 2.4 78x205x150 341,00 €
M400-022 00033A 0,55 3.3 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-022 00042A 0,75 4.2 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-022 00056A 1,1 5.6 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-022 00075A 1,5 7.5 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-032 00100A 2,2 10 90x226x160 504,00 €
M400-042 00133A 3 13.3 115x277x175 reduced!
M400-042 00176A 4 17.6 115x277x175 reduced!
M400-052 00250A 5,5 25 143x365x202 reduced!
M400-062 00330A 7,5 33 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-062 00440A 11 44 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-072 00610A 15 61 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-072 00750A 18,5 75 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-072 00830A 22 83 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-082 01160A 30 116 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-082 01320A 37 132 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-092 01760A 45 176 310x1049x290 reduced!
M400-092 02190A 55 219 310x1049x290 reduced!

Unidrive M400 industrial series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-024 00013A 0,37 1.3 78x205x150 reduced!
M400-024 00018A 0,55 1.8 78x205x150 443,00 €
M400-024 00023A 0,75 2.3 78x205x150 454,00 €
M400-024 00032A 1,1 3.2 78x205x150 490,00 €
M400-024 00041A 1,5 4.1 78x205x150 522,00 €
M400-034 00056A 2,2 5.6 90x226x160 642,00 €
M400-034 00073A 3 7.3 90x226x160 701,00 €
M400-034 00094A 4 9.4 90x226x160 724,00 €
M400-044 00135A 5,5 13.5 115x277x175 788,00 €
M400-044 00170A 7,5 17 115x277x175 893,00 €
M400-054 00270A 11 27 143x365x202 1 268,00 €
M400-054 00300A 15 30 143x365x202 1 466,00 €
M400-064 00350A 15 35 210x365x227 1 653,00 €
M400-064 00420A 18,5 42 210x365x227 1 820,00 €
M400-064 00470A 22 47 210x365x227 2 244,00 €
M400-074 00660A 30 66 270x508x280 2 470,00 €
M400-074 00770A 37 77 270x508x280 2 703,00 €
M400-074 01000A 45 100 270x508x280 3 414,00 €
M400-084 01340A 55 134 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-084 01570A 75 157 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-094 02000A 90 200 310x1049x290 reduced!
M400-094 02240A 110 224 310x1049x290 reduced!

Unidrive M400 industrial series (3 phase 500-570 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-055 00030 A 1,5 3 143x365x202 reduced!
M400-055 00040 A 2,2 4 143x365x202 reduced!
M400-055 00069 A 4 6,9 143x365x202 reduced!
M400-065 00100 A 5,5 10 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-065 00150 A 7,5 15 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-065 00190 A 11 19 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-065 00230 A 15 23 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-065 00290 A 18,5 29 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-065 00350 A 22 35 210x365x227 reduced!
M400-075 00440 A 30 44 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-075 00550 A 37 55 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-085 00630 A 45 63 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-085 00860 A 55 86 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-095 01040 A 75 104 310x1049x290 reduced!
M400-095 01310 A 90 131 310x1049x290 reduced!

Unidrive M400 industrial series (3 phase 500-690 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
M400-076 00190 A 15 19 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-076 00240 A 18,5 24 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-076 00290 A 22 29 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-076 00380 A 30 38 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-076 00440 A 37 44 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-076 00540 A 45 54 270x508x280 reduced!
M400-086 00630 A 55 63 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-086 00860 A 75 86 310x753x290 reduced!
M400-096 01040 A 90 104 310x1049x290 reduced!
M400-096 01310 A 110 131 310x1049x290 reduced!

Emerson frequency inverter Unidrive M400 series – A Manufacturing Automation drive family tailored to customer needs.

Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored seven Unidrive M feature-sets to specifi c application needs identifi ed within Manufacturing Automation. The Unidrive M400 adds to the family an optional enhanced LCD keypad, precise frequency following and onboard Programmable Logic Control (PLC) for open loop applications. It also provides an easy upgrade for existing Commander SK high power applications or where a programmable LogicStick is used.

Unidrive M400 AC drive at a glance.

Fast set-up and diagnosis with real-text display, plus integrated CODESYS based PLC.
M400 minimizes machine downtime with its optional intuitive advanced LCD keypad that offers real-text multi-language display for rapid set-up and superior diagnostics. Its onboard PLC with real-time tasking can be used for simple logic control using Machine Control Studio programming software (powered by CODESYS) to enhance drive application capability.

Maximize productivity with high performance control of AC motors.
Unidrive M400’s advanced Rotor Flux Control (RFC) algorithm ensures maximum stability and machine control. It provides a high bandwidth motor control algorithm with 166 μs current loop update rates and 180 % motor overload for heavy industrial machinery applications.

Maximize throughput and easily meet machine safety requirements.
Unidrive M400 has onboard dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs for easy safety system integration, eliminating external components such as contactors. Compliance with SIL3 is simple while machine productivity is enhanced.

Robust design.
After extensive customer research, Unidrive M400 has been designed and tested for leading reliability in manufacturing environments. It features: 
- Unique advanced cooling design featuring a patented flow system that helps cool the drive more effectively while protecting internal components.
- Conformally coated PCBs 
- 180 % overload for 3 s or 150 % for 60 s 
- Wide supply voltage tolerance
- Drive meets IP21 as standard 
- Higher temperature operation with de-rating 
- Intelligent 3 speed user-replaceable cooling fan with patented fan-fail detection circuit.

Fast parameter transfer without mains power.
For fast, serial machine production the AI-Back-up Adaptor option plugs into the top of the drive to allow configuration settings and Machine Control Studio programs (powered by CODESYS) to be copied without the need to apply mains power. Files are stored on an SD memory card for easy handling.

Enhance productivity through easy integration with automation systems and reduce machine downtime.
Unidrive M400 provides optional RS485 communications and a port for a System Integration (SI) option module. SI modules include Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen network communications, and additional I/O. These allow remote control and diagnostics across different networks, while I/O can be configured to accept an encoder or frequency/direction inputs for frequency following.

Reduce machine size and cost.
Unidrive M400’s compact drive dimensions are among the smallest in class at every power rating. Packed full of onboard features, such as programmable automation for simple applications and 2 x STO terminals, Unidrive M400 provides a powerful economical solution, eliminating the need for many external components such as PLCs and safety contactors.

Easy to access machine control features.
Our software tools, keypads and memory storage devices provide easy and fast access to Unidrive M’s machine control features for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics.

Powerful and easy field service and upgrade.
The M400 is designed to extend the field service life of previous generations of products. It also provides the easiest possible upgrade for OEM machine designs that currently use Commander SK drives in high power applications or where a LogicStick is used. Features include: 
- Compatible dimensions 
- Onboard programming 
- Extended power ratings up to 110 kW (150 hp) 
- Support for the import of Commander SK parameter files and drive cloning.

Machine Control Studio programming software powered by CODESYS with Emerson drive Unidrive M400 series.

Control Techniques’ Machine Control Studio software provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming Unidrive M’s new automation and motion control features. This new software offers programming for the Unidrive M400’s onboard PLC. Machine Control Studio is powered by CODESYS, the leading open software for programmable machine control. The programming environment is fully EN/IEC 61131-3 compliant, meaning that it is familiar and therefore fast and easy to use for control engineers around the world.
Machine Control Studio programming software powered by CODESYS with Emerson drive Unidrive M400 series.
The following EN/IEC 61131-3 programming languages are supported: 
- Structured Text (ST) 
- Function Block Diagram (FBD) 
- Structured Function Chart (SFC) 
- Ladder Diagram (LD)
- Instruction List (IL)

Also supported: 
- Continuous Function Chart (CFC).
Intuitive IntelliSense functionality helps to write consistent and robust programming, speeding up software development. Programmers have access to a vibrant open-source community for function blocks. Control Techniques also provides support for customers’ own function block libraries, with on-line monitoring of program variables with user defined watch windows and help for on-line change of program, in line with current PLC practices.

Fast and Easy access for Commissioning, Monitoring and Diagnostics with Emerson vfd Unidrive M400 series.

Unidrive M keypads, memory devices and software tools make it easy to access Unidrive M400’s full feature set, allowing users to optimize drive tuning, back-up the configuration set and troubleshoot more quickly. Unidrive M benefits from two optional keypad choices to meet your application needs.
Fast and Easy access for Commissioning, Monitoring and Diagnostics with Emerson vfd Unidrive M400 series.
Unidrive M Connect commissioning tool.
Based on Control Techniques’ 25 years of experience, Unidrive M Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring drive/system performance. Its development draws from extensive user research, using human centered design principles to give the ultimate user experience: 
- Fast task based commissioning and easy maintenance of the Unidrive M family is simplified via familiar Windows interface
- Intuitive graphical tools enhance and simplify user experience 
- For experienced users, dynamic drive logic diagrams and enhanced searchable listings are present 
- Drive and motor performance can be optimized with minimal specialized drive knowledge 
- Tool is scalable to match application requirements 
- Supports the import of Commander SK parameter files and allows full drive cloning (i.e. parameter sets and application program) 
- Multiple simultaneous communications channels for a more complete overview of the system 
- Drive discovery gives the ability to find drives on a network automatically without the user having to specify their addresses 
- Automatic RTU baud rate scanning on the M400 RS485 connection.

Portable SD memory card.
Unidrive M400 uses popular SD cards for quick and easy parameter and program storage using the AI-Back-up Adaptor. SD cards provide a huge memory capability allowing a complete system reload if required and can be easily pre-programmed on a common PC.

Performance motor control.
Control Techniques’ unique motor control algorithms combined with the latest microprocessor technology ensure that Unidrive M400 offers high stability and bandwidth for many industrial motor types. This enables you to maximize machine throughput and efficiency in every application using open loop AC induction motors.

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