Hitachi X200 VFD compact series from Official Distributor

* Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

The economic drive solution for applications up to 7.5 kW. The X200 frequency inverters are suitable for pump and fan applications as well as for common tasks in machine construction. With the integrated EMC filter the inverter fullfills EN61800-3 standard and is complying with standards like CE, UL, cUL, c-Tick and RoHS.

  • Integrated EMC Filter
  • Automatic Energy saving function
  • RS485 Interface with Modbus RTU on board
  • Network Options: Profibus, CanOpen
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Side-by-Side installation
  • Global standards CE, UL, c-UL und c-Tick

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Model range

X200 Series (1 phase 200-240 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
X200-002SFEF 0,2 1.4 80x155x93 reduced!
X200-004SFEF 0,4 2.6 80x155x107 reduced!
X200-005SFEF 0,55 3.0 110x189x128 reduced!
X200-007SFEF 0,7 4.0 110x189x128 reduced!
X200-011SFEF 1,1 5.0 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-015SFEF 1,5 7.1 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-022SFEF 2,2 10.0 110x189x155 reduced!

X200 Series (3 phase 380-480 V) * Discontinued series! Ask for new version or replacement!

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
X200-004HFEF 0,4 1.5 110x189x128 reduced!
X200-007HFEF 0,7 2.5 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-015HFEF 1,5 3.8 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-022HFEF 2,2 5.5 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-030HFEF 3 7.8 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-040HFEF 4 8.6 110x189x155 reduced!
X200-055HFEF 5,5 13 180x250x165 reduced!
X200-075HFEF 7,5 16 180x250x165 reduced!

Hitachi vfd X200 series is environment-friendly

RoHS compliance for all models.

Integrated EMC Filter

Cost and space reduction compared with external EMC filter. (European version only)
Single-phase input: EN61800-3 cat.C1
Three-phase input : EN61800-3 cat.C2
Hitachi vfd X200 series conducted emission data

Hitachi drive X200 series has Emergency Stop Function

Shut off INV output by hardware without software(CPU) high quality emergency stop.

Improved Trip Avoidance Function

Over current and over voltage suppressing function is incorporated. This function reduces inverter tripping. The X200 decelerates and stops the motor using regenerative energy from the motor even though the power is not supplied.
Hitachi drive X200 series OC suppression OFF vs OC suppression ON

Non-stop operation at IPF

This can achieve smooth retry even when the IPF (Instantaneous Power Failure) occurs. This is useful especially in Fan and pump application.
Hitachi inverter X200 series non-stop operation at IPF

Hitachi frequency inverter X200 series has a Automatic Energy-saving Function

The X200 delivers "realtime" energy-saving operation for your fan and pump applications. This function insures that motor operates at minimum current in response to the torque required by the load.
Hitachi frequency inverter X200 series has aAutomatic Energy-saving Function

Micro Surge Voltage suppress function (Patent registered in Japan,USA & Korea)

Hitachi original PWM control suppressing Motor terminal Voltage less than 2 times of INV DC voltage E. Lower than Hitachi motor Max. insulation voltage (1,250V) (during regenerating operation increase the DC bus voltage may over motor max. insulation voltage)
Hitachi vfd X200 series motor terminal voltage

Network Compatibility

RS-485 is provided as standard for Modbus-RTU serial communication PROFIBUS, CANopen option modules are available soon.
Hitachi drive X200 series Network Compatibility

Hitachi inverter X200 series can be installed Side-by-side 

Since an inverter can be stuck and installed in a horizontal direction, a space can be used effectively.
Hitachi vfd X200 series can be installed side-by-side

Hitachi drive X200 series Versatile Functions

- Pure analog monitor output(10-bit, 0-10VDC)
- Low load detection
- External thermistor terminal (PTC)
- Cooling-fan on/off • Instantaneous power failure recovery
- Second motor setting
- 3-wire control
- Analog input selection
- Second acceleration/deceleration setting
- Jogging
- Auto-carrier frequency reduction
- Unattended start protection (USP)
- Analog input wire-break detection
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