INVT frequency inverters GD20-EU mini series


INVT GD20-EU series inverter is a mini general purpose vector control inverter, adopting international advanced vector control algorithm with excellent features. Goodrive20-EU supports wall mounting and rail mounting in a smaller size, which saves installation space. It is a high performance mini product for small power markets.

  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • VF and Sensorless Vector Control
  • Up to 0.5Hz/150% starting torque
  • Built-in braking unit and rich interfaces
  • External keypad to copy parameters
  • Standard C3 filters(≥4kW); Optional C3 filters(≤2.2kW) and C2 Filters
  • Customization services provided (like PTC and Fire-Mode)
  • UL/cUL and TUV SUD certified

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Model range

GD20-EU (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
GD20-0R4G-S2-EU 0.4 2.5 0-3600 80x160x123,5 reduced!
GD20-0R7G-S2-EU 0.75 4.2 0-3600 80x160x123,5 reduced!
GD20-1R5G-S2-EU 1.5 7.5 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-2R2G-S2-EU 2.2 10 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!

GD20-EU (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
GD20-0R4G-2-EU 0.4 2.5 0-3600 80x160x123,5 reduced!
GD20-0R7G-2-EU 0.75 4.2 0-3600 80x160x123,5 reduced!
GD20-1R5G-2-EU 1.5 7.5 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-2R2G-2-EU 2.2 10 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-004G-2-EU 4 16 0-3600 146x256x167 reduced!
GD20-5R5G-2-EU 5.5 20 0-3600 146x256x167 reduced!
GD20-7R5G-2-EU 7.5 30 0-3600 170x320x196,3 reduced!

GD20-EU (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
GD20-0R7G-4-EU 0.75 2.5 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-1R5G-4-EU 1.5 4.2 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-2R2G-4-EU 2.2 5.5 0-3600 80x185x140,5 reduced!
GD20-004G-4-EU 4 9.5 0-3600 146x256x167 reduced!
GD20-5R5G-4-EU 5.5 14 0-3600 146x256x167 reduced!
GD20-7R5G-4-EU 7.5 18.5 0-3600 170x320x196,3 reduced!
GD20-011G-4-EU 11 25 0-3600 170x320x196,3 reduced!
GD20-015G-4-EU 15 32 0-3600 170x320x196,3 reduced!
GD20-018G-4-EU 18.5 38 0-3600 200x340,6x184,3 reduced!
GD20-022G-4-EU 22 45 0-3600 200x340,6x184,3 reduced!
GD20-030G-4-EU 30 60 0-3600 250x400x202 reduced!
GD20-037G-4-EU 37 75 0-3600 250x400x202 reduced!
GD20-045G-4-EU 45 92 0-3600 282x560x238 reduced!
GD20-055G-4-EU 55 115 0-3600 282x560x238 reduced!
GD20-075G-4-EU 75 150 0-3600 282x560x238 reduced!
GD20-090G-4-EU 90 180 0-3600 338x554x329,2 reduced!
GD20-110G-4-EU 110 215 0-3600 338x554x329,2 reduced!

INVT Goodrive20-EU introduction

Goodrive20-EU is a general purpose vector control inverter with certified STO (Safe Torque OFF) function. It's oriented for OEM equipment markets, mainly covering the applications of water treatment, printing and packaging, winding equipment, paper machinery, shearing equipment, plastic machinery, food machinery, cable machinery, textile machinery, HVAC, etc.

INVT Goodrive20-EU features

Mini design for inverters (to 2.2 kW); side by side installation of multiple inverters, reducing installation space.

Flexible installation ways.

Multi-function and easy to use
- Built-in DC reactor for inverter >18.5 kW.

- The braking unit is built-in and standard for inverters under 37 kW but optional for inverter of 45-110 kW.

- Inverter (400 V; >4 kW) support the Common DC bus solution.

- Built-in Safe Torque Off function.

- C3 and C2 filters.
C3 filters are built-in in inverters (3 ph; 400 V; >4 kW) and (3 ph; 230 V; >1.5 kW) by using J10 to determine the connection or disconnection. External C3 filters can be configured for inverters (1 ph; 230 V; <2.2 kW), (3 ph; 230 V; <0.75 kW and (3 ph; 400 V; <2.2 kW).
External C2 filters are optional for all GD20-EU series inverters.

Conductive interference test of the power supply terminals.

- External keypad.
The membrane keypad are standard for inverters (3 ph; 400 V; <2.2 kW), which also support external LED keypads. The keypads for inverters (3 ph; 400 V; >4 kW) can be used as external keypads.
GD20-EU series inverters can be configured with LED keypad which has the data copy function to upload or download the parameters.

- Pluggable design for cooling fans, easy maintenance.

INVT Goodrive20-EU options

External LED keypad
Including the external keypads with or without the copying function.

Input filter: control the electromagnetic interface generated from the inverter, please install close to the input terminal side of the inverter.

Output filter: control the interference from the output side of the inverter, please install close to the output terminals of the inverter.

Membrane of heat releasing holes at the side.
Apply to severe environment and improve protective effect.
Derate 10% of the machine.

Input reactor: improve the power factor of the input side of the inverter and control the higher harmonic current.

Output reactor: prolong the effective transmitting distance of the inverter and control the sudden high voltage when switching on/off the IGBT of the inverter.

Braking resistor
Auxiliary equipment for braking system, shorten the deceleration time.

Keypad bracket
Use it to install the keypad on the front of cabinet.

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