Omron frequency inverters L1000A lift series


The L1000A inverter provides advanced control functions for IM & PM motor control in lift applications. In addition, the L1000A is quickly installed and is capable of driving almost any lift.

  • High starting torque (200%/ 0.3 Hz OLV, 200%/ O Hz CLV)
  • Advanced auto-tuning for IM & PM motors
  • Lift language (Hz, m/s, rpm, levelling speed…)
  • Rescue operation function
  • Overshoot and anti-vibration control
  • Fieldbus communications: CANopen
  • Safety embedded: EN954-1 safety cat. 3, stop cat 0, ISO EN13849-1 PLd, IEC 61508 SIL 2 and EN81-1

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Model range

L1000A lift series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
CIMR-LC2A0018 4 17.5 0-600 140х260х164 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0025 5,5 25 0-600 140х260х167 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0033 7,5 33 0-600 140х260х167 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0047 11 47 0-600 180х300х187 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0060 15 60 0-600 220х350х197 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0075 18,5 75 0-600 220х365х197 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0085 22 85 0-600 254х534х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0115 30 115 0-600 279х614х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0145 37 145 0-600 279х614х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0180 45 180 0-600 329х630х283 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0215 55 215 0-600 450х705х330 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0283 75 283 0-600 450х705х330 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0346 90 346 0-600 500х800х350 reduced!
CIMR-LC2A0415 110 415 0-600 500х800х350 reduced!

L1000A lift series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
CIMR-LC4A0009 4 9.2 0-600 140х260х164 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0015 5,5 14.8 0-600 140х260х167 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0018 7,5 18 0-600 140х260х167 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0024 11 24 0-600 180х300х167 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0031 15 31 0-600 180х300х187 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0039 18,5 39 0-600 220х350х197 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0045 22 45 0-600 254х465х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0060 30 60 0-600 279х515х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0075 37 75 0-600 329х630х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0091 45 91 0-600 329х630х258 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0112 55 112 0-600 329х630х283 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0150 75 150 0-600 329х630х283 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0180 90 180 0-600 450х705х330 reduced!
CIMR-LC4A0216 110 216 0-600 500х800х350 reduced!

Omron L1000A drive series for high performance lift application 

Based on many years of experience and application oriented innovation the L1000A provides high performance characteristics offering a set of attractive features:
- Energy and Life-Cycle-Cost efficiency
- Simple and stress-free handling
- Safe and comfortable rides

L1000A main features
- Energy & cost effi ciency 
- Simple & stress-free handling 
- Safe & comfortable rides
- Designed for three million starts at 165% output current and more than 70,000 hrs of maintenance-free operation
- Service Performance Monitor
- New light load function for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
- Advanced motor & drive technology for gearless PM motor control
- Built-in braking transistor for all models up to 30 kW

Simple handling
The L1000A is strictly responds to the requirements of the lift markets. It shows great system flexibility and user focus.
- Software supports all common controllers in the market
- Lift language (Hz, m/s, rpm, levelling speed, service speed, nominal speed)
- Multifunction terminal board with parameter backup function.
- Software support tool DriveWizard Plus
- Various types of Auto-Tuning for induction and gearless permanent magnet motors
- Powerful torque characteristics
- LCD operator for parameter handling as standard
- USB copy unit
- Four relay outputs for each fault and brake control.

Safe & comfortable rides
Based on years of experience in the market Omron includes many functions & features to ensure the elevator works smooth and gives passengers a comfortable lift.
- Specialized lift software based on many years of experience
- Input voltage sensors for phase loss detection
- Simple and efficient brake sequence
- High leveling accuracy even in open-loop, thanks to load detection during run
- Five independent settings of S-curves to prevent jerks
- Improved torque ripple suppression
- Torque compensation at start without load sensor
- Overshoot and anti-vibration control
- De-magnetization protection for PM motor
- Rescue Operation Function
- Only one motor contactor needed in compliance with EN81-1

Omron frequency inverter L1000A is energy & cost efficient

High performance current vector control technology for induction and synchronous motor operation
- Single software parameter to switch between motor types
- Perfect for a wide range of lift applications

Control Modes
Synchronous motors (SPM/IPM drive): Closed Loop Vector for PM. Induction motors: V/f control, Open-Loop Vector, Closed-Loop Vector Control

Omron frequency inverter L1000A is energy & cost efficient

Omron vfd L1000A series comes with built-in braking transistor

Omron vfd L1000A series comes with built-in braking transistor

Simple handling

LCD operator for simple parameter handling

Omron drive L1000A series has a LCD operator for simple parameter handling
Multifunctional Terminal Board
The terminal board’s ability to save parameter setting data makes it easy to get the application back online in the event of a failure requiring drive replacement.
Omron frequency inverter L1000A has a Multifunctional Terminal Board
DriveWizard Plus
- To adjust and edit parameters, access all monitors, create customized operation sequences, and observe drive performance with the oscilloscope function
- Drive Replacement feature in DriveWizard Plus: automatically converts previous product parameter values to L1000A parameters, saving valuable time during equipment replacement and application upgrading
- The inverter drive is equipped with a USB port for connecting to a PC
DriveWizard Plus for Omron vfd L1000A series

Safe & comfortable rides with Omron drive L1000A series

Torque compensation at start without load sensor
New sensor-less torque compensation function includes the Omron advanced anti-rollback function*, preventing shock at start to ensure a smooth start.
Safe & comfortable rides with Omron drive L1000A series

Improved torque ripple suppression
- Smooth start/stop due to optimised torque ripple suppression.
- Precise motor torque performance for comfortable acceleration and deceleration characteristics
Improved torque ripple suppression with Omron drive L1000A series

Overshoot and anti-vibration control
- Feed forward function allows ideal speed response.
- Acceleration and deceleration compensation prevent vibration and overshoot.
- Adjustment of S-curve settings for acceleration and deceleration to ensure a perfectly smooth ride.
Overshoot and anti-vibration control with Omron L1000A series inverter

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