SEW Eurodrive MOVITRAC B general industrial series


MOVITRAC MS07V frequency inverters series have universal characteristics that allow to use them as part of any power AC drives. These are fans, pumps, high pressure injectors, screw type feeders, hoists, conveyors, motors, drives and other transporters. "Device modularity" and "smaller dimensions" are two of the most important criteria when selecting a frequency inverter for a specific application. SEW‑EURODRIVE is aware of these requirements and, as a result, has designed a compact and economic solution with its target-specific development of the MC07 series: MOVITRAC® MC07B – the next generation frequency inverter.

  • High-quality system components
  • High power range across all supply voltage ranges
  • High EMC protection
  • Simple operation and startup
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

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Model range

MOVITRAC B general industrial series (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
MC07B0003-2B1-4-00 0,25 1.7 reduced!
MC07B0004-2B1-4-00 0,37 2.5 reduced!
MC07B0005-2B1-4-00 0,55 3.3 reduced!
MC07B0008-2B1-4-00 0,75 4.2 reduced!
MC07B0011-2B1-4-00 1,1 5.7 reduced!
MC07B0015-2B1-4-00 1,5 7.3 reduced!
MC07B0022-2B1-4-00 2,2 8.6 reduced!

MOVITRAC B general industrial series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
MC07B0003-2A3-4-00 0,25 1.7 reduced!
MC07B0004-2A3-4-00 0,37 2.5 reduced!
MC07B0005-2A3-4-00/S0 0,55 3.3 reduced!
MC07B0008-2A3-4-00/S0 0,75 4.2 reduced!
MC07B0011-2A3-4-00/S0 1,1 5.7 reduced!
MC07B0015-2A3-4-00/S0 1,5 7.3 reduced!
MC07B0022-2A3-4-00/S0 2,2 8.6 reduced!
MC07B0037-2A3-4-00 3,7 14.5 reduced!
MC07B0055-2A3-4-00 5,5 22 reduced!
MC07B0075-2A3-4-00 7,5 29 reduced!
MC07B0110-203-4-00 11 42 reduced!
MC07B0150-203-4-00 15 54 reduced!
MC07B0220-203-4-00 22 80 reduced!
MC07B0300-203-4-00 30 95 reduced!

MOVITRAC B general industrial series (3 phase 380-500 V)

Model Capacity,
MC07B0003-5A3-4-00 0,25 1 reduced!
MC07B0004-5A3-4-00 0,37 1.6 reduced!
MC07B0005-5A3-4-00/S0 0,55 2 reduced!
MC07B0008-5A3-4-00/S0 0,75 2.4 reduced!
MC07B0011-5A3-4-00/S0 1,1 3.1 reduced!
MC07B0015-5A3-4-00/S0 1,5 4 reduced!
MC07B0022-5A3-4-00/S0 2,2 5.5 reduced!
MC07B0030-5A3-4-00/S0 3 7 reduced!
MC07B0040-5A3-4-00/S0 4 9.5 reduced!
MC07B0055-5A3-4-00 5,5 12.5 reduced!
MC07B0075-5A3-4-00 7,5 16 reduced!
MC07B0110-5A3-4-00 11 24 reduced!
MC07B0220-5A3-4-00 22 46 reduced!
MC07B0150-5A3-4-00 15 32 reduced!
MC07B0300-5A3-4-00 30 60 reduced!
MC07B0370-5A3-4-00 37 73 reduced!
MC07B0450-5A3-4-00 45 89 reduced!
MC07B0550-5A3-4-00 55 105 reduced!
MC07B0750-5A3-4-00 75 130 reduced!

Compact and versatile- SEW Eurodrive frequency inverter MOVITRAC B series

“Unit modularity” and “smaller dimensions” are two of the most important criteria considered when selecting a frequency inverter for a specific application. The economic and compact solution from SEW-EURODRIVE: MOVITRAC® B – the latest generation frequency inverter. The versatile unit concept and comprehensive expansion options make for individual combinations of inverter functions for solutions matched to the requirements of the application.

MOVITRAC® B for improved efficiency in component planning and system operation:
The reduced size of MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters makes for improved use of control cabinet space. Especially the reduced size makes a tremendous contribution to component planning. Easy startup using plug-and-play is a matter of course for MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters. In system operation, they impress with their high level of flexibility and functionality. The basic unit makes for the best adaptation of the inverter functionality to the application. The combination of basic unit and keypad makes for easy parameter setting and diagnostics. Even the use of several MOVITRAC® B units requires only one keypad. The MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio operating software offers expanded operation and comprehensive diagnostic options. The necessary optional equipment can be reduced by the modular concept. MOVITRAC® B can even be used without a keypad or communication module.

SEW Eurodrive drive MOVITRAC B series modular design and operation

Implementing individual, application-specific machine and system concepts with small but powerful frequency inverters was the objective of the MOVITRAC® B series developers. The result speaks for itself. Due to the consistent implementation of the specifications, a series of modular frequency inverters was realized that leaves nothing to be desired with respect to unit design and operation. The MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters fit even the smallest control cabinet, they can be integrated quickly and simply in existing and new automation concepts via standard interfaces, and they offer a large variety of communication options. The modular unit concept reduces accessories and options to the components necessary for the application. The multi-tier operating concept offers two operating units for the different requirements of simple or complex machine and system concepts:
- Basic plug-in keypad FBG11B with 5-digit LED display for changing and displaying the parameters, diagnosis LED, setpoint selection and parameter copy functions.
- Or the plain text keypad DBG60B (in preparation) with LCD graphic display, a comfortable 21 keys for quicker data entry, 15 selectable languages (language key) and a permanent status display.
The operator panels of the DOP11B series are also available for customer-specific visualization. Using the MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio operation and configuration software, parameter setting becomes user-friendly and straightforward, and a large range of comfortable diagnostics options or process visualizations is available in addition.
SEW Eurodrive drive MOVITRAC B series modular design and operation

Fieldbus gateway for SEW Eurodrive vfd MOVITRAC B series

The modularity and functionality of the MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters also becomes apparent when looking at the fieldbus gateways. There are gateways for five standard bus systems available for integration in existing or new automation concepts. They can control one to eight frequency inverters. MOVITRAC® B exchanges all process data with the control unit via the selected fieldbus. When using the SEW system bus SBus for an application, MOVITRAC® B can communicate also with other drive electronics components, such as the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverters. The fieldbus gateways can be mounted either inside the MOVITRAC® B housing or in a separate housing close to the drive. Both variants meet enclosure IP20 requirements.
Fieldbus gateway for SEW Eurodrive vfd MOVITRAC B series
Overview of fieldbus gateways:
- DeviceNet UFD11A 
- CANopen UFO11A 
- ETHERNET: Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO (RT) and EtherNet/IP (in preparation)
- EtherCAT

Application examples of MOVITRAC B

The MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters are suitable for a variety of applications characterized by very different demands. Typical application examples can be found in materials handling technology, such as bottle conveyors, handling machines or transport systems. No matter if you want to use the analog option for displaying the speed value on a display panel in an isolated application or if you want to enable a synchronized process by means of a bus system within a drive group. It is easy to find the most suitable option for each application thanks to the modular concept of the MOVITRAC® frequency inverters. Special parameter settings for each control mode, for example, ensure straightforward and safe process sequences for fan and hoist applications. MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters are perfectly integrated into the modular concept of SEW-EURODRIVE. In combination with other SEW-EURODRIVE components, they offer individual, comfortable functions exactly matched to the application. For programming complicated processes, the basic functions of the MOVITRAC® B are simply extended by means of a MOVI-PLC® control unit. The graded operating concept of MOVITRAC® B is especially application-friendly and cost-effective. Here, too, the basic functionality is simply extended using modules, e.g. the removable keypad FBG11B. It enables quick and user-friendly diagnostics, parameter setting and data backup during system operation. The operator terminals round off the concept of a modern human-machine interface, which simplifies handling by means of written text and graphics for any application.

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