SEW-Eurodrive frequency inverters MOVIDRIVE B compact series


Whether asynchronous AC drives or synchronous servo drives - the MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters can control it. The broad power range from 0.55 kW to 315 kW, the fantastic overload capacity and the modular concept of the MOVIDRIVE® B inverter help to improve the flexibility and efficiency of your applications. The compact design of the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter saves space in the control cabinet, while its high user-friendliness ensures that you save time during parametrization, while the intelligent IPOSplus®positioning and sequence control is included as standard. A multitude of inputs and outputs in the drive inverter ensure a competent basic functionality. Optional communication and technology modules provide for quick and easy extension.

  • Configurable inverter adapted to your application
  • Broad voltage and power range
  • Flexible application with synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) EN ISO 13849-1 PL d
  • Modular design, incl. a wide range of options
  • IPOSplus® integrated positioning and sequence control system as standard
  • "electronic cam" and "internal synchronous operation" technology functions
  • high functionality and user-friendly operator interface
  • you only have to enter the parameters needed for the application
  • guided procedure for setting parameters instead of complicated programming
  • no lengthy training or familiarization, which means quick project planning and startup
  • all motions are controlled directly in the MOVIDRIVE®
  • decentralized concepts can be implemented more easily

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Model range

MOVIDRIVE B (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
MDX61B 0015-2A3-4-0_ 1,5 7.3 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0022-2A3-4-0_ 2,2 8.6 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0055-2A3-4-0_ 3,7 14.5 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0075-2A3-4-0_ 5,5 22 0-6000 135x315x285 reduced!
MDX61B 0015-2A3-4-0_ 7,5 29 0-6000 135x315x285 reduced!
MDX61B 0110-203-4-0_ 11 42 0-6000 200x465x308 reduced!
MDX61B 0150-203-4-0_ 15 54 0-6000 200x465x308 reduced!
MDX61B 0220-203-4-0_ 22 80 0-6000 280x522x307 reduced!
MDX61B 0300-203-4-0_ 30 95 0-6000 280x522x307 reduced!

MOVIDRIVE B (3 phase 380-500 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Dimensions
(W x H x D), mm
MDX60/61B 0005-5A3-4-0_ 0,55 2 0-6000 45x317x260 reduced!
MDX60/61B 0008-5A3-4-0_ 0,75 2.4 0-6000 45x317x260 reduced!
MDX60/61B 0011-5A3-4-0_ 1,1 3.1 0-6000 95x317x260 reduced!
MDX60/61B 0014-5A3-4-0_ 1,5 4 0-6000 95x317x260 reduced!
MDX61B 0015-5A3-4-0_ 1,5 4 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0022-5A3-4-0_ 2,2 5.5 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0030-5A3-4-0_ 3 7 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0040-5A3-4-0_ 4 9.5 0-6000 105x314x234 reduced!
MDX61B 0055-5A3-4-0_ 5,5 12.5 0-6000 105x335x294 reduced!
MDX61B 0075-5A3-4-0_ 7,5 16 0-6000 105x335x294 reduced!
MDX61B 0110-5A3-4-0_ 11 24 0-6000 130x315x285 reduced!
MDX61B 0150-503-4-0_ 15 32 0-6000 200x465x308 reduced!
MDX61B 0220-503-4-0_ 22 46 0-6000 200x465x308 reduced!
MDX61B 0300-503-4-0_ 30 60 0-6000 200x465x308 reduced!
MDX61B 0370-503-4-0_ 37 73 0-6000 280x522x307 reduced!
MDX61B 0450-503-4-0_ 45 89 0-6000 280x522x307 reduced!
MDX61B 0550-503-4-0_ 55 105 0-6000 280x610x330 reduced!
MDX61B 0750-503-4-0_ 75 130 0-6000 280x610x330 reduced!
MDX61B 0900-503-4-0_ 90 170 0-6000 280x1000x382 reduced!
MDX61B 1100-503-4-0_ 110 200 0-6000 280x1000x382 reduced!
MDX61B 1320-503-4-0_ 132 250 0-6000 280x1000x382 reduced!
MDX61B 1600-503-4-0_ 160 300 0-6000 700x1490x470 reduced!
MDX61B 2000-503-4-0_ 200 380 0-6000 700x1490x470 reduced!
MDX61B 2500-503-4-0_ 250 475 0-6000 700x1490x470 reduced!

SEW Eurodrive MOVIDRIVE B series: The new generation of inverters

Innovation and performance were the top priorities for SEW-EURODRIVE during the development of the new inverter technology that is implemented in MOVIDRIVE® B. With its variety of basic functions, wide power range, high overload capacity and a modular unit concept, MOVIDRIVE® B increases profitability and flexibility of systems worldwide.From asynchronous AC drives to synchronous servo drives – the MOVIDRIVE® B inverters control all types of drive systems. The extended, intelligent IPOSplus® controller is integrated as standard in all MOVIDRIVE® B variants. All sizes of the MOVIDRIVE® B inverter are very compact and take up less room in the control cabinet. The sophisticated connection technology makes it easier to install cables and options.Driving the world – with innovative drive solutions for all industries and applications. Products and systems from SEW-EURODRIVE are used all over the world. Be it in the automotive, building materials, food and beverage or metal-processing industry – the decision to use drive technology “made by SEW-EURODRIVE” stands for reliability for both functionality and investment.

Optimized control for every application with SEW Eurodrive frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE B series.

Controlling different motor types with just one unit variant? No problem for MOVIDRIVE® B, as the inverter offers a suitable control mode for every motor system.
For asynchronous AC motors:
- Standard control mode V/f (no speed feedback) 
- Flux control mode VFC for dynamic and precisely controlled AC drives with very consistent speed (with and without speed feedback)
- Flux control mode CFC for operation of asynchronous motors with genuine servo properties (with speed feedback).
Speed feedback provided by the following encoders: 
- Sin/cos encoder (incremental encoder)
- TTL encoder (incremental encoder)
- RS422 encoder (incremental encoder)
- HIPERFACE® encoder (absolute or incremental encoder)
- Resolver
- SSI encoder
For synchronous servomotors: 
- SERVO operating mode for permanent-field servomotors, i.e. for highly dynamic servomotor control with particularly short torque rise times. 
Speed feedback provided by the following encoders:
- HIPERFACE® encoder (absolute encoder)
- Resolver
- SSI encoder
Optimized control for every application with SEW Eurodrive frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE B series.

Fast startup and easy maintenance.

The usability of the MOVIDRIVE® B inverters ensures that parameters can be set quickly and easily using the optional keypad or a PC. The user is guided step-by-step through startup and parameter setting. It is sufficient to enter the unit designation of the SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotor. All properties of the SEW-EURODRIVE motors are stored in the inverter at the factory. The standard parameters can be adapted to the application quickly and easily. During startup of the motor and inverter, the project planning software MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio automatically reads out all motor data from drives with “electronic nameplate” and loads it into the inverter. On the basis of this data, the software calculates the optimum parameters for the control loops. Thanks to the “electronic nameplate” function, the user only has to enter very few plant-specific values – data transparency all the way to the motor. The only prerequisite for the system is a HIPERFACE® encoder on the motor. The integrated memory card of the “pluggable service module” can be easily removed in case of service and plugged into the new MOVIDRIVE® B inverter. All unit settings are transferred to the new inverter quickly and safely.

SEW Eurodrive vfd MOVIDRIVE B series will always help you find the perfect solution.

Application solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE are both standardized and universal. The user-friendly and ready-made application modules make it easy to solve many tasks by simply setting parameters without any special programming knowledge. They have been developed specifically for the application areas positioning, winding and motion control. The functionality has been tested, and it can be loaded into the inverter and operated by simply pressing a button. Startup is just as easy: All the important machine data is easily accessible. There are almost no sources for errors, since only those parameters required for the application have to be entered. All relevant data, e.g. terminal states or position values, can be observed with a monitoring function during the ongoing operating process for easy servicing.
SEW Eurodrive vfd MOVIDRIVE B series will always help you find the perfect solution.
MOVIDRIVE® B is implemented in a winder with diameter calculator to ensure constant tension. In the gantry crane application, MOVIDRIVE® B is used to control the two travel axes and the hoist axis. The maximum speed is determined according to the load (load recognition). 
SEW Eurodrive drive MOVIDRIVE B series will always help you find the perfect solution.
The “Flying saw” application is used to cut endless material to length. MOVIDRIVE® B makes sure that the motion sequence is correct before, during and after the cut. Application module: Flying saw. MOVIDRIVE® B makes rotary indexing tables flexible and offers a high level of planning safety. Application modules: Module positioning, table positioning, fieldbus positioning, absolute value positioning, rotary axis.

Positioning and sequence control as standard in SEW Eurodrive frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE B series.

The IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control system is integrated in all MOVIDRIVE® B units as standard. So far, installation and startup of inverter-motor combinations were often time-consuming and complex. MOVIDRIVE® B with integrated IPOSplus® controller is set up quickly and easily. For all applications, IPOSplus® makes no compromises when it comes to precision because it uses the exact and highly dynamic control properties of the MOVIDRIVE® inverter. The user can choose between mask programming and high level language. It is also possible to use the preconfigured control programs called application modules. Thanks to direct access to all the internal inverter parameters, IPOSplus® is fast and flexible. This flexibility allows for quick and economic batch changes during production.
Positioning and sequence control as standard in SEW Eurodrive frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE B series.

Integrated motion control.

The control cards MOVI-PLC® basic and advanced for MOVIDRIVE® B inverters combine motion control and PLC functions close to the drive and enable convenient and powerful automation solutions. Standardized programming languages to IEC 61131 (KOP, FUP, AWL, ST, AS) along with configurable function blocks certified to PLCopen make for easy programming and motion control in plug & play mode. The integrated standard blocks of a PLC additionally provide full logic control. MOVIDRIVE® B inverters with integrated MOVI-PLC® cover a wide range of tasks, from simple, singleaxis functions to application solutions for several axes. The MOVI-PLC® basic DHP11B control card is particularly suited for automation of machine modules, in which it coordinates complex motion sequences.

MOVI-PLC® I/O system.
The MOVI-PLC® I/O system extends the digital and analog interfaces of MOVI-PLC®. Up to 32 modules per bus coupler can be connected via the system bus in IP20 enclosure. Accordingly, MOVI-PLC® can automatically access a large range of inputs and outputs:
- MOVI-PLC® I/O system
- I/Os directly integrated with MOVI-PLC®
- I/Os of the controlled inverters
MOVI-PLC® basic control card 
- In unit variants T0, T1, T2 
- PROFIBUS slave DP-V1
MOVI-PLC® advanced control cards 
- DHE41B with Ethernet interface 
- DHF41B also with PROFIBUS and DeviceNet interface 
- DHR31B also with PROFINET/EtherNet/IP/ Modbus TCP/IP slave interface.
Integrated motion control with SEW Eurodrive vfd MOVIDRIVE B series

Compose your individual solution with SEW Eurodrive MOVIDRIVE B series.

All commercial fieldbus systems are available for MOVIDRIVE® B. MOVILINK® is the standardized communication protocol from the SEWEURODRIVE modular fieldbus concept and offers a high degree of flexibility. It enables uniform communication between the inverters, independent of the transmission system. Vertical integration of MOVIDRIVE® B in a communication system is just as straightforward. The MOVIDRIVE® B inverters can communicate with higher automation levels via all standard bus systems. The MOVIDRIVE® B standard variant is excellently equipped for basic applications. With its modular option system and the comprehensive range of accessories, MOVIDRIVE® B becomes a flexible inverter that can be tailored to meet any requirement. Dynamic, precise and reliable. Depending on the power rating, two or three option slots are available per inverter for extension purposes.
Options for MOVIDRIVE® B.
- MOVI-PLC® control cards basic and advanced 
- PROFIBUS DPV1 fieldbus interface 
- PROFIsafe fieldbus interface 
- INTERBUS fieldbus interface 
- INTERBUS FO fieldbus interface 
- DeviceNet fieldbus interface
- CAN fieldbus interface
- CANopen fieldbus interface
- Ethernet fieldbus interfaces: Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO with PROFIsafe, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT 
- I/O card 
- Fieldbus interface for gateway operation 
- Encoder interface (sin/cos, TTL, HTL or HIPERFACE®)
- Resolver interface 
- SSI encoder interface
- Phase-synchronous operation
- Keypad
Easy-to-use keypad:
The optional keypad is attached directly to the inverter for simple and time-saving control. It impresses with easy handling and a clear structure: 
- 10-key numeric keypad for fast input 
- Backlit matrix display 
- 15 selectable languages (language key)
- Constant status display
Comprehensive operator panels:
DOP operator terminal functionality ranges from 160 x 32 pixels of builtin units (e.g. for 2 lines with 20 characters each) up to a 1024 x 768 pixel touchscreen (8 types: DOP11B-10/15/20/25/30/40/50 or 60). The series includes a handheld unit (DOP M70) with additional safety functions such as “Emergency stop” and “Confirm” button for safe and easy control directly at the machine.
Accessories for MOVIDRIVE® B 
- USB operator interface for PC connection
- Braking resistor 
- Line filter
- Line choke 
- Output filter 
- Output choke 
- Operator terminals

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