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Nordac Link - Frequency inverter conveyor series
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The NORDAC LINK SK 250E is the convenient NORD drive solution for flexible decentralised installation. Depending on the application and the requirements, NORDAC LINK can be freely configured, which results in a large number of different potential applications for this inverter. The high plug-in capability translates to fast and easy installation of the units. And commissioning and servicing of the system is performed quickly with the integrated maintenance switch and the local manual control facility. NORDAC LINK can be integrated into all common bus systems.

  • Simple installation and maintenance due to full plug-in capability as well as optional maintenance switch and local manual operation
  • High precision regulation with current vector control
  • 4-quadrant operation
  • Integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control
  • PLC functionality for functions close to the drive unit (PLC on Board)
  • Energy-saving function for partial load operation
  • Control and parameterisation tools and simple parameter structure
  • Integrated line filter for compliance with EMC regulations
  • Control and closed loop regulation
  • POSICON - integrated positioning mode and synchronisation
  • STO and SS1 – integrated functional safety
  • Integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control
  • Hoist and lifting gear functionality
  • Master / Slave operation

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Model range

SK 250E industry series (3 phase 380-500 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK 270E-FDS-750-340-A 0.75 2.3 243x312x175 1 047,00 €
SK 2xxE-FDS-111-340-A 1,1 3.1 243x312x175 reduced!
SK 270E-FDS-151-340-A 1.5 4 243x312x175 1 098,00 €
SK 2xxE-FDS-221-340-A 2,2 5.5 243x312x175 reduced!
SK 270E-FDS-301-340-A 3 7 243x312x175 1 244,00 €
SK 270E-FDS-401-340-A 4 8.9 358x312x184 1 395,00 €
SK 2xxE-FDS-551-340-A 5,5 11.7 358x312x184 reduced!
SK 270E-FDS-751-340-A 7.5 15 358x312x184 1 537,00 €

New Nord Drivesystems frequency inverter NORDAC LINK SK 250E series field distribution system. 

In general, conveyor technology and intralogistics require drive control systems which can be simply installed and which are easily accessible during operation and if maintenance is required. The NORDAC LINK field distribution system supplements the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS product range and provides customers with a drive control which can be flexibly installed close to the motor. System costs can be significantly reduced thanks to decentralised drive technology. 
- Flexible configuration and function – freely configurable according to requirements and the application 
- Available as frequency inverters (up to 7.5 kW) and motor starters (up to 3 kW)
- Fast commissioning due to simple operation 
- Simple and reliable plug-in capability 
- Simplified system maintenance due to integrated maintenance switch and local manual control facility 
- Can be integrated into all common bus systems.

Versatile use - Nord drives with "servo genes".

NORD frequency inverters are ideal for use in applications which require dynamics and precise positioning. High quality speed control is achieved by high performance current vector control. With this, NORD frequency inverters meet the stringent requirements of applications such as: 
- Synchronisation of multiple drive units 
- coupled control of drive units to another drive unit, e.g. flying saw 
- relative positioning, e.g. intermittent drive 
- absolute positioning, e.g. automated warehouse equipment, high bay storage, lifting equipment with defined positions.
Incremental and absolute encoders for detection of the actual motor position can be read by the frequency inverter. By determination of the actual motor values, the NORD frequency inverter regulates asynchronous motors with performance similar to that of a servo drive, even with large load fluctuations. The field distributor can be easily integrated into modern automated systems. NORDAC LINK supports all common field bus systems.
Nord Drivesystems NORDAC LINK SK 250E series vfd for conveyor technology.
Nord Drivesystems NORDAC LINK SK 250E series vfd for conveyor technology.

NORDAC LINK extensive basic equipment.

Load monitor.
- Monitoring of load torque depending on the output frequency 
- individual adaptation of load monitoring to protect the system from overload in certain frequency ranges.
Energy-saving function.
- high efficiency in partial load operation 
- reduced operating costs due to energy savings of up to 60 % 
- simple adjustment.
Lifting gear functions.
- high precision current vector control for rapid and precise load pickup 
- integrated brake chopper to divert generated energy to a braking resistor (braking resistor optional) 
- Brake management for optimum control of an electro-mechanical holding brake for wear-free brake actuation.
Process controller, PI controller.
- Feedback and evaluation of actual values for implementation of closed circuit control e.g. flow or compensator control 
- P and I component can be set separately.
Master/Slave operation.
- control of one or more slave inverters by a master inverter 
- Communication via USS or CANopen with control word and setpoint values.
Encoder feedback (Servo Mode).
- high precision speed regulation 
- highest possible acceleration due to direct feedback of the actual speed characteristics to the frequency inverter and therefore also: full torque down to standstill (speed 0), digital speed controller with wide range of settings.
Handling and communication.
- simple adaptation to control systems through optional interfaces 
- quick and simple diagnostics via easily visible LED indicators 
- various control boxes available for display, operation and parameterisation
- simple operation and parameterisation through logical parameter structure and intuitive layout of control elements.
Bus systems and Functional Safety.
- Bus systems – NORD supports all common bus systems to enable simple installation in the system design.
- Functional safety - STO, SS1: Integrated, TÜV-certified safety functions simplify system design.

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