Nord Drivesystems frequency inverter NORDAC PRO SK 500P general purpose series

Nord Drivesystems

NORDAC PRO SK 500P frequency inverters are available for motors with rated powers of 0,25 kW to 5,5 kW. With their very compact design they are perfect for space-saving installation in control cabinets. The NORDAC PRO is the inverter for all drive applications. Even in the basic version the SK500P offers great versatility. The application inverter SK530P extends this scope and can be modularly extended with the optional SKCU5 module. For efficient connection to Ethernet based control systems, the SK550P has an integrated Universal Ethernet interface on board. The future-proof nature of the NORDAC PRO is shown by its modern connectivity such as the use of an SD memory card as a storage medium for parameters, firmware and operating data, as well as a USB interface which enables parameterisation of the inverter when the power is switched off. The optional Bluetooth interface rounds off the operating convenience. Use of the latest components enables a very compact design and therefore space-saving installation in the control cabinet without spaces between units.

  • Integrated Industrial Ethernet connection, can be set to ProfiNET, EtherNET IP, POWERLINK or EtherCAT via parameters
  • NORDCON parameterisation tool can be used via USB connection, even when the power is switched off (programming in the box)
  • SD card slot for saving/transferring parameter data
  • Up to 2.2kW full plug-in terminals for power and control
  • Intuitive parameter structure compatible with all NORD drive inverters
  • 4 parameter sets directly switchable online
  • Can be parameterised via NORDCON or Bluetooth with APP
  • Motor brake management, lifting gear functionality
  • 4-quadrant operation with integrated brake chopper
  • U/f control, current vector control open loop and closed loop
  • POSICON - Integrated positioning mode and synchronisation, flying saw
  • Integrated line filter
  • STO und SS1 – integrated functional safety

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Model range

SK 500P general purpose series (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK 5xxP-250-123-A 0,25 1.7 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-370-123-A 0,37 2.4 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-550-123-A 0,55 3.2 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-750-123-A 0,75 4.2 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-111-123-A 1,1 5.7 66x240x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-151-123-A 1,5 7.3 66x240x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-221-123-A 2,2 9.6 66x240x141 reduced!

SK 500P general purpose series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
SK 5xxP-250-340-A 0,25 1 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-370-340-A 0,37 1.3 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-550-340-A 0,55 1.8 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-750-340-A 0,75 2.4 66x200x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-111-340-A 1,1 3.1 66x240x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-151-340-A 1,5 4 66x240x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-221-340-A 2,2 5.6 66x240x141 reduced!
SK 5xxP-301-340-A 3 7.5 90x286x175 reduced!
SK 5xxP-401-340-A 4 9.5 90x286x175 reduced!
SK 5xxP-551-340-A 5,5 12.5 90x286x175 reduced!

The professional among frequency inverters - Nord Drivesystems NORDAC PRO SK 500P series.

NORDAC PRO SK500P frequency inverters are available for motors with rated powers of 0.25 – 5.5 kW. With their very compact design they are perfect for space-saving installation in control cabinets. Notable features across the entire product line include: 
- Sensorless current vector control which ensures constant speeds in case of fluctuating loads and very high torques during start-up, 
- 200% overload reserve which provides greater operational safety in cranes and lifting gear applications, 
- Operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors, 
- Integrated brake chopper for 4-quadrant operation, 
- Integrated mains filter serving as the basis for optimal EMC performance, 
- Integrated PLC, which enables convenient free programming of drive-related functions according to IEC 61131-3.
These features are as much a part of the basic configuration as the separately configurable PID or the process controller. Functional safety is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in drive technology. To meet the various safety requirements, the NORDAC PRO also offers functional extensions to implement single or dual channel solutions for Safe Torque Switch-off and Safe Stop. An optional removable operating display provides an extensive selection of operational displays and status information. Naturally, it also allows direct access to parameterisation. As standard, the frequency inverters are equipped with an integrated mains unit to supply the control board. The USB port, which is provided as standard for configuration version SK 530P and higher, also provides the facility of accessing the frequency inverter control board without connection of the mains voltage. Frequency inverters with configuration level SK 530P and higher are equipped with a separate 24 V DC connection. With these devices access to parameter data is also possible when the power is switched off and also, communication with the bus is retained. Finally, the separate control board supply forms the basis for an evacuation run which can be carried out independently by the frequency inverter, which provides an enormous increase in safety, not only for lifting gear drives. Optional SK CU5 extensions, which can be combined with all SK 530P devices and above round off the range of functions. These include the encoder extension or the universal encoder interface for connection of a wide range of encoders (e.g. SSI, EnDat), which in combination with the installed POSICON are the ideal solution for all types of positioning (relative and absolute). Only one SK CU5 extension can be connected between the frequency inverter and the operating display.

Nord Drivesystems provides the new NORDAC PRO SK 500P series drive with features for easier working.

Electrical connection.
- Power terminals.
In addition to the control terminals on the front, which are always pluggable, with the two small sizes (frequency inverters with rated powers up to 2.2 kW) all other power terminals (e.g. line and motor connections, connections to multi-function relays, etc.) can be removed for maintenance work. In this way, wiring of the very compact devices can be carried out easily and safely even in the confined spaces in control cabinets. The architecture of Size 3 (frequency inverters with rated powers of 3 kW and above) allows so much space that a plug-in design of the power terminals would not provide any further advantage.
- Control terminals.
Pluggable control terminals are nothing special. However, the fact that the NORDAC PRO is equipped with an integrated "3rd hand" which simply fixes the spring terminals for wiring will probably be gladly welcomed by most technicians.
Parameter setup.
- Direct access with the snap-on SK TU5-CTR technology unit (optional) 
- Separate SK PAR-3E or SK CSX-3E (optional) control and parameterisation units which can be mounted in the control cabinet doors 
- NORDCON software (free) for connection to a Windows computer 
- NORDCON APP (free) for connection to a mobile terminal device via NORDCON ACCESS BT (optional)
Nord Drivesystems provides the new NORDAC PRO SK 500P series drive with features for easier working.

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