Bosch Rexroth VFD Drives EFC 5610 general purpose series

Bosch Rexroth

EFC5610 is a universal, economical frequency converter for reliable speed control and demand-oriented energy supply. V/f control, SVC and FOC control, easy installation and commissioning as well as an increased power range enable a wide range of applications. Rexroth EFC 5610 offers a power range of up to 160 kW, an efficient vector control for an optimum torque curve and high starting torque.

  • Built-in brake chopper (up to 22 kW) and mains filter
  • Control technology: V/f, SVC, FOC
  • Safety technology: Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Integrated brake chopper and mains filter
  • Integrated operating panel for simple, fast commissioning
  • Expandability through I/O and fieldbus modules
  • Display - dust cover with 4 diagnostic LED, LED 5 digit and LCD option
  • Protection type IP20
  • Use in HD (heavy duty) and ND (normal duty) mode

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Model range

EFC 5610 general purpose series (1 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
EFC5610-0K40-1P2-MDA-7P 0,4 2.4 95x166x167 223,00 €
EFC5610-0K75-1P2-MDA-7P 0,75 4.1 95x166x167 261,00 €
EFC5610-1K50-1P2-MDA-7P 1,5 7.3 95x206x170 329,00 €
EFC5610-2K20-1P2-MDA-7P 2,2 10.1 120x231x175 363,00 €

EFC 5610 general purpose series (3 phase 200-240 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
EFC5610-0K40-3P2-MDA-7P 0,4 2.4 95x166x167 reduced!
EFC5610-0K75-3P2-MDA-7P 0,75 4.1 95x206x170 reduced!
EFC5610-1K50-3P2-MDA-7P 1,5 7.3 120x231x175 reduced!
EFC5610-2K20-3P2-MDA-7P 2,2 10.1 120x231x175 reduced!
EFC5610-3K00-3P2-MDA-7P 3 13.4 130x243x233 reduced!
EFC5610-4K00-3P2-MDA-7P 4 17.5 130x243x233 reduced!
EFC5610-5K50-3P2-MDA-7P 5,5 23.4 150x283x233 reduced!
EFC5610-7K50-3P2-MDA-7P 7,5 31.1 150x283x233 reduced!
EFC5610-11K0-3P2-MDA-7P 11 44.9 165x315x241 reduced!

EFC 5610 general purpose series (3 phase 380-480 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
EFC5610-0K40-3P4-MDA-7P 0,4 1.3 95x166x167 253,00 €
EFC5610-0K75-3P4-MDA-7P 0,75 2.3 95x166x167 283,00 €
EFC5610-1K50-3P4-MDA-7P 1,5 4 95x166x170 349,00 €
EFC5610-2K20-3P4-MDA-7P 2,2 5.6 95x166x170 382,00 €
EFC5610-3K00-3P4-MDA-7P 3 7.4 120x231x175 402,00 €
EFC5610-4K00-3P4-MDA-7P 4 9.7 120x231x175 462,00 €
EFC5610-5K50-3P4-MDA-7P 5,5 12.7 130x243x233 592,00 €
EFC5610-7K50-3P4-MDA-7P 7,5 16.8 130x243x233 667,00 €
EFC5610-11K0-3P4-MDA-7P 11 24.3 150x283x233 923,00 €
EFC5610-15K0-3P4-MDA-7P 15 32.4 150x283x233 1 065,00 €
EFC5610-18K5-3P4-MDA-7P 18,5 39.2 165x313x241 1 420,00 €
EFC5610-22K5-3P4-MDA-7P 22 45 165x313x241 1 606,00 €
EFC5610-30K0-3P4-MDA-7P 30 60.8 250x510x272 2 402,00 €
EFC5610-37K0-3P4-MDA-7P 37 73.7 250x510x272 2 760,00 €
EFC5610-45K0-3P4-MDA-7P 45 89 265x610x314 3 271,00 €
EFC5610-55K0-3P4-MDA-7P 55 108 265x610x314 3 833,00 €
EFC5610-75K0-3P4-MDA-7P 75 147 325x750x342 5 110,00 €
EFC5610-90K0-3P4-MDA-7P 90 176 325x750x342 6 337,00 €
EFC5610-110K-3P4-MDA-7P 110 212 385x923x350 reduced!
EFC5610-132K-3P4-MDA-7P 132 253 385x923x350 reduced!
EFC5610-160K-3P4-MDA-7P 160 303 480x1030x360 reduced!

Bosch Rexroth frequency inverter EFC 5610 series advantages at a glance.

- Expanded power range from 5.5 kW (7.5 hp) and use with HD (heavy duty)/ND (normal duty) configuration 
- Significant energy savings and longer engine life through freely definable V/f curve and optimal torque control 
- EFC 5610 with efficient vector control for optimum torque curve 
- Maximized energy efficiency and minimal engine noises through the option of using permanent magnet motors and an infinitely adjustable pulse frequency 
- No external components needed due to the built-in brake chopper (up to 22 kW [30 hp]) and built-in mains filter (EN61800-3 C3) 
- Fast start-up with the integrated operator display panel 
- Extensive connectivity through Multi-Ethernet interface option (Sercos, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Modbus/TCP)
Bosch Rexroth frequency inverter EFC 5610 series advantages at a glance.

Optimal easy-to-use handling with Bosch Rexroth drive EFC 5610 series.

Rexroth technology stands for easy installation and implementation. So the integrated user panel includes everything necessary for fast commissioning and operation of the EFC x610 frequency converters. And, with no need for a PC or an additional programming unit, commissioning is easy. For the configuration of several frequency converters with identical or similar parameterization, the copy function of the operating panel can be used. Simply user-friendly: All parameter values are entered using robust keys. The 5-digit LED display visualizes all operating variables in a clear and obvious form. The documentation available, provides guidance for the parameterization and explains the menu structure. With easy applications, the frequency converters can be controlled using both, the user panel, and the digital and analog inputs and outputs. For straightforward, fast commissioning, the frequency converter EFC x610 can be parameterized using the user panel. The EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 can also be configured via a PC using the integrated mini USB interface with the ConverterWorks or IndraWorks Ds software tools. Using an option module, all EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 can be extended by a Multi-Ethernet interface with Sercos, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Modbus/TCP or fieldbus interfaces such as PROFIBUS or CANopen, and can be integrated in all common automation solutions. With the Multi-Ethernet interface and the OpenCore interface (OCI for Drives), EFC 3610/EFC 5610 are perfectly prepared for modern machine concepts in the environment for Industry 4.0. With available libraries, the EFC x610 can be controlled via most programming languages.
Optimal easy-to-use handling with Bosch Rexroth drive EFC 5610 series.

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