Hitachi WL200 inverters

Small versatile series for general purpose applications

The Hitachi WL200 Series offers a range from 0,2 kW to 18,5 kW. It comes with Advanced V/f Control and enhanced funtionality in control, as well as programmable functions (EzSQ software). Furthermore the Hitachi WL200 is environmental friendly through its energy saving function (RoHS compliant). Various Network communication options are offered for easy communication. Frequency inverters WL200 series have enhanced functionality and provide accurate operation. Ideal for fan, pump and general purpose applications. 

  • Advanced V/f control
  • Built-in PID
  • Fire mode
  • Programmable functions (EzSQ)
  • Energy saving function
  • Built-in RF filter class B
  • Various Network communication options
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Dynamic braking transistor in all models
  • Global standards CE, UL, c-UL und c-Tick
  • Safe-Stop function

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Model range

WL200 Series (1 phase / 200 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Price
WL200-002SFE 0.2 1.2 0-3600 156,00 €
WL200-004SFE 0.4 2.6 0-3600 163,00 €
WL200-007SFE 0.75 3.5 0-3600 168,00 €
WL200-015SFE 1.5 6 0-3600 189,00 €
WL200-022SFE 2.2 9.6 0-3600 203,00 €

WL200 Series (3 phase / 400 V)

Model Capacity,
Deceleration time, sec Price
WL200-004HFE 0.4 1.5 0-3600 203,00 €
WL200-007HFE 0.75 2.1 0-3600 207,00 €
WL200-015HFE 1.5 4.1 0-3600 215,00 €
WL200-022HFE 2.2 5.4 0-3600 228,00 €
WL200-030HFE 3 6.9 0-3600 245,00 €
WL200-040HFE 4 8.8 0-3600 275,00 €
WL200-055HFE 5.5 11.1 0-3600 289,00 €
WL200-075HFE 7.5 17.5 0-3600 353,00 €
WL200-110HFE 11 23 0-3600 411,00 €
WL200-150HFE 15 31 0-3600 617,00 €
WL200-185HFE 18.5 38 0-3600 736,00 €

Hitachi frequency inverter WL200 series is easy to use

Easy to use programming software allows user-friendly and intuitive operation: 
- Online monitoring of all parameters and I/O terminal status
- Parameter conversion between different series
- Faster parameter download/ upload for RS422 communication
- Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 compatible

Easy operation:
- LED control
- RS422 port
- Mini USB port

WOP LCD operator:
- 12 languages available
- 5 line LCD operator
- Real time clock built-in
- Two color backlight that distinguish trip status

Password function:
- To ensure parameters remain consistent and to hide some or all parameters.
Hitachi frequency inverter WL200 series is easy to use

Network compatibility & external ports

The WL200/WJ200 Series is particularly suitable for easy integration into various networks using optional fieldbus modules: 
- RS485-ModBUS (Built-in)
- RS422 port (Built-in)
- DeviceNET
- Profibus-DP
- EtherCAT
- ProfiNET

One network expansion card can be installed inside the inverter.

Fieldbus communication PLC – WL200/WJ200 Series
Fieldbus communication PLC – Hitachi frequency inverter WL200/WJ200 Series
Direct communication HMI – WL200/WJ200 Series
Direct communication HMI – Hitachi frequency inverter WL200/WJ200 Series

Hitachi drive WL200 series is flexible & user-friendly

Side-by-side installation:
- Inverters can be installed with no space between them to save space in the panel.*
Hitachi WL200 series inverters can be installed with no space between them to save space in the panel

Ease of wiring:
- Screw-less terminals (control circuit terminals) spring-type for use with solid or stranded wire with ferrules.
Screw-less Hitachi drive WL200 series terminals spring-type for use with solid or stranded wire with ferrules

Easy to remove cooling fan:
- The cooling fan can be exchanged without special tools.
The Hitachi vfd WL200 series cooling fan can be exchanged without special tools

Fast connection module:
- Connection to various field bus systems via an easy to install optional expansion card.

Easy sequence programming function [EzSQ]
- Logic operations can be realised within the inverter using Hitachi’s EzSQ software without the need for external relays or a PLC. User programs are compiled using a PC program which are then downloaded to the drive.

Control Panel with Standard Inverter vs Control Panel with Hitachi drive WL200 series using EzSQ

EzSQ Application Example: Energy saving through speed reduction on a spinning machine.
- Daytime: motor speed is automatically decreased to reduce demand during peak hours.
- Night-time: motor speed is increased to take advantage of off-peak power rates. Average productivity is maintained.

Hitachi inverter WL200 series EzSQ Application Example

Hitachi vfd WL200 series Safety & Safe Operation

Safety stop function WL200/WJ200 conform to the applicable safety standards and corresponds to Machinery Directive of Europe. Inverter is shut down via hardware, bypassing the CPU, achieving a reliable safe stop function. (ISO13849-1 Category 3/IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0)

Safety stop function for Hitachi drive WL200 series
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