Lenze frequency inverters 8400 StateLine industry series


Lenze 8400 StateLine frequency inverters for easy, controlled motion ensure movement in complex applications. Particularly suitable for: transverse materials handling equipment or palletizers in the field of intralogistics, extruders in the plastics industry, filling systems in the packaging industry.

  • Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (1/1), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (4/1)
  • Communication: CANopen on board, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Suitable for drive applications with or without speed feedback
  • Integrated brake management
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • "VFC eco" energy-saving function
  • STO safety function
  • Applications: actuating drive, switch−off positioning
  • Protection against restart for cyclic mains switching
  • 200 % overload current (3 s)

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Model range

8400 StateLine industry series (1 phase 230 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
E84AVSCE2512SX0 0.25 1.7 70x165x199 243,00 €
E84AVSCE3712SX0 0.37 2.4 70x165x199 262,00 €
E84AVSCE5512SX0 0.55 3 70x215x199 281,00 €
E84AVSCE7512SX0 0.75 4 70x215x199 302,00 €
E84AVSCE1122SX0 1.1 5.5 70x270x199 345,00 €
E84AVSCE1522SX0 1,5 7 70x270x199 387,00 €
E84AVSCE2222SX0 2.2 9.5 70x270x199 449,00 €

8400 StateLine industry series (3 phase 400 V)

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
E84AVSCE3714SX0 0.37 1.3 70x215x199 345,00 €
E84AVSCE5514SX0 0.55 1.8 70x215x199 382,00 €
E84AVSCE7514SX0 0.75 2.4 70x215x199 435,00 €
E84AVSCE1124SX0 1.1 3.2 70x270x199 493,00 €
E84AVSCE1524SX0 1.5 3.9 70x270x199 493,00 €
E84AVSCE2224SX0 2.2 5.6 70x270x199 631,00 €
E84AVSCE3024SX0 3 7.3 70x270x199 711,00 €
E84AVSCE4024SX0 4 9.5 140x270x199 796,00 €
E84AVSCE5524SX0 5.5 13 140x270x199 934,00 €
E84AVSCE7524SX0 7.5 16.5 140x325x199 1 210,00 €
E84AVSCE1134SX0 11 23.5 140x325x199 1 539,00 €
E84AVSCE1534SX0 15 32 140x325x199 2 016,00 €
E84AVSCE1834VX0 18.5 40 205x350x250 2 441,00 €
E84AVSCE2234VX0 22 47 205x350x250 2 653,00 €
E84AVSCE3034VX0 30 61 250x450x250 3 184,00 €
E84AVSCE3734VX0 37 76 250x450x250 3 820,00 €
E84AVSCE4534VX0 45 89 250x450x250 4 457,00 €

Lenze frequency inverter 8400 StateLine series - for controlled motion.

The 8400 StateLine has been designed specifically for drive controllers with or without speed feedback and is used wherever networking via bus systems is required. The integrated S-ramp function facilitates virtually wear-free acceleration and deceleration and the adjustable operating modes enable drive behaviour to be optimised in line with your process. Furthermore, integrated brake handling contributes to a significant reduction in wear on service brakes. In addition to the applications supported by the 8400 BaseLine, the StateLine is ideal for applications such as travelling/variable speed drives or conveyor drives with more complex requirements than standard applications.
In addition to the features of the Baseline, the 8400 StateLine also offers:
- Communication interface for communication modules
- On-board CANopen
- Operating mode VFCplus: U/f closed loop for simple speed-controlled applications
- Flying restart circuit for fast jerk-free flying restart of the motor
- S-ramps for low-jerk acceleration and deceleration
- Brake management
- Protection against restart on cyclic mains switching
- PID controller
- Freely interconnectable function blocks
- Logic functions (timer, AND, OR, comparator, arithmetic functions)
- Programmable counter.

Limitless communication with Lenze drive 8400 StateLine series.

PROFIBUS communication module for fieldbus link (StateLine and higher)
- Address switches 
- Up to 16 process data words 
- Sub-D port
- DP-V1 communication profile.
Communication modules in preparation: EtherCAT, POWERLINK, PROFINET, Ethernet.
Remote maintenance
Access to 8400 Inverter Drives process data, parameters and application programs any time, anywhere:
- Telephone network or Ethernet link
- Software integration could not be easier thanks to OPC technology.
Limitless communication with Lenze drive 8400 StateLine series.

Lenze drive 8400 StateLine series accessories.

Keypad for StateLine.
For fast access to data during commissioning and service:
- Supports hot plugging 
- Graphics display with plain text 
- Backlighting 
- Easy user guidance
Hand terminal for StateLine. 
Keypad in durable housing, also suitable for installation inside a control cabinet:
- Supports hot plugging 
- Graphics display with plain text 
- Backlighting 
- Easy user guidance 
- 2.5 m cable included in the scope of supply 
- IP20 protection; IP65 for control cabinet installation.
Lenze drive 8400 StateLine series accessories.

Intuitive commissioning.

The software for the 8400.
L-force Engineer is the engineering tool for commissioning and diagnosing L-force products. Both the StateLevel and the HighLevel versions feature an intuitive user interface and transparent dialogues, with the result that the L-force Engineer is matched to the needs of the user and very easy to learn to use. The main navigation section sorts important functions transparently into various views. Numerous graphics interfaces make drive parameterisation and configuration easy. Cross-drive engineering comes as standard with L-force Engineer StateLevel and HighLevel.
StateLevel Engineer.
Supporting all the diagnostics functions they might need, StateLevel is ideal for service personnel and commissioners. It can even be used to implement projects on a smaller scale with up to five drives! To put more target systems into operation, the scope of supply also includes the GDC easy parameter setting program and the L-force-Loader.
HighLevel Engineer.
Contains additional essential functions for projects on a larger scale, e.g. “Build network”, “Interconnect communication” or the function block editor. You can transfer your own documentation to the engineer project so that everything you need is in one place. You can also use the GDC parameter setting program included in the scope of supply to configure Global Drive series target systems and put them into operation. 
USB diagnostic adapter for an isolated connection between your PC and the frequency inverter:
- Supports hot plugging 
- Diagnostic LED for data transfer display 
- Connecting cables available in lengths of 2.5, 5 or 10 m 
- Plug and play.

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