Delta Electronics servo system series ASD-В2

Delta Electronics


  • Support pulse input (up to 4Mbps) and analog voltage two kinds of command
  • Built-in position, speed and torque three control modes (speed and torque mode could be controlled via internal parameters or analog voltage command)
  • There auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically and make the system operate more smoothly
  • Motor sizing software is offered for the customers to conduct the estimation of the equipment conveniently
  • ASDA-Soft configuration software (tuning software) is provided for the customers to meet the performance requirements quickly
  • Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and monitoring the servo drive and motor directly
  • Servo motor provides brake, oil seal etc. optional configurations for the requirements of different applications
  • Existing power cables and encoder cables for ASDA series could be used still. When upgrading, there is no need to purchase new accessories
  • The control circuit and main power circuit is separated, safety is increased and maintenance is much easier
  • 400W and above servo drive is built-in with regenerative resistor, significantly save the wiring and cost
  • Two analog input terminals (CN5) are provided, easily monitor and the status of the servo motor

Servo Series ASD-B2 applications:

Model range

ASD-В2 series

Model Capacity,
ECMA F21830*S 3 19.4 reduced!
ECMA G21309*S 0,9 7.5 reduced!
ECMA G21306*S 0,6 4.8 reduced!
ECMA G21303*S 0,3 2.5 reduced!
ECMA E21830*S 3 16.1 reduced!
ECMA E21820*S 2 11.22 reduced!
ECMA E21320*S 2 11.01 reduced!
ECMA E21315*S 1,5 8.3 reduced!
ECMA E21310*S 1 5.6 reduced!
ECMA E21305*S 0,5 2.9 reduced!
ECMA C21020*S 2 12.05 reduced!
ECMA C21010*S 1 7.30 reduced!
ECMA C20910*S 1 4.25 reduced!
ECMA C20907*S 0,75 3.66 reduced!
ECMA C20807*S 0,75 5.10 reduced!
ECMA C20804*S 0,4 2.60 reduced!
ECMA C20604*S 0,4 2.60 reduced!
ECMA C20602*S 0,2 1.55 reduced!
ECMA C20401*S 0,1 0.90 reduced!
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