General purpose series drives for HVAC

Comprehensive comfort control with variable speed drives that ensure reliable and effortless operation of your HVAC applications. Comfort requires efficient systems controlling heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC/R) to ensure the air we breathe is pure and the temperature is comfortable. We also need to ensure air quality in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way – as well as safety – in both normal and mission-critical situations. For half a century, ABB has been leading the way in optimizing HVAC systems using drive control to ensure that you can take comfort for granted. The new ACH580 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide the quality, reliability, and energy savings you expect, and are easy to use and safe to maintain. All you need to do is to set the drive up, and then focus on what counts.

  • All hardware in one package
  • Wide power range
  • Multiple enclosure types available
  • Main switch option
  • Easy to select, install, commission and use
  • HVAC-specific features integrated as standard
  • Intuitive control panel with optional Bluetooth capability for better accessibility
  • Various languages and communications built inside
  • Reliable connectivity with major automation and control systems
  • Control of a wide range of motors for any HVAC application
  • Based on ABBs all-compatible drive platform
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Wide availability and support

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Model range

ACH580 series, 380-480 V (3phase), IP 21

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACH580-01-02A7-4+J400 0.75 2.6 125 x 373 x 223 508,00 €
ACH580-01-03A4-4+J400 1.1 3.3 125 x 373 x 223 536,00 €
ACH580-01-04A1-4+J400 1.5 4 125 x 373 x 223 628,00 €
ACH580-01-05A7-4+J400 2.2 5.6 125 x 373 x 223 666,00 €
ACH580-01-07A3-4+J400 3 7.2 125 x 373 x 223 727,00 €
ACH580-01-09A5-4+J400 4 9.4 125 x 373 x 223 827,00 €
ACH580-01-12A7-4+J400 5.5 12.6 125 x 373 x 223 972,00 €
ACH580-01-018A-4+J400 7.5 17 128 x 546 x 239 1 135,00 €
ACH580-01-026A-4+J400 11 25 128 x 546 x 239 1 370,00 €
ACH580-01-033A-4+J400 15 32 128 x 546 x 239 1 707,00 €
ACH580-01-039A-4+J400 18.5 38 203 x 490 x 229 1 972,00 €
ACH580-01-046A-4+J400 22 45 203 x 490 x 229 2 270,00 €
ACH580-01-062A-4+J400 30 62 203 x 636 x 257 2 694,00 €
ACH580-01-073A-4+J400 37 73 203 x 636 x 257 3 281,00 €
ACH580-01-088A-4+J400 45 88 203 x 732 x 295 4 031,00 €
ACH580-01-106A-4+J400 55 106 203 x 732 x 295 4 564,00 €
ACH580-01-145A-4+J400 75 145 252 x 727 x 369 5 237,00 €
ACH580-01-169A-4+J400 90 169 284 x 880 x 370 6 895,00 €
ACH580-01-206A-4+J400 110 306 284 x 880 x 370 8 342,00 €
ACH580-01-246A-4+J400 132 246 300 x 965 x 393 10 684,00 €
ACH580-01-293A-4+J400 160 293 300 x 965 x 393 12 712,00 €
ACH580-01-363A-4+J400 200 363 380 x 955 x 418 15 645,00 €
ACH580-01-430A-4+J400 250 430 380 x 955 x 418 19 237,00 €

ACH580 series, 380-480 V (3phase), IP 55

Model Capacity,
(W x H x D), mm
ACH580-01-02A7-4+B056+J400 0.75 2.6 125 x 373 x 223 536,00 €
ACH580-01-03A4-4+B056+J400 1.1 3.3 125 x 373 x 223 566,00 €
ACH580-01-04A1-4+B056+J400 1.5 4 125 x 373 x 223 663,00 €
ACH580-01-05A7-4+B056+J400 2.2 5.6 125 x 373 x 223 699,00 €
ACH580-01-07A3-4+B056+J400 3 7.2 125 x 373 x 223 763,00 €
ACH580-01-09A5-4+B056+J400 4 9.4 125 x 373 x 223 870,00 €
ACH580-01-12A7-4+B056+J400 5.5 12.6 125 x 373 x 223 1 020,00 €
ACH580-01-018A-4+B056+J400 7.5 17 128 x 546 x 239 1 202,00 €
ACH580-01-026A-4+B056+J400 11 25 128 x 546 x 239 1 441,00 €
ACH580-01-033A-4+B056+J400 15 32 128 x 546 x 239 1 798,00 €
ACH580-01-039A-4+B056+J400 18.5 38 203 x 490 x 229 2 077,00 €
ACH580-01-046A-4+B056+J400 22 45 203 x 490 x 229 2 390,00 €
ACH580-01-062A-4+B056+J400 30 62 203 x 636 x 257 2 839,00 €
ACH580-01-073A-4+B056+J400 37 73 203 x 636 x 257 3 457,00 €
ACH580-01-088A-4+B056+J400 45 88 203 x 732 x 295 4 247,00 €
ACH580-01-106A-4+B056+J400 55 106 203 x 732 x 295 4 806,00 €
ACH580-01-145A-4+B056+J400 75 145 252 x 727 x 369 5 515,00 €
ACH580-01-169A-4+B056+J400 90 169 284 x 880 x 370 7 260,00 €
ACH580-01-206A-4+B056+J400 110 306 284 x 880 x 370 8 783,00 €
ACH580-01-246A-4+B056+J400 132 246 300 x 965 x 393 11 253,00 €
ACH580-01-293A-4+B056+J400 160 293 300 x 965 x 393 13 378,00 €
ACH580-01-363A-4+B056+J400 200 363 380 x 955 x 418 16 477,00 €
ACH580-01-430A-4+B056+J400 250 430 380 x 955 x 418 20 258,00 €

ABB ACH580 drives come with a range of advanced features.

The ACH580 drives come with a range of advanced features that not only provide an excellent user experience, but also make drive integration, commissioning, and operation easier than ever before.

Scalable performance with full HVAC functionality.

ABB HVAC drives come with complete HVAC functionality in a package tailored to your needs and share the same user interface. This makes it easy to choose the optimal product based on installation location and the power output required.

Easy to select and install.
Depending on the drive model, all the essentials – chokes, EMC filters, cabling clamps, certified BACnet communication, and enclosures from IP00/UL (NEMA) Type Open to IP55/UL (NEMA) Type 12 – are offered as standard, thus simplifying selection, installation, and commissioning.

Safe maintenance.
The Safe Torque Off (STO) function is TÜV-certified to SIL 3/PL e and built in as standard in all HVAC drives to protect both people and machines. The new ACH580 packaged disconnect solution provides a main disconnect switch, which further increases safety for people working on HVAC equipment.

ABB ACH580 drives come with a range of advanced features.

Added flexibility and accessibility.
ABB HVAC drives have extensive I/O connections as standard and provide flexibility with additional I/O configurations.

ABB HVAC drives are ideal for all your HVAC applications, such as air-handling units, chillers, and cooling towers. They are suitable for use in a wide range of facilities from residential and commercial buildings to hospitals, data centers, airports and tunnels.

Effortless commissioning and operation.
The drive’s HVAC-specific software, intuitive keypad with customizable text and views, and menu-driven programming simplify set-up and operation of even the most complex applications. The optional Bluetooth® capability together with ABB’s Drivetune smartphone app allows you to commission and tune the drive remotely, providing you with access to the same primary settings and other menus available on the drive’s HVAC control panel.

Easy integration into HVAC systems.
BTL certified BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, and N2 come as standard in every ACH580 drive. In addition, a wide range of optional fieldbus adapters, including BTL certified BACnet/IP, are available to enable connectivity with all major building automation and control systems.

Clean building power supply.
The drive’s active front-end technology secures a unity power factor and the lowest possible level of harmonic distortion in the building. In combination with the ACH580-01 optimized DC choke design, the ACH580 ultra-low harmonic (ULH) drive provides the optimum cost/performance ratio in the industry.

Advanced software tools for easy configuration, startup and maintenance.
Drive composer is a state-of-the-art PC tool, which can be simply connected to the drive’s control panel via a USB interface. It supports startup, configuration, monitoring and process tuning. Cold configuration for unpowered drives saves time as parameters can already be set in the warehouse, thanks to the CCA-01 cold configuration adapter.

Common characteristics for the ACH580 HVAC frequency inverters family.

HVAC control panel with primary settings:
- Primary settings make commissioning of the drive easier than ever before
- An optional Bluetooth® enabled control panel allows easy smartphone connection and remote support possibilities
- Easily available USB interface for PC and tool connection
- Help button for problem-solving.

HVAC communication protocols:
- BTL certified BACnet MS/TP and other common HVAC communication protocols such as N2 and Modbus RTU as standard.
- BACnet/IP with an internal fieldbus option.

Suitable for various HVAC applications:
ABB HVAC drives are suitable not only for variable torque applications like fans and pumps, but also for basic constant torque applications like compressors.

Robust and reliable design:
- All units are tested under full load in maximum allowed ambient temperature to verify the quality;
- Printed circuit boards are protected with extra coating to be able to operate in humid and harsh environments.

Energy efficiency calculators.
Optimize energy efficiency with features that help you to save and manage energy. You can monitor the hourly, daily cumulative, last hour, last day and last month energy consumption via kWh counters.

Diagnostic menu:
Analyze and resolve issues with the control panel’s diagnostics menu. You can quickly analyze why the drive is performing as it is; running, stopped or running at the present speed.

Common characteristics for the ACH580 HVAC frequency inverters family.

Embedded load analyzers.
Analyze and optimize the application with the load profile log, which shows how the drive has operated.

EMC/RFI category C2.
- EMC category C2 level design allows installation in commercial and residential buildings so called first environment.
- Option to increase EMC compliance to C1 level.

Integrated process control.
Reduce costs with the built-in HVAC controllers. They allow the HVAC drives not only to control themselves using an external feedback signal, but also to control other processes, such as your rotary heat exchanger or your heating and cooling coils.

Flexibility in programming.
Scale up and customize the drive to your application’s requirements with flexible parameter pointers or visual adaptive programming.

Extensive I/O capabilities:
- ABB HVAC drives have an extensive number of I/O terminals in standard configuration
- Colored terminals and clear terminal marking significantly ease drive wiring process
- I/O status can be monitored via I/O menu
- I/O can be forced on or off to verify drive’s either from the display or via your fieldbus connected controls.

Advanced motor control.
- Support for induction (IM), permanent magnet (PM) and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.
- Reduce audible motor noise by spreading the switching frequencies over user-specified range.

ABB ACH580 series ultra-low harmonic (ULH) vfd.

In an ideal case the current in an AC grid is a pure sine wave and does not contain harmonics. In reality the current deviates from this pure sine wave and contains harmonics. Harmonic current is typically measured as a percentage value, called total harmonic distortion (THDi).

Harmonics can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment, interference to communication equipment, tripping of circuit breakers, blowing of fuses and capacitor failures. The effects can also include overheating of cables and motors, overloading of transformers, generator failure and power factor capacitor damage.

ABB ACH580 series ultra-low harmonic (ULH) vfd.

The ACH580 ULH comes standard with an intuitive control panel used to configure, control, and monitor the drive. An optional Bluetooth control panel allows the drive to be configured via the control panel or the DriveTune app. A robust HVAC firmware package provides drive, motor, and application protection features. Application specific features, such as accepting four separate start interlocks (safeties), along with broken belt detection, are also included. The drive includes BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, and Johnson Controls N2 as standard.

Savings in total cost of ownership.
Installation costs are reduce with the simple three wires in and three wires out design. Maintenance costs are lowered as compared to other harmonic mitigation solutions like passive filters, multi-pulse and active filters there are less components to maintain and stock as spares. Using the ACH580 ULH allows your engineer to design your electrical system and backup generators to the right size and not oversizing for the harmonics in the network.

Reliability for your building.
Harmonics in the network could cause problems with other electrical equipment in the same electrical network. In the worst case it might cause your sensitive electrical equipment to fail. Harmonics can cause problems also in retrofit projects. In such projects, a transformer might not be able to meet the harmonic levels caused by nonlinear loads such as standard 6-pulse drives, so there is a risk of overloading the transformer. In addition to problems caused by harmonics, also weak network can cause troubles to your systems. Weak electrical networks that have sags in line voltage may cause motors to overheat, trip or fail. The ACH580 ULH drive offers a reliable solution to overcome these challenges as it is able to lower the harmonic content so that sensitive equipment stay running and transformers or generators don’t fail. Also the ACH580 ULH can boost output voltage so that motor always runs with nominal voltage despite the fluctuations in line voltage.

Optimized size and performance.
ACH580 ULH has all the harmonic mitigation technology in the drive. With a THDi of 3% or less, there is no need to install external components for reducing harmonics, this drive doesn’t create the harmonics to fix.

ABB ACH580 series drive main disconnect switch for increased safety.

The main disconnect switch option provides a possibility to disconnect the drive from the main supply when needed. This prewired main disconnect switch option saves time, money and space as it is integrated in the drive. There is no need to install additional, external isolation devices to the supply side of the drive. The option improves safety as it is always visible, when operating on the drive. Auxiliary contact allows signalling the switch position to BMS to avoid unnecessary controller alarms. The switch can be padlocked to open position to disable drive operation during e.g. maintenance.

ABB ACH580 series drive main disconnect switch for increased safety.

ABB ACH580 series inverters have high protection for operation in harsh environments.

Thanks to the drive’s wall-mountable construction in both IP21 and IP55 configurations the ACH580-01 can be installed in clean rooms, and even dusty and wet environments. The cabinet-built variant comes with IP21 as standard and is also available with IP42 and IP54 protection classes for use in harsh environments. The robust, protective design ensures that no additional enclosures or components, such as dust filters and fans, are needed. Overall, drives for harsh environments require smaller capital expenses by avoiding or advancing maintenance of external components, which in turn improves the reliability of the drive and the process.

ABB ACH580 series inverters have high protection for operation in harsh environments.

Reduced panel cooling need.

The ACH580-01 wall-mounted drive offers flange mounting as an option, separating the control electronics from the main circuit cooling airflow, saving space and ensuring optimal cooling. This results in better thermal management during panel installation and reduces the overall enclosure size. Furthermore, the need for air-conditioning can often be eliminated, as up to 80 percent of the heat load is removed through the back of the panel.

Advanced cooling in cabinet-built ABB ACH580 series drives.

The simple and robust design of the ACH580-07 cabinet-built drive ensures reliable operation, even in harsh environments. The flange-mounting feature is standard for the cabinet-built ACH580 drive, which separates the heat-generating power electronics from the more sensitive control electronics and extends the product’s lifetime. The hot air can be ducted away from the motor control center, reducing the need for air-conditioning significantly.

Advanced cooling in cabinet-built ABB ACH580 series drives.

Ultimate efficiency and reliability to optimize your system’s total cost of ownership.

Innovation inside.
The idea is simple: Take a conventional, proven stator technology and a totally new rotor design. Then combine them with a dedicated HVAC industry drive loaded with new, application-specific software. Finally, optimize the whole package for applications such as fans, pumps, compressors, air-handling units and chillers.

Magnet-free design.
Synchronous reluctance technology combines the performance of a permanent magnet motor with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction motor. The new rotor has neither magnets nor windings, and suffers virtually no power losses. And as it has an identical footprint, it is easy to replace an induction motor with a SynRM.

Superior reliability to minimize the cost of not running.
IE4 synchronous reluctance motors have very low winding temperatures, which increases the reliability and life of the winding. More importantly, a cool synchronous reluctance rotor means significantly lower bearing temperatures – an important factor because bearing failures cause about 70 percent of unplanned motor outages.


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