Continuous protection: Conveyor technology benefits from nsd tupH

Durable corrosion protection, easy to clean and also economical – The excellent technical characteristics and economic advantages of nsd tupH have also convinced Smalte Conveying Solutions. 

Instead of using expensive stainless steel motors, the Australian conveyor specialist decided on nsd tupH-treated geared motors from NORD and equipped 24 stainless steel conveyors which transport sauces and spreads from a production area to a packaging area and finally into an HMPS packaging machine, with corrosion-resistant drives from North Germany.

nsd tupH (Sealed Surface Conversion System)is a process for the deep treatment of aluminum surfaces. In an electrolytic process, the surface is deep sealed and inseparably bound to the substrate material. This way, aluminum becomes similarly corrosion-resistant to stainless steel. Surfaces treated with nsd tupH are easy to clean and are largely resistant to acids and alkalis. It is even possible to use high-pressure cleaners or a great variety of aggressive media. nsd tupH drive units are a robust and durable alternative to painted geared motors or stainless steel versions. nsd tupH treatment is available for all NORD products made from aluminum.

All advantages of nsd tupH at a glance:

  • Durable protection against corrosion
  • Reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Food compatible (FDA approved material)
  • Easy to clean (applies for drives with smooth surfaces)
  • Long service life
  • Low weight (as aluminum drive instead of cast steel)
  • Proven in practice for many years
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

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