Delta HES Provides a High Precision Control Solution for Injection Molding Machines

China’s plastic product market has developed enormously with the rapid growth of the country’s business and industry in recent years. To meet the demands of plastic manufacturers, Delta Industrial Automation has introduced the Hybrid Energy System (HES) for injection molding machines. The HES System provides a highly efficient and energy saving solution that features Delta’s accumulated expertise in power electronics technology. 

Recently a Chinese manufacturer adopted Delta HES for its injection molding machines and reduced its energy consumption. Conventional injection molding machines employ proportional valves and induction motors as a means of control, making motors run continuously at full speed during operation. This results in unnecessary power consumption and a rise in oil temperature. 

To solve the customer’s problem, Delta HES employs highly responsive servo motors and controls their rotation speed during the manufacturing process. Delta HES makes the motors run at high speed when needed and maintain low speed for the remaining time to reduce power consumption and oil temperature. The benefit of lowering oil temperature is to extend the lifetime of the hydraulic components and oil. By reducing the frequency of maintenance, it further enhances production capacity, and achieves energy efficiency of up to 79%. 

Delta HES comprises Delta’s AC motor drive VFD-VJ Series and AC servo motor ECMA Series. It integrates drive, motors and hydraulic technology, and provides precise pressure and flow control in the holding pressure and cooling process (or high pressure throttle process) to achieve excellent energy savings. When applied in injection molding machines, the HES reduces oil temperature by 5-10°C, oil usage by 50-60%, and oil tank volume by 50%. It also helps customers downsize cooler specifications, or even remove cooler from the system. The system saves 30-60% energy consumption compared to traditional fixed displacement pump hydraulic systems while maintaining high productivity and high precision. (See Figure 3) 

Delta HES supports analog command 0-10V and 3-point adjustment for analog inputs, and can be applied to old injection molding machines without changing the original control computer, saving costs for customers. In addition, the resolver is resistant to vibration, oil, and dust, and is suitable for harsh environments. Its precise flow and pressure control featuring products with less than 0.09% weight difference. Delta HES realizes precise pressure and flow control, and provides the best injection molding machine solution. 

Delta HES provides precise pressure and flow control, eliminating energy loss in the high pressure throttle process. It helps injection molding machines save energy while enhancing productivity and precision. Delta industrial automation successfully “provides innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” 

Delta HES realizes precise pressure and flow control for injection molding machines.

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