Siemens expands its Power Module and Control Unit portfolio for modular inverters in the Sinamics G120 series

Siemens Drive Technologies Division is adding two new Power Modules and a new Control Unit to the modular Sinamics G120 inverter series. As part of this systematic enhancement, the next-generation PM240-2 FSA and PM230 IP20 Power Modules are based on a new hardware platform that enables a higher power density. It also offers innovative cooling concepts using the so-called push-through technology. The CU240E-2 Control Unit will also be available in the Profinet communication variant, the Ethernet standard for automation. This facilitates the implementation of innovative Ethernet-based system designs in real-time.

The Sinamics G120 system of modular inverters is undergoing additional enhancements. The PM240-2 FSA Power Module from Siemens is based on a new hardware platform which achieves a power density of up to 3kW LO in frame size FSA compared to the previous 1.5kW LO. Its so-called push-through technology also allows innovative cooling concepts, enabling the implementation of applications with stringent requirements for heat dissipation in the control cabinet. Siemens also offers an integrated filter in compact design as part of this new Power Module generation.

The CU240E-2 Control Unit has also been further developed for the Sinamics G120 series. In addition to the existing Profibus DP, RS485, USS and Modbus RTU interfaces, the new Control Unit will also be offered in the Profinet communication variant. As an enhancement of the Profibus DP fieldbus, Profinet provides greater versatility, efficiency and higher performance in industrial communication. For example, a high data rate is possible simultaneously for fieldbus and Ethernet communication. Profinet also permits fast data exchange for high-performance applications. An alternative correspondence channel can be made available through media redundancy in order to enhance plant availability during a communication line failure. The Control Unit is combinable with all G120 Power Modules and comes with STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function as standard, plus extended safety functions SS1 (Safe Stop 1) and SLS (Safely Limited Speed) in the F variant. The integrated USB connection makes commissioning easy.

The Sinamics G120 inverters series is a universal drive for the entire range of industrial and commercial uses. It finds usage in mechanical engineering, automotives, textiles, printing, packaging and chemicals industries. It can as well be enforced in overarching fields such as materials handling.

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