Delta’s General Field Oriented Control Drive C2000 Series Improves the Energy Savings of Air Compressors

Focusing on air compressor applications, Delta Industrial Automation presents the General Field Oriented Control Drive C2000 Series to increase system competitiveness and reduce operation costs. 

Air compressors are widely used in various industries, with the main function of providing compressed air for factories. There are many types of air compressors on the market, including piston compressors, screw air compressors, centrifugal compressors, and more. Despite the various types, the air supply control theory and methods of most air compressors are the same – loading/unloading control, which makes them easy to operate for users. 

Compressors used in the current markets are facing problems, including high energy consumption, vulnerable intake valves, and air pressure instability. As a result, people are seeking more energy-saving technology and products to improve the power efficiency and performance of their air compressors.

The C2000 series features field oriented control with built-in PLC (10k steps), PID parameters, built-in temperature sensor, synchronous/asynchronous motor control, modular design, easy maintenance and self-diagnosis. It supports a variety of communication networks and fieldbus, and its keypad has diverse installations (front side meets IP65 standard under wall mounting). 

In most applications, the utilization of air compressors is usually 50%-70%, and the demand for compressed air varies widely. In today’s industries, PID control by AC motor drives is the best solution. When providing constant pressure air, the C2000 series acquires data from a pressure transducer and transmits it to a PID speed controller. The PID speed controller will then calculate the difference between real pressure and a default setting (P0) according to the current PID control mode, generating control signals for motor frequency and speed control and ensuring the real pressure remains close to P0. 

In addition, Delta has added a power frequency and variable frequency switching function to the solution while keeping the original control and protection system. The C2000 series controls the increasing rotation operation voltage when starting compressor motors to effectively help reduce inrush current that may impact and damage compressors, making the system safe and energy-saving. 

With robust functions and advanced technology, the C2000 series are widely applied to large fans, pumps, winding machines, air compressors, machine tools, machining centers, food packaging, medical equipment, printing machines, elevators, cranes and other industries. It also saves customer costs on installation and operation, for even greater competitiveness.

General Field Oriented Control Drive C2000 Series applied to an air compressor system

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